Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Visit With Family

My word! I did not realize it had been such a long time since my last post. All the way back to April. It is amazing how time gets away from me these days. My apologies to all of you who have been asking me to write again. i shall try to be more prolific, but I plead some exhaustion from this incredible summer we have had. We will shortly pass 60 days of over 100 degree highs. Not officially as we had a day or two at the beginning of August when the official temperature only rose to 99. But Sir and I have watched our home thermometer climb into the 3 digit range every day since June 30th.

I have spent the last two months being allowed to wear only 1 layer of latex around the house many, many days and not even having to be hooded some of the time. I have also spent a considerable time in shower and tub, staying cool and being sure I am safe from heat rash and other irritants.

But last night it actually rained. We went out to dinner and noticed, as soon as we stepped out of the house, that the air smelled like rain. The sky was cobalt blue with nary a cloud in sight, but still there was the unmistakable fragrance of aerosolized moisture in the air! Sure enough, loud thunder awakened me in my vacuum bed this morning even before Sir was up to release me. And the patio was not just damp but positively wet when I went out for a little swim later.

Ah! The new vacuum bed. I love this one.I have not written of it before because Sir did not get it for me until our recent wedding anniversary (36th) last week. It is a stylish red and allows my head to emerge, covered in a black latex hood or transparent one from my skinsuit.

This makes it possible for me to sleep in it next to Sir. Just sealed in a whole body skin suit with my head protruding from the smooth, shimmering red sea of latex. Our bedsheets are black latex, which makes for a lovely contrast. This new vacbed does not hold vacuum without a constant pump (unlike our older his and her beds) but Sir placed the vacuum pump a good distance away and ran a long pool hose to the bed. This makes the noise distant enough that we can fall asleep.

Beyond the fact that my head protrudes and the face that for the first time I can directly see what my vacuumed packed body looks like in such a bed, there is little difference between this one and my other one. But it is very nice to be able to see while being packed, sealed, and restrained in it. The fact that I am sometimes even able to communicate with him is fun, but I confess, most of the time I enjoy being gagged and having him use my face and head for his fun as he stimulates me in my rubber prison.

In other news, we had Sir's sister, niece, and their friends over a while back. We did a nice Sunday dinner. Nothing special here...I was in my red burqa over a red floor length dress. I was, however, allowed to speak and eat. We had barbecue which, for me, meant a small plate with bite sized bits taken under my burqa and consumed while everyone else ate as well. We met the niece's new boyfriend who was a little disconcerted at first, but adjusted quickly. Sir's sister had a long time girlfriend with her who was also aware of my lifestyle and had even met me down in San Antonio so there was not any surprise there.

Before we ate, we all went out in the pool. I wore my blue burqa over a blue skinsuit and the water kept me cool enough, but frankly, it was still blood temperature and not very refreshing. Nonetheless, it was fun to be floating in the pool, burqa swishing around me, warm water sluicing over tight latex beneath it. I DO love swimming in is a most stimulating exercise.

Sir wore a very tight latex bermuda shorts catsuit with latex cargo shorts over it. That worked for him as he could drop the shorts and be in what was effectively a shorty wetsuit for swimming. His niece forgot to bring a suit so we loaned her a latex bodysuit of mine which fit very nicely...we are about the same size. She had never worn rubber before and was a bit skittish at first, but I pointed out all the celebrities that are wearing rubber now and that got her into it! She's quite the Gaga fan, among others!

Beyond that, our past few months have been fairly quiet with little of note. We have been going to movies to get out of the house and stay cool. We had one of three aircons fail for a week which meant that we slept in the playroom for a few nights as its A/C comes from a separate unit from that of our bedroom. It is also in the middle of the house with no windows and thus remains cooler.

We went to an interesting museum exhibit a few months ago (I can't believe I have not posted an entry since before then) and have been out to dinner several times, occasionally with friends or colleagues of Sir's. His business is continuing to grow and he looked into larger offices recently, but has made no decision. He joked about me going back to work in the office as his least I hope it was joking...I do not have much desire to return to the business world although there is something appealing about the idea of wafting up and down the corridors of his offices in a swirly rubber burqa. :)

I have been doing some writing recently. Just some stories to amuse myself. One about a submissive young man who agrees to become a bizarrely transexualized rubber maid for a couple in a society of latex aficionados.

And after watching the recent royal weddings and the batch of 1950-1960 period shows on television I began to think about a story revolving around a woman who is invited to enter the upper echelons of a very stiff, formal society ... attending galas, balls, debutante presentments, high teas, charity and political funding events, and such ... but this is not just high society she is invited into, it is rubber society and she must make some serious and permanent decisions about her lifestyle and her appearance, dress, and commitment to the etiquette she is expected to keep when she enters Rubber Society.

Sir encourages my little writing hobby, but I am not sure hat to do with them once they are finished. Many are little more than a chapter of a larger work and not even up to the standard of a short story...they are vignettes as of now, but I shall continue tweaking and pecking at them.

So this has been my long, lazy, hot, and rubbery summer. It is officially over in little more than a week (labor day) but I suspect the hot days of 2011's summer will hang on throughout most of September.