Sunday, January 03, 2010

A New Year and a lot of activity

After a nice Christmas at home with our son and his girlfriend, I've been enjoying the first few days of the new year, lounging around the house in my new blue burqa, and connecting to friends and potential friends in Yahoo and Facebook.

Sir and I had a very nice dinner out on New Years Eve with another couple. I was restrained and gagged under my new burqa with its goggle eyes and internal silencing hood. I could not eat, of course, but sat quietly in my chair at the restaurant until the others had finished their dinner and drinks, then we all stood up and raised glasses (even me) to ring in the new year at midnight.

The restaurant staff were very accommodating and understanding. They have had the enjoyment of our custom before and knew that when i come in I almost never eat. Sometimes Sir allows me to be ungagged and to eat small plates, but less and less lately. he has been taking me on a journey of greater and stricter restraint and isolation lately and the new blue burqa is part of that.

It looks so unhuman, and many people seem to find it more intimidating with its two goggle eyes, that Sir prefers me to be less and less free when wearing it. So I am often restrained at the arms, hobbled at the ankles, and gagged with an inflatable gag under the bright blue rubber hood which is built into the burqa.

This all limits the interaction I can have with others which both Sir and I find exciting but which disconcerts strangers. Something about the eyes also seems to disturb people and I get more comments such as, "Why are you covered like that?" and "How can you see under that?" or "Can you breathe? Isn't that very stuffy?" they become even more flustered when I tap my mouth to indicate that i cannot speak, unless my arms are bound in which case i cannot interact with them at all except to shake my head.

New Years Eve we were out with another latex couple, very good friends, and she was in a beautiful red rubber gown with tight sleeves and matching gloves which she never removed, of course. She wore a red catsuit under it as well as red boots.

I was in a black catsuit and dress dress under the burqa and high heeled black rubber boots. The dress has an attached hood and gloves and my blue hood and gloves went on over these. My arms were secured behind my back for most of the evening until just before midnight when Sir released them so i could hold up a glass to toast the new year.

The two men were dressed in latex slacks and shirts and blazers. They also both wore tight catsuits under the 'street wear'. Sir referred to me as 'it' several times during the evening when discussing his planned after dinner activities and the woman became quite aroused at some of the things Sir suggested we all do after the dinner party.

After dinner we went back to our house and I was used to provide pleasure to all three of them, starting with the woman. She had me slowly remove her dress so that I could be placed between her legs to please her while her husband massaged her breasts and thighs. Sir watched for a while, then got involved using a whip on my back and buttocks to encourage me further.

Later I provided an oral orifice for each of the men to relieve themselves and was whipped (quite harshly) by the woman as I was used by her husband. Other activities included me being tied over our spanking bench and being used orally while she was tied up to our whipping post and administered to by Sir.

After we all collapsed about 3am, I was put into my vac bed for sleeping, and our friends stayed the night. In the morning I was whipped by the woman before being released from the bed and then had to bathe her and her husband as well as Sir before being allowed to clean up myself. I was made to do so in my catsuit and to put on my burqa, fully gagged and gloved, just to please them all. It was absolutely wonderful.

After bathing and dressing our guests and Sir (who was lounging in his rubber dressing gown), they ate a light breakfast which I was denied. but while I served them, I was force fed through a set of tubes attached to each of them. it was quite bizarre with me mounted in the center of the table like a rotating statue, being fed from their bladders while I placed strawberries and toast into their mouths.

Our friends left before lunchtime, fully dressed in rubber and wishing us a great 2010.

So that's how I spent New Years Eve, then new years day later. Since then Sir has allowed me to remain fully hooded and gagged for the past few days (as well as skin suited and plugged) while I chatted with friends, connected with others on Yahoo and Facebook. it has been a most enjoyable holiday.



Anonymous said...

Dear Latex Lady: I much appreciate your remarks, most especially the
OBJECTIFICATION of your attire. I find that unique, and very special and GRAND with your new BLUE Goggle Burqua, and including your description of the underneath mask, with the strong gag inserted orally. BUT your being whipped, and physically harmed goes against all of my wishes for your happiness.FRANCINE

Latex Lady said...

Oh Francine,
Thank you for the comment and the concern, but you must understand that for me, being whipped as I was the other night is a joy and one of the most arousing and exciting things that happens to me.

When a sub is whipped she enters subspace ... a strange state of mind where each stroke brings more and more pleasure and contentment. If it goes on long enough, building in intensity, I often have an orgasm, then pass out only to awaken a few minutes later with a great warm sense of well being and satisfaction flowing through me like warm chocolate.

Trust me, no harm is done aside from a bit of redness on my bum. Being whipped in such a scene is a gift to be craved and sought after.


Sven B. said...

Dear Lady,

I happily follow your adventures on your blog, though I rarely comment.

Thank you for a beautiful description of your New Years Eve and New Years Day. I really loved the description of your dress and restraints, and how you just had to sit there quietly.

One thing I wonder about. How long did you go without getting anything to eat, apart from being force fed.

Best wishes,
Sven B.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a pleasure to read and visualise this experience..I would really like to read this blog more often, judt like in the old about an entry entitled Latex Lady:The origins? :)

regards, BV

Rubber Ballet said...

Dear Latex Lady,

I often stop by to read your blog.

I am not such an "expert" as yourself & Sir in the Sub/Dom relationship area, but it seems to me, that for all the "servicing" that you did on New Year's Eve, you only got punishment. Surely the job of the Dom is to control the Sub by a mixture of "carrot and stick" ? All you received was the stick (literally !) Although you say that you enjoy the stick, I wouldn't consider it a suitable reward for the services you performed that night. (Unless your peformance was of a poor standard)

You often talk about being gagged, but what about pluggd (front and rear) ? If you are rear plugged, does Sir control your bodily functions. e.g. only allowing defication at set times, or only allowing you to empty by enema ?

Finally, I would also second the call for an article or two of "latex lady, the early years" It would be interesting to see how you learnt to wear only latex. Personnaly, I can wear latex all day under street clothes quite well, but I find sleeping difficult (I sweat too much) and can only sleep wearing latex T-shirt and shorts. (I am currently trying to learn to sleep in some latex pyjamas I purchased from Kastley Latex in the UK.

All the best,

Rubber Ballet.

gummitaucher said...

Dear fellow readers,

for the "early years" you could check out this page


Sven B. said...

Thank you, gummitaucher. Very interesting article. :-)

Sven B.

Anonymous said...

I shall be messaging you soon lady on fetlife to comment on your post - what an amazing piece of writing!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Latex Lady. I have read all your blogs and am impressed by your willing endurance, especially the total control of your feeding and bodily functions while enclosed in rubber.
Your New Years Eve activities show a different aspect of your life -- the whipping and the New Years Day breakfast. (how was the urine raised to your level if you were on the table and the others were seated?)
Please let us have more details of your activities with Sir and your friends. Love from David.

Anonymous said...

i instantly cum when reading about your New Year,my hand just got down and started, could not help it! Wow

Anonymous said...

In find this more fiction than fact.

slave said...

Has your Master thought of using ear plugs to further isolating you when out. I would also think mitting or taping your hands would help in your feeling of helpliness and submission

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