Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quiet Spring and a Little Journey

I have not written anything here for several weeks and i thought I should post a little something.

The spring is going well here but the weather is still cool and a bit wet. We have had more dry days, however. We went back to the US for a couple of weeks in early April, though, and it was much warmer. Our house is in good condition and we spent some time there just relaxing. It was considerably warmer than here in Ireland.

My blue and white outfits saw a lot of Texas weather while we were there. We also went down to San Antonio for a couple of days to see Sir's family. Very nice and once again they were most accepting of their strange in law with her silent rubbery ways :). So the first part of April was most enjoyable.

Except that when we returned I discovered some significant damage to my blue burqa. It has a significant rip in the body suit and I do not know how it happened. Sir is investigating repair, but I suspect it is beyond help.

We went down to SW Ireland last weekend and spent some time site seeing. Sir had been down before but not I. I was in all white for the day...catsuit, dress, and burqa. We wandered around for about 12 hours seeing some hill forts, and small towns and a waterfall. It was all quite nice and I shall post some of the pictures if Sir allows it.

Sir has been experimenting with longer periods of enclosure for me, having me wear more layers during the day and for longer periods. It has been most strenuous but enjoyable particularly experimenting with heavy hoods and inflatable restriction devices.

Other than all that, I am sitting here on our back balcony, enjoying the nice Irish spring we are having, wrapped in several layers of rubber including a transparent skinsuit and an inflatable dress which barely allows me to move. The hoods are very tight and the gag I inserted into my mouth this morning is stretching my mouth as I inflated it a bit more before I started writing. My red burqa covers all and keeps me modest.

I was online a little while ago and on camera and will be again later tonight I think. But first I think I shall take a little nap lying here on my deck chair, wrapped in rubber.



Cariad's Master said...

Always good to read yoru posts LL.

Online? Where? When? :-)

gummitaucher said...

Dear Lady,

good to hear from you again !

I´m looking forward to catching you on your webcam which is also running on the yahoo messanger I suppose ?

see you later

RollyMo said...

Hi, thanks for this latest message. I always enjoy reading your news. I have a couple of questions for you:

Why did you inflate your gag a little more before writing? Was it pure coincidence, or did you feel the need to increase your "awareness" of you situation to help your writing? Or was it just your little treat to yourself? ;-)

Also, it would be great to hear more details of your day-to-day dress code, if Sir has upped the ante, so to speak... and pictures of your sightseeing would be lovely of course.

Thanks and best wishes as always,


rollymo said...

... oh and I've never seen or even heard of an inflatible dress before? What's it like? Can you describe it to us? Does it have an inflatible hood also?

Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks for your blog. I thought i was strange ;).
Home from fetish night still wearing mu catsuit and hood and just feel i dont want to take them off. I wish you and sir all the best thanks for writting. its nice to know i am not the only one who feels this way. hugs bri xx

R said...

Hello! I'm pretty new to latex but I'm deeply interested. Would just like to ask if you ever buy online, and if so, which websites are the best? What should be a good price price for a full latex catsuit? Also, what works better during dressing? Talc or lube?

Over here where I live, it's a terribly conservative society. The range of latex wear in erotic shops is just no good. I hope, with your experience, you can help shed some light on latex wear. Please and thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,
Your writings give me hope that some day I too will find the Sir that will make my life over into a true latex submissive. After reading your descriptions gives me so much joy. Thank you


latex_decoration said...

Yes, I must agree! You give me so much hope too that I can also find a Sir or Lady to take over my life so i can become the true submissive Latex TG Doll i belive i was born to be. Thanks Sir and Lady. Thanks so much, for all you two have done for this world! I do wish you would write more often... The more detail the better!

Anonymous said...

Dear latex lady !
You ar forgotting us, we passionate readers of your blog ! Only 5 posts in 5 months in 2008, against 61 in 2005 during your famous "full enclosure year". I am sur that you have still so many things to share. I hope your encasement is not living you mute ! Dpn't worry, everything you are writing is interesting for us, your demanding fans.

Anonymous said...

oh yes, I am eager to read more too. hopefully there will be some pics too:)
regards, bv

Anonymous said...

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