Saturday, February 16, 2013

Christmas Events

Well, to continue the practice of short, pithy notes (as I believe I called them last time) this post will bring you up to date on our Christmas and New Year's adventures.

For Christmas, we journeyed to California to see our son and his gf. It was a fun time although it rained a great deal. Of course, this is perfect for rubber wear and for rubber burqa wear.

On the plane I wore all white, including a white, opaque, skin suit under white rubber dress in a loose fitting but straight skirted design, under my white burqa and its attached silencing hood.

I requested a private screening, but was mde to pass through the millimeter wave scanner first, anyway. However, after that I was escorted to a private area, patted down and visually inspected by a very polite TSA woman, the allowed to proceed.

As usual, I rubbered up properly afterwards in the ladies. I pulled the skinsuit's hood smoothly and tightly over my face, adjusted it so that I was gagged (the white suit has a small gag built into the hood), then pulled the burqa hood tightly over that. I have become quite adept at this and keeping my head shaved means that it is quite easy to zip shut down the back of my skull to the nape of my neck.

While visiting we went shopping in one of the largest malls and I encountered several other women in veil and hijab. Christmas may not be an important holiday to muslims, but it IS a very good time for bargains. There were no less than a dozen hijabi and niqabi shopping on Christmas Eve as we were.

We were in a large department store, Sir in his latex slacks and blazer, the kids in rubber jeans and tee shirt and a sailor moon cosplay outfit in bright blue and white latex. I was in my blue burqa over a blue straight dress with matching hood, gloves, and bots. Under that was one of my usual transparent skinsuits, this one tinted in blue and with an open mouthed hood. Consequently, I only had two hoods on for the day out and only the outer hood, the blue one that is part of the burqa, was silencing. This allowed me to talk when we were at the apartment or in our hotel suite, but to be fully gagged or silenced when out in public.

Sir had required that my arms be extended through the slits in the burqa and the wrists manacled and chained together outside the burqa for our trip to the mall. I should describe these. The manacles are actually more for style and for show than true restraint. They are light rubber straps with Swarovski crystal studs These buckle over my gloved wrists and are locked with small silver locks. They are permanently chained to each other by a thin silver chain. Were I to jerk my arms apart strongly, the chain would surely break. So, much more for the stylish fashion look than for true restraint.

There is a matching rubber collar, also studded with crystals, which I sometimes am made to wear around my neck outside the burqa. This collar can also be locked on and can be chained to the wrist cuffs via a straight silver chain descending from a D-ring to the chain between the cuffs.

Sir gave me this set of manacles for our wedding anniversary this year. He designated 37 as the "Latex" anniversary, but I think he is somewhat arbitrary about this.

I realized earlier today that I had never described them although I have been placed in them several times over the last few months. We both love the look, particularly against my darker burqas, the blue and the black.

Before we left for the mall, Sir asked our son to put the wrist cuffs on me. He did so, obviously enjoying the notion of chaining his mother in her multiple layers of rubber. I could see that Sir enjoyed the scene as well and the girl friend was fascinated.

That day (Christmas eve) Sir did not specify the neck collar, just the wrist chains. As we walked along the street, I stayed a 'proper' few steps behind Sir with my hands draped downward in front of me. The chains were not dramatically visible, but there was no way we did not attract attention and stares as we walked along some of the most crowded streets in the city.

As we wandered around the department store, we encountered two women in full niqab. They looked a bit startled when they saw me, but just nodded. I suspect they did not think I and my little rubber-clad cadre were religious as they were giggling to each other a few moments after we passed.

We did a bit more shopping, and I know I surprised the clerk in the women's tops section when I picked out two tops, the chain between my wrists tinkling and very visible. I presented them to the clerk with both hands, then stepped out of the way for Sir to pay. She was taken aback and an expression of disapproval crossed her face until Sir smiled at her and told her we were headed to a fetish party. This, oddly enough, seemed to mollify her completely and she was all smiles as she checked us out.

Afterwards, we separated into our respective couples and Sir and I wandered around a bit more, garnering stern looks from the folks in the Swarovski store even though my manacles, which I was no longer making any attempt to hide or downplay, were covered with their crystals. Sir and I were discussing (he talking, me signing with hand and head movements) which Christmas ornament to get for son's tree while being studied most carefully by the clerks and the security guard. However, when Sir picked out the ornament we agreed upon and asked them to write it up, we were suddenly the best of customers. :)

We looked at a few more places then hooked up with the kids and stopped in the food court for a light lunch. I, of course, was not able to partake, but sat quietly watching them eat fantastic smelling roast beef sandwiches.

I was allowed to sit with them (sometimes I have to either kneel or stand by Sir in public restaurants) with my blue gloved rubber hands poised on the table, manacles and chain in plain sight. We girls even managed a conversation of sorts about the goods she and son had purchased.

Lest you think Sir too cruel, he did order one of the sandwiches for me to go and I was allowed to eat it once we returned to our son's apartment.

So our Christmas Eve shopping was fun, and successful. Sir and I returned to our hotel suite for a very romantic evening. I shan't go into details except to say that it was very sensual for me, still gagged and burqa'd to undress Sir only to discover that he was encased in a black rubber catsuit the whole day and I had never noticed. Suffice it to say that we spent a total enclosure evening, even when room service delivered the evening meal and champagne!

The next day Sir and I stepped out from the hotel, after a light breakfast in the hotel restaurant (I was allowed to ungag for Christmas - :) ). Then cabbed over to son's apartment for a quiet Christmas day celebration.

 More later