Sunday, December 12, 2010

A New Friend in Second Life

I wanted to take a moment to mention that I have been back in Second Life a lot lately. I have been away for a few months, hardly ever signing on or going in-world. But I began to log in a bit more in the last month and Sir instructed me to update my wardrobe and my look. All of which translates into


I have been acquiring, at his behest, a significantly broader SL wardrobe and adopting a bit edgier (his term) look for my avatar, LatexLadyll Galicia. Of course the items are latex and I do still try to exercise a certain restraint in terms of fashion, looking for gowns and dresses, but I have added a ridiculous number of new items to my inventory in the past month. These include

Catsuits ... with the new V2 Tattoo layer, catsuits really are second skins, not first...and they fit nicely under more elaborate outfits.

Gowns ... There are more and more designers in SL making great latex gowns and formals

Hair ... I have upgraded my hair from the simple Betty Page style I have used for a couple years to include longer and more elaborate styles ... including some that go well with my kimonos and also with a more edgy look. Modesty Blaise was always another one of my favorite characters and I found some lovely Up-Dos that remind me of her

SHOES!!! ... it is amazing how many new pairs of shoes and boots I have purchased this month. Sir sent me specifically looking for thigh highs and for unusual stylings to go with my new-found look. Coincidentally, we have been shoe shopping in RL as well and I have acquired several new pairs in the real world as well as Second Life.

I have been much aided in these shopping endeavors by my recent re-discovery of the Second Life Fetish Fashion Blog by Deirdre Young and Lelo Recreant ( . Although I had a whole list of usual shops that I frequent, these two fine young journalists provided me with a wonderful collection of new and different places to spend those Lindens.

A recent posting by these two led me back to House of Alisha and Alisha Ultisch. She has produced some amazing new latex restrictive and ethnic fashions including a new latex abaya with full veils (she had already made me several burqas), and an extravagant evening gown with layers of veiling which includes optional robotic handmaids.

I acquired the abaya and veils, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for the evening gown from Sir! it IS gift giving season, after all. So, even though I am seen more and more in long leggy catsuits, jackets, and other fetish gear, i can still retreat to a soft enveloping burqa from time to time. Her latest creation complements my new one in RL from Peter. I usually wear the one while I prance around in SL in the other. Those V2 features such as outfits and tattoo layer come in very handy as well ... As i am in RL, I can now be fully dressed in heavy restriction in SL while veiled most modestly in a burqa, khimar, or niqab and abaya

All of this is a digression however. I wanted to say that after I chatted with Alisha a bit, she mentioned Deirdre and Lelo to me and gave me an introduction. This led to me spending a lovely 90 minutes chatting with Deirdre (Lelo was present, but appropriately quiet as Deirdre's sub). The chat ranged all over the map but I can certainly say that this is one of the most intelligent, articulate, and fascinating persons I have met in SL. I heartily recommend the blog as both a wonderful reference and guide to fetish fashion in SL as well as an interesting insight into the thought processes of a pair of self reflective fetishists. The two ladies are fascinating to read and you can get a better sense of what real D/s relations look like both n RL and SL by just reading between the lines of their blog.

Well, SL aside, in the real world we have been quite busy the past month

Of course there is the usual seasonal decorating going on and we have our tree, lights, wreaths, and other decorations up. I have been embroidering christmas ornaments for years and we used only those on the tree this year. Nonetheless, we had too many so we donated a box of them to a local charity needing christmas decorations. We also chose our angel tree children from a tree at the mall ... Yes, I DID get a few odd looks picking out angel tree names from a tree while fully veiled in a bright red latex burqa...such fun.

I have been wearing the red one more and more lately because it is the most festive looking and I do enjoy this season. I presume most people have seen the latest photos Sir let me upload to Flickr which he took while we were out to lunch one day in November.

We've done our Christmas shopping and i have acquired some nice gifts for him. Shopping by myself in the mall is always an interesting experience...still exciting even after these last few years. However, if anything, shop clerks and people were more helpful than usual.

We have also been entertaining friends and visitors here in the past month. Our friends from Switzerland passed through for a weekend and it was great to see them. We also drove down to see his family in San Antonio for Thanksgiving. The weather was just incredible. A bit cool, but fine for walking around the shopping center and dining on thie patio the first night.

So, a usual Christmas season and a very enjoyable time lately.

Happy Holidays to everyone and I will write again soon