Sunday, June 01, 2008

Preparing for a trip to US

Well, we are off to the US again soon for about 3 weeks. We will be in San Francisco, Dallas, and New York. The time in Dallas, Sir promises, will be vacation. We will say at our house there and see many old friends. And while we are in new York, we plan

Lately, here in Ireland, the weather has been lovely and sunny if a little hot for total rubber wear. But I persevere. We've been out site seeing, shopping, and even walking along the beach.

My blue burqa has been repaired and I shall be taking it with me to the us. It will certainly be hotter there than here and I am trying to pack accordingly. However, Sir insists on a large part of my wardrobe being black, particularly evening dresses to wear after dark when in scenes with Sir or friends who are using me.

We already have one dinner party we are attending in San Francisco where I will be in severe bondage for the evening as will the other subs (3 other couples, I believe). That should be fun. And San Francisco is always cool in June. I expect my burqas will get a workout there. We hope to see some of our neighbors and friends from San Jose as well. They were quite used to seeing us and dining with us with me in full silent mode, covered by my red or white or black burqas. but they haven't seen my blue one yet. Sir also intends for us to go out to some BDSM venues in New York as well and I am looking forward to shopping on Madison avenue fully veiled and silenced in flowing white rubber...I probably won't be the only one in burqa given the folks we saw the last time we passed through NYC.

Sir has discussed a yellow or gold rubber burqa for me...I am not sure how serious he is. That would be nice as I like yellow, but never wore it in my old pre-rubbered life because I thought it made my skin look sallow. If, however, I am fully enclosed with no skin showing...well, it would be gorgeous, wouldn't it?

Not too much new on the gear or clothing front these past few weeks. Sir HAS been having me wear stricter and more stringent hoods as i wrote before. The one that is most severe is two layered with a valved breathing system attached to the nose mask. The intake tube can be connected to an aroma casket or a liquid inhalation bottle for very severe breath/aroma control.

I did get a nice black rubber skirt and blouse for mother's day from my son. It is quite severe, the skirt requiring that I be significantly corseted before I can wear it and very tight at the hem, hobbling me quite effectively. The blouse also has gloves attached inside the puff sleeves. I plan on wearing the ensemble when we meet him in SF, with a very strict hood.

We were watching Tin Man the other night and I must admit I was lusting after the very sexy clothes Askedelia was wearing, but the latex uniforms of the technicians were very seductive as well even if the men wearing them were not particularly. But I may just buy a rubber skirt and a transparent top for Sir sometime.

Sir has recently made the decision to return me to total, smooth, baldness. I am now completely shaved including eyebrows (painfully plucked, actually). i was already keeping my hair very short so that hoods were easy to wear, but now we have returned me to the state I was in in 2005.

Interestingly enough, my passport picture was taken in 2006 while I was still hairless, so now I more closely match it once again. I just wish they would have allowed me to wear at least a transparent full face hood for the picture since I consider that my 'true face' now more than that of my exposed skin, but, as you can imagine, that is considered a no-no. I did read a predictive article recently where the authors felt that we would be able to completely cover our faces in the near future, even for governmental checks, as identity will be verified through dna or retinal scan and traditional facial features will no longer be considered valid for ID.

These authors actually predict an increase in the acceptance of facial occlusion in public as a consequence of the increased surveillance by CCTV cameras. They see the rise in surveillance coupled with an increasing growth of middle-eastern style religious conservatism as leading to a greater tolerance of veiled women and even veiled men in the next two decades. Their analysis is particularly looking at the migration of far more conservative cultures into Western and Asian cultures and concludes that a new conservative attitude will emerge in the west, particularly if the economy continues to falter for a significant length of time.

For myself, I have returned more and more to the notion that I am most myself when beneath a shielding layer of lovely latex. I much prefer the look of my features constrained and smoothed, blurred or opaqued completely beneath a layer of thin, constricting, and reassuring rubber. My hands, as well, look better to me, covered in rubber. My neck surrounded by a tight corset collar and my figure controlled and enclosed in a seamless latex skin, changing my flesh with its texture into something perfectly smooth, homogeneous, and undifferentiated.

Sir agrees with me on this and is quite willing for me to return more and more to a fully latexed state. We expect that the month of June, spent in the US will allow me to explore this while we also have the opportunity to meet with friends who are sympathetic to the idea of my descending back into a rubber cocooned existence.

More later, and I promise to write more often.


Anonymous said...

The US is kind of 50/50 right now about coverage, at least here in the DC area.

Other than certain times when it would be inappropriate, I'm fully veiled even though I'm not a Muslim, and I get the gamut of reactions, mostly positive.

It's nothing like your own coverage (although I'm envious of yours, I'll admit), but for me, the coverage is a "comfort".

I guess it's because I'm comfortable covered that few people who see me "react" - kind of like my attitude projects and affects the reactions?

I'm curious if that's something you think affects how people react to you?

flossy said...

hi there
very interesting stuff!
i live in iceland and i am looking for some red latex and other you know of any good sites i may be able to locate this?

fan fii

dana/unit1421 said...

when will you be in NYC? Would love to meet you and Sir. Please email me at


SanderO said...


As a follower of your blog for many years I would also be honored to meet Sir and you for a coffee or dinner in NYC. You can, if you care to accept my invitation, contact me at


Latex Lady said...

Moonwolf, I agree completely. Since i act as though it is the most normal and proper thing for ME to appear fully veiled in rubber, most people accept it. I'm sure they think I am odd, eccentric, and that they talk about me later as that strange woman in the burqa...but because i expect respect and communicate even through total veiling that i expect respect, they give me respect.

I do have a question for you. What is an example of a time when it would be inappropriate to be veiled? I am just curious as to what this means to you.

Simon O at has some of the nicest red rubber items I have seen. Cocoon at has nice red as well. Studio gum at has a different, institutional or clinical red which is like that you see in hospital equipment. They are great for severe heavy rubber gear.


Anonymous said...

Powwows springs to mind instantly, but they follow a different set of rules for modesty, and since I dance it also needs the right regalia for that.