Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer's Heat and I am back

Apologies to all for the long delay. I have been ill most of May and June and just did not feel like nor have the energy to post. That, coupled with a dearth of interesting events about which to post, has meant that I have been lazing around the house most of the past two months.

My illness seems to have been a bad bout of flu I picked up in May. Nothing too serious, but it left me exhausted and feeling out of sorts for several weeks. But by mid-June I was mostly recovered.

For those of you who will ask, yes, I stuck to my regimen of only wearing latex clothing, although it was often a rubber nightgown and peignoir worn around the house all day. I just had no energy and was suffering stomach upset. If I had been several years younger I would have sworn I was newly pregnant!

We did make a trip out to the local arboretum to see the glass sculptures of Chihuly and we've had dinner a few times with distant friends come a-visiting, but much of the time has been spent just reclining around the house. Only in the past two or three weeks have I even felt like web surfing, writing, or coming online at all.

I did get a fair amount of reading done and have enjoyed gardening in the past few weeks as I started to feel better. Of course, here in Texas gardening in late June in latex is a bit dicey.

Sir has set up a sprinkling mister over my entire garden space. It is under this that I work, trimming back my roses, laying down rubber mulch and planting new flowers, tomatoes, strawbs,  and lettuce. It is a bit like I used to do in Ireland in that I am essentially working in the rain. Unlike Ireland, however, the sky is clear and the sun is still hot. I seldom do more than a half hour at a time before Sir orders me into the pool.

Typically, I wear either a white or metallic blue full enclosure latex skinsuit for these efforts, or a transparent skinsuit with a black rubber maillot swimsuit over it. Occasionally, I am required to wear a burqa while doing my gardening, but only for a short while. The 'rain' comes down on me and the plants alike and I am thoroughly soaked and slick with water shortly after I start anytime I go out in the garden.

After about 30 minutes Sir orders me into our pool which is beside my garden area. It is an amazing relief to step into it and take off swimming from one end to the other. It is really a play pool, not a diving pool and as such it is only about 4 feet deep at each end and 5 feet in the center. Perfect for a few laps and for being able to stop anytime I want.

We have had a nice little harvest of tomatoes, strawberries, and lettuce from my previous efforts. And our peach tree finally fruited this year so we have many little peaches.

As i began to feel more energetic, we went out to dinner with some old friends. We went to a nice fish restaurant where I could comfortably sit in my red burqa and nibble at a plate of fish under it. Of course we garnered a few looks and some whispered comments, but the staff were very nice. Sir let me speak while we were out on that excursion. Our friends are aware of our lifestyle but do not share our tastes in clothing or fetish. Nonetheless, they are quite understanding of our quirks.

I was dressed in a very tight red rubber skirt that came to just below my knees; a true hobble skirt forcing me to take very small steps. I wore a matching red top with Victorian styling. Red gloves and high heeled red boots of course. A transparent red skinsuit with a hood that has open eyes and mouth under all that completed my enclosure. My red burqa covered it all, of course, at the restaurant, but I did get the opportunity to show the outfit underneath off a bit once we all came back home.

Our other recent outing with friends occurred when Sir discovered that an old college friend was visiting in the area (thanks to Facebook status updates). He arranged for us to meet her and her wife at a Hibachi restaurant for lunch. They have a beautiful little girl and we had a fine time watching the show the chef put on.

I wore my black rubber kimono for that outing, under a black burqa. Again, Sir was kind enough to let me speak and Hibachi is wonderful for having all the food in bite sized bits.

This couple IS into fetish and were dressed in very nice rubber outfits, green leggings on one, a red skirt on the other, and both in white rubber blouses. Their daughter was in regular kid's clothing, but evinced her desire to "dress like my mommies" multiple times.

Again, I was able to remove the burqa once we got home and show off my kimono a bit. It has very long sleeves and an appliqu├ęd pattern of white and red cranes on the bottom half. It was nice just sitting and reminiscing over university, which for us was 4 decades ago.

We talked a bit about how we all got into fetish and our friend's wife told us her story. They live in the pacific Northwest now so we had stories to swap of latex in wet climates. We haven't spoken to our friend in many years and she did not know anything about our time in Ireland.

It was later that week that Sir took me to the Arboretum to see the flowers and the glass sculptures. I was dressed in a white latex skinsuit, my full skirted white rubber dress (what I call my Easter dress :) and a white burqa over it. It was, thankfully, a relatively cool day with the temperatures only in the 80's. We were done and back in the air conditioning of the car before the temperature really began to rise.

So that has been my spring and summer so far. I am very glad to feel better now. Sir looked after me wonderfully while I was sick and was always most attentive to my needs. Of course, he ultimately came down with it too, but it only lasted a few days with him. I am not sure why mine was so persistent and enervating.

I have returned to the web, chatting a bit and going out on Second Life. I missed a couple of events in Second Life that I wanted to attend. But it has been nice to chat with folk who were beginning to think I had fallen off the end of the earth.

Let me say, I am back and feeling much better, so look to hear from me again soon.