Sunday, July 06, 2008

More Photos from Our Time in the US and a Birthday

Sir has allowed me to post a few more photos from our time spent in the US last month. They are on my flickr account

Not much happening here in Ireland. It has rained everyday since we returned, which has made for nice rubber weather. We've been out shopping a bit. Sir gave me a lovely dress and a new hood and collar for my birthday and took me out to a lovely dinner at one of the local hotel restaurants. I wore my red burqa over the new latex dress. I was allowed to eat from a small plate of food under my burqa.

The new dress is medium green rubber with ruffled cascades of rubber around the neck, bodice and hem. it is of a Victorian design with a bit of a bustle on the rear because it has two skirts, an under-skirt and an over-skirt. The underskirt is white rubber and makes the green over-skirt stand out nicely.

My hood for the evening was a heavy red hood with tubes running from my nose to a small valved casket on the back of my neck. It has an open mouth for feeding but very tiny eyeholes which meant I could see almost nothing behind the occluding mesh of my burqa. Sir led me in and sat me in a chair and ordered for me. Although I was ungagged for the evening I still had no reason to speak.

I had little bites of chocolate cake for my birthday desert. all served on a plate I brought in under my burqa so I could eat comfortably, although with almost no vision.

more later


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you Lady, it's really nice to read you Lady, your blog is as usual a really pleasant moment. I'm sure your birthday lunch was very nice and romantic with Sir.
I hope you will continue to write a long time Lady.
a young subfan from France

Anonymous said...

Still hoping we'll get to see the new blue burqa on flickr one of these days!

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
Have you guys been to Nimhneach yet ?
Check it out.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,

As always, it is such a delight to read your blog, when you post a new entry.

Before I forget, a very happy belated birthday to you.

I am glad that you & Sir had a nice holiday in the US. If Sir permits, would you be kind enough please, to post some photos of your blue burqa on your flickr account?

Respect from Canada,

Mazuki said...

Hiya Lady,

Here is the location of my store in Secondlife, i hope some of your readers show up there too!

anyway, when you get online, look me up, i'll help ya get started. I know plenty of places with nicely rendered latex, but no burquas like in your pictures. Perhaps I need to make one...


P.S. My in game name isn't Mazuki...

Latex Lady said...

thank you all for the nice birthday wishes. I ruly appreciate them

I shall try to get a photo of the blue burqa sometime soon


El gallego said...

you are so gorgeus in latex.
Im exciting to see you like it


Anonymous said...

i cant access to those photos..TT