Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Lazy Saturday Morning - I'm Blue

I am just up a while this morning. Bathed earlier and then went for a swim. it is so nice to have the pool available. The temperature is only in the 80's at the moment, so being in a full enclosure black latex catsuit, then hooded with a very tight, low profile gas mask over that is not bad at all. The red burqa then covers all of that, of course.

You didn't think I was in some revealing rubber bikini did you? :-)

I can swim in that outfit quite effectively and I love the way a gas mask feels under water. Mine is a full hood with limited vision goggle eyes and no air canisters so it still fits close to the face. The burqa is, of course, required to meet our lifestyle requirement of covering my body completely when out of doors. It drags a bit, but I am not really trying to swim laps or anything, I am just paddling around.

Rubber is an incredible material for getting wet in. it is impermeable, but of course water seeps in, crawling over my skin and making the latex slide and stick in interesting ways. Sir and I actually like to swim in loose rubber like my burqa or his cassock. the swirling flowing mass of rubber is something you can easily imagine getting lost in, drowning in, then drifting to the bottom in a beautiful lowing rubber cloak or dress, all consciousness gone, the epitome of a rubber doll.

After a while Sir joined me and we had some nice fun in the pool this morning. Then we climbed out and relaxed in the shade on the deck allowing our second skins to dry. I love getting just a little sun and a lot of warm air on me in these situations. i feel like a rubber covered lizard. i know the sun is not good for the latex, but we don't do it often and it feels so snug and warm.

Afterwards, we went back in and changed into day wear. For me this was a transparent blue skinsuit with open eyes and mouth, but with front and rear plugs of soft pliable rubber. The skinsuit is tight enough to hold them in place. Then I put on a white rubber corset, white latex stockings, white rubber gloves, and white rubber ankle boots.

Sir inserted an inflated full mouth gag and then pulled on a second hood, also white, with no mouth, pepper pot eyes, and a built in neck corset which Sir tightened for me. This holds my head up and is quite severe, particularly as a second hood, but is very comfortable if one succumbs to its discipline and sits straight and does not attempt to move the head much. The mouth presses so tightly that nothing in my mouth can move and the little balloon gag is secure but somewhat chewable too.

Then stepped into a blue, ankle length, a-line rubber skirt and a matching blue rubber blouse with high collar, a very tight bodice and long sleeves over the shoulder length latex gloves.

I went back out to the living room, all blue and white, and was just settling down to watch some telly and to enjoy being plugged in all three orifices, when the doorbell rang.

When we have visitors, I must pull a burqa on so that is all they ever see of me. It is a solid rule even if the visitors are close friends or family. Only my blue rubber burqa was hanging on a hook by the door, so I tossed it on while sir answered the door.

Well, one does not toss this blue burqa on. It is the one with a built in body suit which is supposed to be snapped between the legs and with long sleeves, gloves, and a hood attached. I had to lower my skirt, step into the body suit and pull it up, pull the hood over my head and zip it down, fit the eyes (a second layer of perforations), slide my arms into the sleeves and gloves (thankfully lubricated well), then zip the back of the body suit up to my neck and lock the two zips together (they have a folio locking tab on them), then pull the skirt back up and into place.

All done in about 3 I could go greet our guests. Who turned out to be out next door neighbors stopping in to say hi. They are used to me in my weird coverings and not speaking, and only stayed a few minutes, chatting with Sir while I knelt next to Sir in silence.

He chatted with them a few minutes and they asked me if I was OK and some other yes/no questions like was I still liking Ireland...then they left.

So here I am fully dressed to go out into the world. Sir told he to stay burqa'd, we would go out soon. I have been so now for a couple of hours and he shows no hurry to go. but we'll get out sometime. In the meantime i am typing slowly as i have three layer of perforated vision and three pairs of gloves on...thank heaven the house is cool.

So much for the morning.
more later


gummitaucher said...

Dear Lady,

I know that you have been also playing in the pool in the past - do you actually dive in the burqa ?

Thanks for blogging again.

best wishes

SanderO said...


At some point in your journey your husband should document what you do on video. This can be shown or not, but it would be a remarkable record of your abilities and commitment to enclosure and would serve to convince people that this is possible. I do wonder if others would attempt the training and discipline required seeing your example?

As far as the multiple pepper pot hoods with some sort of separation between them, I still would like to try this myself and see how difficult or easy vision actually is. I have never worn a pepperpot and I would have thought that vision with one alone is quite compromised. I may buy one just to experience it.

If the idea is to restrict vision why not one tiny hole or very very dark lenses?

If you can provide me (us) with the schedule and link to your cam sessions, I would be honored to experience one. Please post the info or email me at DsignD4Drk at aol dot com.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a long time. I love reading it. Do you mind showing us the famous blue burqa? I'd love to see it.

Mazuki said...


Oh wow, I wondered if you swam in it!

Of course I'm always curious about such immersion in this lifestyle, as I would probably never do it, but it's fascinating to read about.

I was going to ask you about the myriad of gags that Sir uses on you, and then I noticed you had SecondLife in your interests. This works wonderfully for me to say, "Hey, I bet you have an account!"

If you don't mind I would like to post the SLURL to my store in SL, where I sell cute little gagged moan gestures and other gagged sounds. I wouldn't do this without asking, but it would also be interesting to meet you in SL to chat about interests.

Awaiting your permission!


rubberglove2 said...

Dear Lady
I really enjoy your blog. The insight is very interesting.I am sure a lot of folks just don't understand and well if they don't thats okay. The purpose of your blog as I see it is to communicate your love that you share with your partner,the vow of servitude and the enjoyment that rubber/latex provides to you.
As I read the blog it is very clear that there is a lot more thatn what is written and that is the insight that will make you want to read it over and over to glean every bit of information.

Keep up the good work and I do hope you continue.



Latex Lady said...

Gummi...I have never dived in the burqa ... but it might be fun

Dark - we do take videos but they are not for public consumption usually. we do use small eyehole hoods sometimes to limit my vision. the pepper pot hoods are not so much to limit vision as to hide my eyes from viewers on the outside...and to look interesting :-)

I do NOT have an SL account because my current computer and the previous two before it, did not have graphics cards supported by SL. I hope to get a mac soon that will support anything and then i will create an avatar. I just have not had the time.

Feel free to post the SLURL though ... i will investigate as soon as i can.

Anon... i need to get some postable pics of the blue burqa ...I shall do so soon, i hope ...look for them at

Rubberglove: TY