Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Post-XMAS Laziness

It's been very quiet and lazy around here for the last few days. We put the kids back on a plane to LA on Monday, then went out to do the typical round of returns.

We had a very nice evening Monday and just lazed around the house yesterday and today. Sir has been working on business plan to present to new investors. He also went to have his yearly physical exam this week.

Today, maid and I went back to the mall to exchange another item. The day after Xmas, while we were at another mall, I noticed a lot of muslimahs in hijab shopping. There ae always a few women or girls shopping who wear hijab, but Monday I counted at least 30.

While at the other mall today I saw even more and, while we were returning a shirt maid had bought Sir, I turned from looking at a velvet jacket to find myself staring at a woman in full niqab.

We both giggled and exchanged salaams and went our way. But I find it significant that another woman has chosen to hide her face in public out here in the bay area.

We have dinner and theater plans for New Years Eve and we will start the new year right, celebrating my complete year in enclosure.

Hope everyone else has a Happy New Year

Friday, December 23, 2005

Last minute shopping

Well, it is nearing Christmas and we have been out to do our final shopping. For Sir I acquired a wonderful -

Oh, I should not do that should I? ;-)

We went out to a different mall today and looked for tose last few gifts. Actually, we acquired virtually nothing at all, just went to see the crowds, to look at decorations and enjoy the season.

I received many stares today, but we had no particular problems. I could tell the security people at this mall that I had never been to were a might concerned, but I hink the fact that Sir and I were walking calmly and holding hands while we shopped put them more at ease. It is still acceptable here for a woman to dress as she pleases!

Sir and I went through two large department stores and a bookstore as well as the usual boutiques and kiosks. There was a very nice woman at one of the kiosks selling jewelery who complimented me on my burqa.

Afterwards, Sir took us home and then maid and I went food shopping together. This is always an interesting experience, with both of us tented and wandering the aisles plucking canned goods and toilet paper off the shelves.

Usually I just have maid go by herself and she often does so in just her uniform, no head covering since she does not encase totally as I do. But, on occassion I like to go with her and I make her wear her burqa then as well, so we match.

We found a lovely turkey (passed up the goose), some beef and lamb, and a whole host of things for baking cookies and pies. Yes, I shall be endeavouring to bake again soon!

This evening I finished my wrapping while gagged and in a restraint harness that limits my hand and arm movements (Sir's joke!). A bit frustrating until I figured out that I just needed to order maid to hold things for me or pull off a piece of tape or hold her finger on the bow. It probably added two hours to wrapping, but we ended up cuddling and playing before we were done.

Finally, late this evening Sir took me to pur playroom for a nice long session in a bag, suspended from the ceiling. I was occluded and gagged and had so much fun.

So now I am relaxed, presents are wrapped, food is in the kitchen. So tomorrow we will collect son and Wei at the airport and begin enjoying the results of all this work.

For the holiday weekend, I shall be in my red tinted skinsuit, red catsuit, hood, gloves, corset, stockings, and black ankle boots. Over all that, my long red dress wil look wonderful. Sir has agreed that I may remain silenced as much as I desire over the weekend. I am anxious to see how well I can participate in our festivities while silenced. People who read this blog often worry about my level of interaction with the world. we shall see how it goes. My intent is to be silenced but communicative for the majority of the time. Should be fun.

Happy Holidays everyone

Monday, December 19, 2005

New Red Burqa by Peter Leth

Here is a shot of my new red burqa to replace the one I accidentally destroyed a few months ago.

Peter Leth made this one for me and it is wonderfully light, beautiful and comfortable to wear.

I shall post more photos soon


Approaching Christmas - and One Year in Rubber

Well, it is nearing CHristmas again. Those of you who heave been with me on my latex journey, thank you. It has een a most interesting year.

I apologize for not posting in the past two weeks, but much has happened and I have been very busy.

First, of course, there has been shopping for gifts to get done. Secondly, Sir has had a business setback that has taken up much of his time and even some of mine.

Finally, my new red burqa has finally arrived. I shall post photos soon. It is absolutely lovely and I wore it out this evening to see King Kong.

We are looking forward to the holidays. Our son and his girl friend Wei will be coming up here to see us.

There is not much more to report. We had a lovely dinner out this evening and followed it up by going out to see king Kong. This was a very well made movie. The effects are fantastic, but more importantly, it is a beautiful love story.

Shopping has been fun this year. Maid and I went to a mal and had loads of fun looking at cosmetics in one of the stores. We were both in black burqas and of course could no ttry anything on, but we did test different fragrances on our black rubber gloves.

I have been looking forward to my first anniversary in lates. My sense of comfort is still deeply tied to being in my skinsuits and dresses, gloves, and hoods. And for those who expressed such concern after my introspective post around Thanksgiving, Sir assures me that he will not allow me to completely lose my identity even if we do begin to expore more elaborate latex encasement and enclosure for me.

I hope everyone else has had a good run up to the holidays. We did have some disappointment as Sir lost a large investor and had to make some changes in his business. But he has worked his way through it. He promises me some lovely new gifts for Christmas.

I shall write again soon