Sunday, August 15, 2010

Still Here - Been Very Lazy in the Heat

Hello, everyone.

Yes, I am still here and still intent upon updating this blog. But it has been several months since my last post because I have had little or nothing I wished to write about.

I still have very little to report, but I am less busy now and staying inside almost constantly because of the extreme heat here in Texas. It has been as high as 107 F occasionally and the humidity is very high as well.

Sir has been traveling a lot lately as he gets business for his company but I have not accompanied him recently.

The heat is so high that I am reduced to a single layer of latex most of the time. Often this is just a loose skirted, ankle length dress with hood and gloves. Sometimes it is just a skinsuit.

I have been out swimming in our pool several times...typically in a white or transparent grey skin suit. But even then, it is best if I wait until the sun falls below the trees or even until after sunset.

We did go see Sorcerer's Apprentice a few evenings ago. Silly, but fun and I always enjoy Nicholas Cage. The particular theater at the cinema we went to was small as the movie is soon to be out of the theater. We sat in the top row and had only a handful of other people in to see the show. I wore my white burqa with its silencing hood ankle length dress over a white dress and gloves and boots. Very light latex for me since I had only the burqa hood on my head under the burqa and only the dress covering my skin. theater, thank goodness, are still well over air-conditioned so it was quite comfortable.

Sir seems quite comfortable with the heat, still wearing his latex slacks and shirts although he only wears one layer. He keeps his offices very cool as well so he can tolerate the heat as well. If he has to wear street clothes, he still tries to wear a thin catsuit underneath but he often just wears latex slacks and shirt into the office.

I understand from him that we may both be traveling back to Ireland for a few days soon, then on to the UK and Germany. The cooler temperatures will be most welcome.

I suppose I can no longer travel to France as well as Belgium and dress as I wish to. This is most unfortunate and unfair. Fortunately, even here in Texas, there have been no such calls for bans on dress to any significant degree.

We can only hope that the French Constitutional Council declares it to be unconstitutional, thereby restoring some rationality to the discussion.

So, not much adventure or travel in the past few months. Just working round the house (my garden is doing well, but our lawn is suffering in the heat) and resting and keeping myself busy in the house with a bit of shopping and going out.

Sir has begun to talk about another burqa for me and I expect a new dress may be in the offing for our soon to occur 35th wedding anniversary. He suggested I ask my readers about my next burqa?

- Metallic gold or silver or some other hue?
- Goggle eyes like my blue one or a traditional mesh like my others? or should it be fully occluding, rendering me sightless and well as speechless?
- Silencing hood inside it or a more restrictive garment such as a hooded strait jacket or a hooded shoulder cape that binds my upper arms to my sides?
- Hood with a built-in rubber gag, a sheath or condom gag, or the usual extra tight mouth covering with no gag?
- Arm slits like the rest of my burqas or built in sleeves ending in matching gloves?
- Should the burqa be somehow locking so that I cannot remove it? Perhaps collared around my neck or chained on?
- Should the head cap be more cylindrical and should there be more detailing on it or around the viewing area? Perhaps appliques in a contrasting color? Or in the same color for monochromicity?
- Should I have a matching dress under it
- Should that dress be loose skirted or severely hobbling?
- Should the dress be attached to the burqa so the whole thing is a single unremoveable unit?

Several of the ideas above are Sir's, of course. Your opinions are welcomed as are any additional ideas.