Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back in the US of A

Well, time has passed and things have happened and we are back

That is, we are back in the US of A

We arrived a couple weeks ago but I have just been too busy to blog lately.

It is very nice to be back in our house and in our usual town...and in warm sunshine (sometimes too warm) and near our friends.

I say too warm because it is considerably sunnier, warmer, and drier here than Ireland. However, lounging by our pool yesterday in full latex enclosure was quite nice. I waited until the sun was going down and the heat of the day was off, then went out and sat on the chase.

It has taken a bit of getting used to. We went out to a mall the other evening shopping for some presents and i was very aware of how many stares I was getting in my flowing white burqa.

But my most enjoyable moment was a few weeks ago when we came back into the US. We were debarking at Chicago O'Hare airport after our flight from Dublin. I was in my white burqa as is usual these days for traveling. Suddenly we encountered a large family with three women (two very tall and thin and a third more matronly) all in black abaya and full niqab and gloves, their daughters also niqab'd (but in grey) and three men traveling with them. They preceded us through customs, then Sir and I followed. Suddenly we were all clustered at the exit from customs. Sir and I stepped around them and headed for the escalator. As I rose up on the steps, I looked back and the whole family were watching me and Sir. I waved a white gloved hand at them and one of the girls waved a little grey gloved hand back.

It just brought home to me that more and more being veiled in public in the US s accepted. No one else n the airport paid any attention to me or to them, crowds of passengers hurrying around them and us.

Here at home, I do get some stare3s in the mall, but frankly, the sight of veiled and even niqab'd women is becoming common enough around our place that I raise no eyebrows particularly.

We have settled back into the house, made sure the playroom is properly furnished (some things had been packed away) and finally moved all of our artworks back onto their proper shelves. We have not yet had an opportunity for entertaining any friends, but have been out to dinner with friends a couple of times.

Sir is very pleased to be back and has taken a few weeks off...which means he's lounging around the house in a full enclosure suit and long rubber cassock all day and night. I find I am wearing a single total enclosure skinsuit and a dress .. with corset of course, but a layer less than my usual in Ireland. It is warm enough here that this feels more comfortable right now. mostly, I am dressing in white rubber these days, sometimes changing to black for evenings with Sir.

Frankly, though, I really adore the way the white dresses and burqa look...and they way they gleam in the Texas sunshine. Ireland just has not had enough sunshine these past few years.

Not much else to say just now. But it is fun to be back