Friday, March 14, 2008

Rubber smoke

I do not think I realized just how badly latex absorbs cigarette smoke until yesterday. Sir has taken me to Dublin for a few days and we had a very nice dinner party with friends here the other night in their gorgeous home.

But last night as we were walking back to our hotel we passed through a crowd of people hanging outside a pub, puffing away. This is always a bit of a problem for me in burqa (I was in my red one last night) because the smoke drifts up under the hem and collects for a while in the burqa itself.

Last night it was so bad (and Sir apologized later for not noticing them as we walked or he would have crossed the street) the smoke could be seen exiting through the mesh of my burqa. Fortunately for me, I was in a fully sealed hood with lenses and nose tubes leading to a 10L rebreather bag filled so I did not get much of the odor.

But when we got back to the hotel, I had to wash the stink from my burqa and my dress twice before it cleared out. There was just so much (and some of it cigar) that it had absorbed into the latex horribly. I even had to wash Sir's catsuit and slacks, it had seeped into them that quickly.

I know some of you enjoy a smoking fetish, but I must say that is absolutely NOT on my list of pleasures or kinks!!!

And yes, we did get some comments, rude ones, from the yobos in front of the pub, but Sir just took my arm through the burqa and walked us on through. we were not exposed to the smoke or the commentary for more than 15 second...but the smoke stayed with us much longer!

Fortunately, today, things smelled better as I packed. I am in my blue burqa this morning and comfortably shielded from the world (even the smokey one).



Alison Lockt said...

I sympathise and resently had a funny moment in Sienna.

Keep posting.

alphaxanon said...

Ah, the problems that come with water and air proof clothing! I've been playing with rebreather bags myself and I'm wondering how you had yours set up to keep the smoke out, yet were able to breathe all the way back to your hotel.

Did you have some sort of valve to keep the inflowing air to a minimum, or was it a closed system with the 10 liter bag being filled to begin with?

Thanks for your posts, I think that it's wonderful to read about somebody living their dream.

gummitaucher said...

Dear Lady,

maybe you should consider wearing a closed-ciccuit-rebreather which let´s you breath independent from the surrounding air.

best regards

Anonymous said...

Lady, a suggestion would be to use an ordinary respirator aka gas mask. I don't know how it could be modified to keep you silent, but as long as it's fitted with a HEPA filter (nowadays called P-100 back here in the US) it should keep the smoke out of your lungs, as well as face if it's a full-face version. If you get one with the organic vapor cartridge attached as well (really just active charcoal) it'll keep out everything that's not a particle as well such as rotting beer, ashtrays, and, of course, any other pollution. And the breathing resistance on inhalation I think you'd like.

This is my first time posting on your blog, but I've responded to you on the Yahoo groups before. Hope this helps!


Latex Lady said...

Thank you all for your kind comments and suggestions. I do wear a respirator sometimes, but they do not look good under the burqa and Sir often prefers me to have a smoother, less technical look beneath the veil.

Alphaxanon, I have worn sealed re-breathers...I can last about 5 minutes on a 10L bag, and i wish I'd had mine sealed. But that night my RB was not sealed. It was opene slightly at the tip so I was able to keep most of the smell out. We were in the cloud so quickly, though, that some came through.

Usually, when I have a big bag like that it is fully valved and Sir opens it for me as I run out of fresh enough air and begin to suffer distress.

Anonymous said...

You got a very bad cigarette odor just by walking past a few persons smoking outside of a pub?

Please, give us a break.

veiled wife said...

Hello latex lady, good to hear from you again. I wear cloth burqas, you can imagine how much they absorb cigarette smoke etc! We visited friends who smoke at home recently & my veils & clothes all retained the smell for hours after!
All the best
veiled wife

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