Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Blue Burqa

It is amazing to me how time passes so quickly. Finally, I have posted some photos Sir just took of me in my new blue burqa to my flickr account

Nothing much has been happening of late. We visited Sir's sister for Thanksgiving and had a great time. We went out shopping at one of the outdoor malls on Friday and I got some presents for Sir. It was fun shopping in the burqa with its silencing hood on underneath. The two eye hole design limits my peripheral vision more than the single large mesh, but the view ahead is quite clear.

We have been back to Ireland a few times over the past few months and the new pictures are from the Irish house. they are not great quality, just snapshots Sir took in passing. I hope to get some in the sunlight soon.

I've had some questions about the burqa and I thought I would add the answers to this post.

The material is metallic blue latex from radical rubber and is a wonderful reflective blue that seems to glow in the right light. The burqa is sewn atthe seams. Peter always makes his goods this way and it adds a true touch of class and sophistication to the look (at least in my opinion).

Along with the burqa with its goggle eyes look, Sir had Peter make a matching hood of the same color. The hood has goggle eyes with perforated openings as well. This actually does not change my ability to see much at all. I was concerned that the double perforations with smaller openings would make vision much more limited, but it does not. However, the burqa's goggle eyes limit peripheral vision much more than my other burqas with their wider meshes.

The hood is a silencing hood just like my others. It has no mouth hole and I cannot speak when it is installed on my face and tightly zipped into place. For extra care in making me silent Sir has occasionally inserted a gag into my mouth as well, before sealing the hood around my face and head.

The other feature of the hood is that is attaches to the inside of the burqa with a popper at the crown of my head. Which means it can be removed and the burqa worn without it if Sir so desires. I sometimes wander around the house wearing just the hood under a matching ankle length dress, then I can pop the burqa on in about 5 seconds.

This hood is amazingly tight and totally restrictive and silencing. Once it is fully zipped shut, I find I cannot open my mouth to talk against the pressure of the latex. At the same time it fits perfectly so I do not get that jaw pain even when wearing it continuously for a couple of days. It is multi-panel and sewn just as the burqa is.

When Sir took the pictures I just uploaded to Flickr and the one above, I was was wearing a matching metallic blue dress and gloves. My boots were black rubber knee high with 5 inch heels. We looked at a pair of metallic blue latex thigh boots on eBay, but did not think they would fit me properly and have not acquired them yet.

Sir acquired metallic blue gloves to go with the burqa, but we were sad to see the colors do not quite match. He is searching for some that are made from RR's latex. They are quite nice, though.

My previous blue burqa (made by a friend) was made with an internal leotard with bondage sleeves that were closed and wrapped around behind me like a straitjacket. unfortunately, it was badly damaged sometime back and was beyond repair. This new one is fantastic and the goggle eyes are amazing. I hope Sir has others made for me with this look. I look alien and different and somehow more restricted and isolated in this one than the others. I understand why they are so popular in areas where burqas are worn routinely.

We went shopping in an open air mall after Thanksgiving and I had many stares and reactions, but was able to go into some shops alone, buy gifts for Sir, and manage to complete the sales even silenced. The clerks were only interested in my credit cards, not my veil - :-) Shopping for books or other items WITH Sir present was as much fun as usual. We did not see anyone else veiled that day, but the shops were full and busy, yet I only garnered a few looks (maybe one or two shaken heads).

The weather was comfortable with a bit of a breeze blowing and the burqa billowed out behind me a couple of times. In my red burqa this could be a problem because it would shift around and the mesh would no longer line up with my eyes. My white burqa with the hood firmly attached inside corrects this and the new blue one does as well. I wasn't sure if the use of the snap would be as effective, but it works like a charm. the goggle eyes of the hood and the goggle eyes of the burqa stayed lined up even in a heavy breeze.

i was wearing the same blue dress (ankle length) and gloves as in the photo above, but of course, what I am wearing beneath my blue latex veil is irrelevant. The dress has a high ruffled collar which fits over the neck of the hood making the hood seem to emerge from inside the dress. The look is quite nice. The same happens at the cuffs of the sleeves as they engulf my gloves. The bodice is tight and slightly ruffled too making the overall look quite conservative and school marmish...just what Sir likes. It goes well with my figure too, even with my corset. I guess I need a blue rubber corset now...hint to Sir!

Well, that should explain what I was wearing and how the burqa works. Thank you all for being patient with me and I hope this answers some of the questions. The pictures are on



Andrew said...

It almost has an alien look to it. The blue is rather unnatural looking quality to it, definitely not the color I was imagining in my head. Thanks for the upload!

Anonymous said...

Soooo beautiful :)
I have seen some burqas with separate eye openings and it can look quite bad, but this is nothing like it.
If only we could read more about your little shopping in a new burqa.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the update to the update.

We'd also love to see a peek into your closet. :) I realize that you don't wish to be photographed in anything other than the burqa but it'd also be enlightening if we could see some of the outfits you wear under the burqa laid out on your bed or whatever.

Anonymous said...

You always manage to amaze Lady!!!

Rubber Regards

Anonymous said...

Amazing garment!

Could you share with us, how much had cost it?

Was hood made to precise measurements, and how much complex were they?

Anonymous said...

PS. Could you show the photo with burqa up (of internal hood). How the pops look?


Latex Lady said...

