Monday, December 19, 2005

Approaching Christmas - and One Year in Rubber

Well, it is nearing CHristmas again. Those of you who heave been with me on my latex journey, thank you. It has een a most interesting year.

I apologize for not posting in the past two weeks, but much has happened and I have been very busy.

First, of course, there has been shopping for gifts to get done. Secondly, Sir has had a business setback that has taken up much of his time and even some of mine.

Finally, my new red burqa has finally arrived. I shall post photos soon. It is absolutely lovely and I wore it out this evening to see King Kong.

We are looking forward to the holidays. Our son and his girl friend Wei will be coming up here to see us.

There is not much more to report. We had a lovely dinner out this evening and followed it up by going out to see king Kong. This was a very well made movie. The effects are fantastic, but more importantly, it is a beautiful love story.

Shopping has been fun this year. Maid and I went to a mal and had loads of fun looking at cosmetics in one of the stores. We were both in black burqas and of course could no ttry anything on, but we did test different fragrances on our black rubber gloves.

I have been looking forward to my first anniversary in lates. My sense of comfort is still deeply tied to being in my skinsuits and dresses, gloves, and hoods. And for those who expressed such concern after my introspective post around Thanksgiving, Sir assures me that he will not allow me to completely lose my identity even if we do begin to expore more elaborate latex encasement and enclosure for me.

I hope everyone else has had a good run up to the holidays. We did have some disappointment as Sir lost a large investor and had to make some changes in his business. But he has worked his way through it. He promises me some lovely new gifts for Christmas.

I shall write again soon


Facehood said...

Merry Christmas to you, Maid and your family, dear Latex Lady. I was almost getting worried because of your long silence. Sorry to hear about Sir´s business setback. Hope that he´s coping and adjusting well and doesn´t let it take away any portion of his joy of life.

Wonderful hooded holidays for you all,

Cariad's Master said...

Merry Christmas/Nadolig Llawen to you, Sir and maid.

Cariad and myself look forward to your new photos and continuing feedback on your chosen path in 2006.

Cariad's Master

LoveRubberGloves said...

Facehood expressed my comments so I will not expand from there.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Fred said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you , sir and your maid. Have a nice rubbery 2006.

Fred said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you , sir and your maid. Have a nice rubbery 2006.

gummitaucher said...

Dear Latexlady,

I am so much looking forward to follow your endeavours again in 2006.

Have a nice holiday season - and a good Start into the new year ! All the best to you and your folks.

Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr


Rebecca said...

Damn girl granted submission gives me a sexual thrill but hell what about when your not hornyand still submitting. For example I dont think Id be toturned on while a feeding tube was dwn my throat or worse I was gettin an enima or cather. i haveto wonder are you so afraid of sir leaving you that you have todo this toyourself. You must e reallyugly under that burga. You need to see a shrink and maybe a plastic surgeon and move the hell on.

veiled slave said...

Dear Covered Sister,
Best wishes for Xmas & the new Year, I look forward to hearing of your more extreme restraint & covering with interest. My master/Husband has assured me my Xmas will be spent totally enclosed, gagged & restrained with a burqa over everything.
Take care xxx

veiled slave said...

PS: Sorry to hear about Sir's setback, I hope it doesn't affect your lifestyle too much.
Re: feeding by tube. Master has just informed me I am to be fed by nasal-gastric tube Xmas Day.
I hope you have some 'adventures' over the holidays too! :-)

Latex Lady said...

face, master, fred, gummi, glove and veiled
Thank you for the lovely sentiments. I hoep you all have a wonderful holiday and happy new year.

Rebecca, you have my warmest wishes as well. To answer your comments though, let me assure you I do not need plastic surgery and I am in no fear of losing my husband. If I told him tomorrow that I no longer wished to live a life of submission, we would stay together and would continue in our love.

But I CHOOSE to submit to his discipline, his order, his will. I give him my obedience as a symbol and sign of my devotion to him and my wish for him to rule all aspects of my existence.

When he rubber encases me, catheterizes and enemas me, intubes me, force feeds me, whips me, suspends me, ignores me, or suffocates me, I DO get a tremenedous erotic thrill, but it is much more important to me to feel the ecstasy I feel by complying with his will. I believe it is very similar to the sense of timeless joy ("ecstasy" means "outside time") that religious people such as nuns feel when they submit to the will of their god.

Such a life of total submission to the will of another may not be right for you, rebecca, but let me assure you it is the most right thing for me.

Happy holidays and A wonderful New Year to you


Rebecca said...

Well lady like I said in y other post if you are doig this for you and this akes you happy go for it. Also you ight ot beleive this but I have read every page of this blog and the leatherpage your interview is on. I guess I find it erotic but the thig is I could never do it. I am glad to hear that I was wrong and you are happy and assured sir would not leave you. I actually love tobedoiated ithe bedroo too, just for me that domination has to ed whe the sex does so that I can the doiate him!! LOL Sorry for being mean, just seems that soe of this stuff is cruel and even dagerous but i it makes you happy the none of that matters I guess. (BY the way will Sir let you tell us ore about you ad MAid wink wink)

Rebecca said...

Also Lady if sir loved you as you love him would he hurt you? Do you hurt him? Do you wonder what it is like in a marriage where this is not happening? Sorry I really am not being mean, but this intrest and confuses me.

Aint Nothing But A She-Thang said...

You never cease to amaze(for lack of a better word?) me, Lady. I can only wish to be this submissive to my hubby, but alas, too proud, and too dang on stubborn to allow him to make ALL the decisions for me.
Netherless I do enjoy reading about yours, and find it quite pleasing to know that they are others as yourself who can allow such discipline.

BTW, I do like a little pain myself, as they say "no pain, no gain".

Have a blessed Holiday.

Rubberjohn said...

Thank you for sharing with us this exciting year. Your involvment is a model for all of us who are deeply involved in fetishism and S&M, not as a fashion, but as a long term lifestyle. We appreciate your vision, your in-depth analysis of your feelings and your courage. I wish you for the next year to fulfill your passion and your quest for complete latex encasement. I totally share - and practice - your need to be deconnected from the world. It is a thrilling journey and in some way a new path to communicate with the others and to explore the reality of our human condition. Being an object of latex is not a pervert target for such a rich and strong personality as you are ! I believe it is the ultimate freedom. If you and sir consider it is possible and normal, just do it !