Saturday, July 26, 2008

Catching up And censorship in the West

Well, first, let me say this has been an interesting and exciting week. i have been exploring Second life, had the opportunity to spend a huge amount of money on clothes, and made several new friends. This blog entry is to play catch up.

I am over my cold...thank you all for your kind wishes

We went to dublin for a few days and had a nice time there. Those trips are becoming very normal to me now...3 hours on the train, bundled up in folds of latex, sealed underneath in layers of tight restraining rubber and usually typing on my laptop.

There have been several people telling me they cannot get to my photos on flickr. Blame your governments is what I have learned.

When I moved my photos from yahoo to flickr, Yahoo in their great wisdom, declared my account as a loose cannon. I do not know why since none of my pictures are pornographic or even terribly suggestive. Apparently, people in rubber, however, are not to be seen by normal human, so Flickr made the account one of restricted content in its safesearch settings. I do not know why because I would have put it on moderate. But they will not change it.

People in certain countries cannot access flickr restricted content accounts. it seems some of your governments are enforcing this. It is terriby unfortunate, but I do not know what to do about it. We may try to copy the pictures to an account for Sir and see if we start it off at a moderate level with restrictions if Flickr will leave it alone.

This all happened when yahoo made us migrate to flickr.

On other fronts, I have met a very nice lady on Second Life, named Ruri Muni. She has a store selling gestures and sounds and you can find a SLURL to her store in my sidebar. She has great taste in clothes and her avatar is a lovely elf (with curly horns). She also takes a mean picture and helped me start decorating our house.

While wandering around second life, Sir and i were at the Latexia store, a big, fully stocked latex mall run by the Latex dolls sisterhood, and a couple of other shoppers recognized my name (latexladyll galicia) as being related to this blog. So that was fun. I seem to have a bit of celebrity there...a bit daunting actually.

I've met many other people, including Alysha who runs an incredible clothing store making gorean fashions, victorian fashions and other amazing clothes. I am sending her some latex textures as she makes burqas and perhaps can make me one or several in latex. her designs are amazingly authentic and I find that even though I can dress anyway I like in SL, I miss my veiling burqa even though my avatar is not allowed to have a face (her skin is rubber at all times)

I am finding SL quite compelling and Sir is as well. He has started scripting and is experimenting with things he can do. We shall have to see where that all goes.

I look forward to seeing some of you in SL and shall post again here soon.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Latex Life - A Second Life

So yes, I now have a second life avatar. Sir had me create a presence out there on the second life grid. it is fascinating and very nice to be able to dress in so many cool latex outfits. I was amazed at how much is out there and how much variation there is.

My name is latexladyll galicia and Sir's is latexgentlg skytower . i suspect that you can find us just by searching for the usual first name.

It is a very different place, but much fun. sir and I are looking for a good place to build a house. We have actually talked about building the convent we have fantasized about for years but building it in second life. i must say I have not found a really authentic nun's habit in rubber yet in SL and I would love to find a rubber bburqa...perhaps someone who knows how will make one for me.

I've included a few pics of my avatar as sir has dressed me. I love the outfits from rubber kittens in red and purple and the black latex kimono i found in a japanese clothing store is great.

I am learning to use animations and all the other bits and pieces in SL and sir has already given me a collar to control me. he can now tke complete control of my avatar as well as my RL body.

Look me up in SL the next time you are there.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Cold in Rubber

I have a cold today. BLEAHH
Woke up with a sore throat and stuff nose. Sir is traveling and I am alone this weekend. Had to take care of it myself.

I was chatting earlier and, of course, everyone wanted to know if I was hooded with a cold. The answer is yes. I started the day with an open faced hood (after a LOOOONG hot bath) and slipped into a black rubber dressing gown, gloves, and the open faced hood. Took some strong medicine (which makes me sleepy) and went out to the living room and spent most of the day on the sofa with a nice hot cup of tea and the telly.

After a while my throat cleared, my nose stopped running and I felt good enough to go get a nicer, full face hood with built in gag and pull that on over my face, covering it tightly. The tight rubber against my sinuses actually felt good. The hood has very small eyes and an inflatable gag with a breathe through pipe so I could still breathe through my mouth and I could gently sip my tea.

I felt good enough to change my dressing gown for a corset and dress...a high necked victorian style dress in black rubber but with a tight hobble underskirt so it is more restrictive than the usual victorian dress with loose skirt.

I went back to my sofa and rested the rest of the day. I finally fell asleep on the sofa late in the evening, woke up about 2am and went to bed. Slept well, though and woke up with only a bit of a stuffy nose.

Today I am feeling better, but I think I will stay in my dressing gown for a while. I did put a full face hood on again today over an open faced hood, but it doesn't have a built in gag. So today I shall probably not put on a gag unless I feel well enough to go out later.

My dressing gown (or robe) is black and full length, actually dragging on the floor as it has a bit of a train. Sir had it made for me several years ago and I love it. It wraps around me and snaps closed on the side, mandarin style, as well as being belted. It is different from my peignoirs in that it is a heavier weight of latex, and designed to keep me warm, not arouse my husband...although it does :-). it has fairly loose sleeves as opposed to most of my dresses and my gloves fit under it quite easily. It makes a very nice garment to lounge in.

The weather has been nothing but rain since we returned from the US, but it has been good weather for rubberwear, that's for sure.

I put a few more photos up on the flickr account the other day, including the one above which I think is an excellent picture of me. The day was so pretty as I came down those steps from the balcony outside our bedroom to our private pool.

Well, I am tired now from my medicine and I think I'll drop off for a little nap. I shall write more later

Sunday, July 06, 2008

More Photos from Our Time in the US and a Birthday

Sir has allowed me to post a few more photos from our time spent in the US last month. They are on my flickr account

Not much happening here in Ireland. It has rained everyday since we returned, which has made for nice rubber weather. We've been out shopping a bit. Sir gave me a lovely dress and a new hood and collar for my birthday and took me out to a lovely dinner at one of the local hotel restaurants. I wore my red burqa over the new latex dress. I was allowed to eat from a small plate of food under my burqa.

The new dress is medium green rubber with ruffled cascades of rubber around the neck, bodice and hem. it is of a Victorian design with a bit of a bustle on the rear because it has two skirts, an under-skirt and an over-skirt. The underskirt is white rubber and makes the green over-skirt stand out nicely.

My hood for the evening was a heavy red hood with tubes running from my nose to a small valved casket on the back of my neck. It has an open mouth for feeding but very tiny eyeholes which meant I could see almost nothing behind the occluding mesh of my burqa. Sir led me in and sat me in a chair and ordered for me. Although I was ungagged for the evening I still had no reason to speak.

I had little bites of chocolate cake for my birthday desert. all served on a plate I brought in under my burqa so I could eat comfortably, although with almost no vision.

more later