Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back in Ireland

Well, our time in the US is at an end. We headed for New York day before yesterday and came back to Ireland today after Sir completed some business in NYC

It has been very nice in Texas, but I must say, the cooler temperatures in New York were much easier to bear and the rainy weather here in Ireland is even more so.

The night before we left NYC we took in a show. I was blending in quite well since we saw Lion King and all the cast members were masked as well. :-). And in Mew York hardly anyone even noticed when I walked by.

The flight back to Ireland was uneventful, filled with families on vacation. We landed in rain, then made our way back home to the west.I have just uploaded some new pictures to my flickr account latexladyll .

These are from the house in Dallas and I hope everyone enjoys them.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pictures ... I very like see your wardrobe and your sleeping inflate bag !


saemus said...

Dear Lady,
I would love to see the gag details...great journal...

gummitaucher said...

Dear Lady,

I don´t seem to be able to access the photos - are they still there ?

best wishes

alphaxanon said...

I see by the calendar on that today's your birthday! Happy rubber wishes!

gummitaucher said...

Dear Lady,

happy birthday to you as well !

Is there a special rubbery way to celebrate this day for you.

best wishes

Blackie said...

It is all very well for a woman to wear compete coverage including the face but not for a man. I wear as near as I dare, with high collar latex coat, open-face hood and dark shades but that is not the same as a full-face hood and complete cloak.
Clubs are different but it is the public wearing of rubber combined with endurance which is so stimulating.

I find though warm weather in my gear quite exhausting though training has made me much tougher.

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