Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Point of View

It is so nice to see other people wearing the clothes now. The fashion show we recently attended was delightful with wonderful fashions for the cognoscenti. The sheen on the material is stunning, making the models look like they are walking while wrapped in liquid.

The drape across their breasts and the intensely high necks give the definite impression that these fashions are intended to retrain and control the wearer. The hoods are black, covering the heads and letting only the faces show through and the restraints over the shoulders keep the arms straight and close to thebody in a sensual fashion.

Shoulders have returned, many of the blouses and tops reminiscent of Gibson girl fashions from the early 20th century. Other designers capitalize on the stern, rigid 1950's fashion of Dior's new Look, the shiny dresses made stiff over bullet bras with heavy boning.

The skirts and dresses are cut so tight to the hip and the leg that they enforce a certain gait, small steps, one foot before the other. beneath the skirts shiny leggings or thigh high boots enhance and control the legs of the models.

Every model is gloved and the gloves are so tight they must be cutting circulation. They rise up to the shoulder, often under three quarter or even short sleeves...presenting that fetishistic look of a woman from the 1930's with a light colored evening gown with short sleeves matched with contrasting black gloves to remind their partners of their presence and phallic power.

One designer un-apologetically poses and displays his models as lesbians, two per runway walk, stroking each others shiny black hoods with slickly gloved hands that move down to caress breasts and slither around each others tightly corseted waists and hips.

The footwear was almost exclusively boots over amazingly shiny leggings. The heels were never less than 5 inches and often more. Looking at boots which seemed to crawl up a model's legs, disappearing woith promise beneath her skirt, lent an intensely erotic frizon to the fashions. Some of the models unzipped long slits showing that even with ankle length hobble skirts, thigh high boots of the tightest and slickest variety were the order of the day.

The whole show, with many designers, concentrated on clothes which restrain, control, limit, and encase their wearer. The models seemed pleased with fashions that limited their mobility, forced them to walk in small mincing steps, and had them teetering on heels that approached heaven. All while having much of their faces covered and absolutely no hair showing beneath their tight shiny black hoods, some of which covered their eyes with just small slits for viewing while others came slithering up their necks and over their chins to cover the lower part of the face and mouth.

Simply wonderful!

Sir and I had the opportunity to attend a fashion show here in Dallas recently. The fashions were NOT latex and the show was NOT a fetish event. The fabrics were silk, satin, leather, and vinyl in an incredibly diverse combination. The leggings were PVC or leather or shiny liquid looking plastic bonded to stretch lycra.

I was just struck by how these 'NORMAL' fabrics were being used to craft very beautiful, couture clothing with lots of built in kink...the exact sort ofthings we see in our latex and leather fashion shows, but executed in other materials and not so blatant about the erotic aspects.

Sir and I, in latex suit and burqa, got quite a lot of attention and looks and several compliments from some of the designers. It was much fun