Thank you all for the reply:
Andrew, I love the alien look, don't you? The blue positively glows under the right, but this was a quick snap and not lit ideally. I will see what can be done about a virtual tour of my closet :)

Anonymous, thank you for the kind words. I added some about our shopping trip, but not much happened.

Andy, thank you

Anonymous, the hood is custom measured and it takes about ten measurements...neck, head, chin,'ve probably seen the sizing forms.

The hood is multi-panelled and the panels are sewn together. The cap is made of 8 triangular panels. The eyes in the hood look just like the ones in the burqa. There are two small metal lined breathing holes and no mouth.

The popper snap is mounted so that the male side of the snap is on the inside of the burqa right at the crown. the female side is on the outside of the hood, also at the crown.

I can put the hood on first and can wear it as long as Sir wishes. Then, when it is time to veil, I can pull the burqa over me and with one hand, find and align the snap halves and click it together.

The snap just helps keep the eyes in the two garments aligned. and they make it much easier to put on and take off.

Sir tells me the entire burqa/hood combination cost about 450 Euro...the price of latex has risen dramatically in the past few years and the metallic color adds to the cost.

I will publish pictures of the hood as soon as Sir allows it.


Andrew said...

Yes, I *love* the alien look. And the color just adds to the other-worldliness. Can't wait to see what this looks like in "proper" lighting as you say.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the alien look is wonderful and the shimmer of the colour is so exquisite.

Have a great xmas and a very healthy new year!


veiled wife said...

Hello, Welcome back, glad all is well with you.
I love the 'alien' look to this costume. It must enhance your feeling of dehumanisation & depersonalisation remarkably. Does it make you feel even more like an object, a 'thing' rather than a person? I too love the de-humanising effect of being veiled or burka'd & find always being gagged under my veils enhances this.

For Xmas I received a new black wool burka, double layered & very heavy. It reaches to the floor allround with no armholes & the eyemesh has heavy black gauze behind it. I was required to wear it all Xmas Day & the 3 days following, gagged underneath, with my large pear shaped gag of course & wearing my black Victorian dress with hobble skirt which was a birthday present last year.
We went to a Mall the Sunday after Xmas & I had to follow Master/husband around for several hours 2 paces behind, kneeling at his feet when he took lunch in the Food Court to prove what a good wife I am. Plenty of stares (which I love) but no trouble.
May 2010 bring you a good life with much more intense experiences!

veiled wife

Gerez said...

Thank you very much Latex Lady for visiting my Blog and leaving such a comment. Is a real honour to me to translate your posts to Spanish so more people can read and know about your amazing latex journey.

Happy New Year!

Sergey said...

i am sorry but what is your problem!
i cant see this pretty, its an alien submarine costume.
god created women so beautiful!
why do you have to cover yourself?!
i mean dont you at least question your sources!?
koran is an edited version of the bible.
u think burka gets u close to god?
oh please... take it off

Latex Lady said...

I have to smile at your impassioned plea. Have you not read the rest of my posts? I am atheist, so, no, wearing the burqa does not make me think I am closer to any god. Trust me, I HAVE questioned all the sources and found them wanting.

And i have no particular interest in the bible or the koran except as works of cultural literature.

But I am very interested in choice. And, as a submissive latex fetishist, I have chosen to adhere to the wishes of my Dom and husband and to wear these garments as he wishes me to.

Are they beautiful? Are they less beautiful than me? That is, as always, in the eye of the beholder. I rather like the way they look and my husband does as well. I am quite happy with the way I look beneath them as well (and so is he).

I wear the burqa because he wanted me to be able to go out in public in significantly restricting latex bondage including hoods, gags, arm binders, chains, and other accouterments which would not be socially acceptable in day to day public presentation.

The burqa, as odd as it may seem, IS a socially acceptable way in many parts of the world, including here in the US, to cover one's body, head to toe, regardless of how one is bound or restrained beneath it. And, since we are latex fetishists, latex burqas made the most wonderful kind of sense.

So, while you may see it as 'an alien submarine costume' I see it as an exciting and wonderful way to express my submission and commitment to my husband and my chosen lifestyle and fetish.

But the key answer to your passionate query as to why I have to cover myself is, "because I choose to" and we should all support the right of another to do as they choose if it harms no one. Certainly, women and men should have the right to choose how they dress and how they live.

If that means submission to a god documented in a centuries old manuscript, then that is their right. If it means wearing pink and purple hair with safety pins suck through their cheeks, then that is their right. And if it means dressing head to toe in tight confining latex bondage, hooded and gagged, then that is their right.

Indeed, although I should be able to, I cannot express that last right, even in as tolerant a society as we have here in the US. As my husband is fond of saying, i would frighten the horses.

But I can, at least, allow myself to be confined and restrained in such fetishistic costume as he and I choose and then wear a covering garment which hides the view of my restrained form from a public not yet willing to accept bondage and restraint as a normal part of daily life.

Choice ... it is a beautiful concept that fills our world with diversity and fascination.

Anonymous said...

we want to see photo of your black mirror lensed mouthless hood.please please.thanks in advance.

Transformateur said...


Yes your burqa is interesting... but why do you not publised the pictures or what you are wearing under it in the strets... ? your 5 inchs spike heels, your silencers..; long hobble skirts!


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hahaha that blue burka looks so cool, I love it so much!

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