Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Latex Life - A Second Life

So yes, I now have a second life avatar. Sir had me create a presence out there on the second life grid. it is fascinating and very nice to be able to dress in so many cool latex outfits. I was amazed at how much is out there and how much variation there is.

My name is latexladyll galicia and Sir's is latexgentlg skytower . i suspect that you can find us just by searching for the usual first name.

It is a very different place, but much fun. sir and I are looking for a good place to build a house. We have actually talked about building the convent we have fantasized about for years but building it in second life. i must say I have not found a really authentic nun's habit in rubber yet in SL and I would love to find a rubber bburqa...perhaps someone who knows how will make one for me.

I've included a few pics of my avatar as sir has dressed me. I love the outfits from rubber kittens in red and purple and the black latex kimono i found in a japanese clothing store is great.

I am learning to use animations and all the other bits and pieces in SL and sir has already given me a collar to control me. he can now tke complete control of my avatar as well as my RL body.

Look me up in SL the next time you are there.


Mazuki said...

Hiya Lady,

Seeing how i've been all over the place i can tell you found Rubber Dolls pretty quick! I'm logged on right now, so i'll send you a message with my avy.


unit1421 said...

1421 is on SL as Unit1421 Andel. It currently works as a living piece of art at Shemale Elite.

Anonymous said...

Kayliwulf have a nun's habit in latex.

Also have you tried the "Latex Station" yet?

viagra online pharmacy said...

hey congratulations on your latex avatar, I also recently joined second life, but for selling some of my graphics and I will see if it is profitable or not, see ya there!