Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Post-XMAS Laziness

It's been very quiet and lazy around here for the last few days. We put the kids back on a plane to LA on Monday, then went out to do the typical round of returns.

We had a very nice evening Monday and just lazed around the house yesterday and today. Sir has been working on business plan to present to new investors. He also went to have his yearly physical exam this week.

Today, maid and I went back to the mall to exchange another item. The day after Xmas, while we were at another mall, I noticed a lot of muslimahs in hijab shopping. There ae always a few women or girls shopping who wear hijab, but Monday I counted at least 30.

While at the other mall today I saw even more and, while we were returning a shirt maid had bought Sir, I turned from looking at a velvet jacket to find myself staring at a woman in full niqab.

We both giggled and exchanged salaams and went our way. But I find it significant that another woman has chosen to hide her face in public out here in the bay area.

We have dinner and theater plans for New Years Eve and we will start the new year right, celebrating my complete year in enclosure.

Hope everyone else has a Happy New Year


rebecca said...

so are you going to do another year or are you out of leather 24/7 after the first??

Latex Lady said...

Currently, Sir has no plans to have me stop my total enclosure in latex (not leather).


veiled slave said...

Dear covered sister,
I hope you enjoyed Xmas day. I was kept gagged, blindfolded & heavily chained under a burqa for the whole 24hrs.

My Xmas present was 2 new burqa, similar to current ebay item 6239029391, but in black & green. They are lovely & feminine, I feel so good wearing them!

With regard to gagging full time, all I can say is go for it, because it is the most awesome experience. It increasing your feeling of helplessness & dependence upon your dom by an amount out of all proportion to the act itself. I would say beg him to try it for a trial period, maybe 3 months.

btw if anyone wishes to contact me direct they may do so at

Love & best wishes to all for 2006.

Latex Lady said...

Thank you for the thoughts. I was allowed to be gagged most of XmAS day as well which was so very strange given the presence of our son and his girl friend. But it was lovely and they are so supportive of our lifestyle.

The burqa you pointed to on ebay is beautiful. I am certain you will enjoy them greatly, silenced and bound beneath them while floating along city streets adn public walkways, a few paces, presumably, behind your owner.

Anonymous said...

well, when it rolls around happy one year anniversary being fully inclosed in latex! Happy new years!

Anonymous said...

Dear Latex Lady,
I found your blog through one of the egroups on niqaabs and burqas, and was simply unable to stop reading until I reached the last entry. I hope you don't mind me asking some questions about your way of life.

Some weeks ago you wrote that you had the desire to be more restricted in the future. It made me think back to one of your posts from the first half year, when you described how it felt to be kept in a sightless state for a week (or some similar period). If I remember right you said you really longed to see again after that week. I'm wondering whether you think you would react differently now, considering you wrote that you can sit for hours staring at the inside of your hood, feeling no desire for sight.

I'm also curious why you say that gagging full-time isn't practical yet. What would have to change for it to become practical?

Third (Yes, I go on and on; I'm so thrilled by your way of life), I also remember a post where you wrote about your fantasy of being permanently tube-fed, never eating anymore. I'd like to know how you feel about that now and if you think there's a chance of it becoming a reality in the (near) future.

When you say you'd like to wear an inflatable hood under your burqa, does that mean you will be blind as well? Or are there varieties with lenses?

Keep up the latex lifestyle!


inltxalwys said...

Dear Lady,

I wish you a Happy Healthy 2006 and want you to know how much I appreciate your blog and sharing your experience. I wear some rubber everyday but i think I would like to try your life. I need to continue my job to finish my girls education and one wedding. So, while I take care of what I deem to be my primary responsibilities now, I thoroughly enjoy reading your experiences. I hope you find the energy to continue.

Saty well and be happy.