Sunday, March 23, 2008

Windy Hill, Whipping Latex

We went on a site seeing trip yesterday to the north and wandered around some megalithic monuments and tombs on a hill. it was quite nice, very cold and windy. We had a lovely time and I was in very heavy rubber under my blue burqa.

The wind was so strong I had to hold onto the folds quite tightly to keep from being blown off the ridge. The weather was lovely, but quite cold and I was glad of my total enclosure transparent skinsuit, second white catsuit and inflatable hood, full blue leotard with hood and gloves attached to the inside of the burqa. In addition, i was in thigh high rubber boots with 4 inch heels...thankfully, there were gravel paths around the monuments, not just wet grass. I am, however, quite good at walking in soft soil even in spikes by balancing on my toes.

While we were driving my arms were fully zipped to the side of the leotard and the inside hood was inflated to the point where I could barely tolerate it and it interfered somewhat with my breathing. When we stopped, Sir released me and deflated the hood somewhat although it was still inflated. It has a gag bladder inside it which is inflated separately that presses tightly against my mouth to silence most of my hoods do. My arms were left partially restrained to my sides, but I had some mobility.

A very nice way to drive around for about 6 hours and wander around fields and tombs and other places for about 4 hours. Not to mention a bit of shopping in Sligo as well. All in all, a nice way to spend Easter Saturday



gummitaucher said...

Dear Lady,

that is quite a long time. How did you cope with the restricted breathing for so long ?

best regards

Anonymous said...

Is very fantastique if Sir accept some time you ad a pictures
Thank you

SanderO said...

I wonder how people with gags in their mouth keep their mouths moist. or even drink. Can you explain this or does one have to try it to understand?

How does time change the gag thing?

Anonymous said...

She doesn't, sandero: all this is just fantasy. She has a lot of imagination though.

Everybody who ever worn latex clothing for extended times knows the problems that automatically happen after a while, like overheating, bruising, and more. Add several layers, gags, corsets, and you have a nice fantasy.
I don't believe in long plane trips wearing several layers of latex catsuits, dresses and other burkas, along with gags. The discomfort and heat would become unbearable.

Latex Lady said...

Most of the time I am gagged with just a tight piece of latex across my lips so there is little to absorb any liquid. Sometimes I wear a gag with a tube through an inflatable balloon...then I can take liquid in easily.

Not sure what anonymous has tried, but I've never been bruised by my latex. People endure and even transform sensations and restrictions if they really want to.


Anonymous said...

Your fans wish we had more frequent posts, because it is facinating to breathe along with you in a life that most of us can only imagine. You don't have to prove anything, but it helps make it more real and beleivable when you have images that back up your words.

I know I would love to see and hear your comments about all the gags, and anything that goes on in your mind that you wanted to say but were unable to do so.


veiled wife said...

I wear ball or penis gags & I have found that from habitually wearing a gag my mouth became used to it. After some discomfort in the early days my mouth now neither drools nor dries up. It's like when you start wearing contact lenses: at first you feel like you constantly have something in your eye, but after while the body adapts.
veiled wife

Anonymous said...

my goodness someone so in to latex so close to Sligo..
Have you found there to be much of a scene here in Ireland? irc is certainly lacking

from a friend in Co Leitrim

unit1421 said...

You should have been at teh rubber doll world rendezvous earlier this month. lots of pics!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Im a first time latex wearer, I recently bought a costume fit latex catsuit. I was told to put baby powder on the inside to help slip it on, however, i wanted to ask you, how do u prevent over heating? I know when I take it off its like a sauna in there. It feels great on, but Im afraid if i wear it for too long Ill get a headache or pass out or something. do u have any secrets or tips? the cat suit ends at my wrists, ankles, and has a turtle neck d-ring collar built in with a cut out for its not like it covers my face or head area. in case that helps

Latex Lady said...

I have most of my latex chlorinate3d so I do not need powder. However, using powder is fine and should not make you hot. As long as you have hands and head exposed, you will probably not suffer heat prostration if you are in a reasonable climate. I typically stay indoors in aircon and I find moving more slowly than normal helps.

A typical early sign of overheating is a prickly sensation over your skin. if you experience that, remove your suit or get cooled off quickly. But honestly, unless you are in 90+ F heat or under direct sunlight in black rubber, you will probably not overheat.