Saturday, March 01, 2008

Stormy Weather

It has been very stormy here in Ireland for the past two months. Great rubber weather and sir and I have bene taking advantage of it.

There is something amazingly exciting about wandering the hills near our home in blowing rain and even sleet and hail while sheathed in multiple layers of latex. Sir had me wear a slew of layers last week while we went out.

I know many of my readers enjoy full descriptions of my attire when we have our special sessions, so please read on and I shall try to be as precise as I can.

I was put into a thin transparent full body skinsuit with a silencing hood with no mouthole that even covered my eyes with lenses, so I was completely cut off from the environment. Breathing tubes issued from the hood, permamnently attached, and these would ultimately be fed to an aroma casket that i wore slung on my back.

Before that, however, another catsuit, with hood, gloves and feet, similar to the first, was stretched over me. This suit is white and also has no mouthhole. Sir has become very adamant about me being silenced most of the time, even in and around the house. This is perfectly acceptable to me because I have found that as I grow older and more involved with my submissive nature, more comfortable with my desire for objectification and submission, I find less and less need for speech and more and more desire to exist for longer periods with a gagged mouth filled with latex plugs, dildos, or, my favorite, sheaths.

My third layer last weekend was a long, tight skirt and corset, in black, with distinct bondage and hobbling traits. The skirt is ankle length and very tight providing me with a very short stride. Sir likes me to wear it around the house as he enjoys my hobbled gate. The corset is long and covers my breasts, completing yet another layer. Sir cinched it down comfortably tight over all the rubber layers. and I pulled on another

Over all this, sir had me wear a long full skirted black rubber dress. its waist and bodice were quite tight over the layers and corset, but it fits well and felt very strange with the hobble skirt underneath acting as a restraining slip. A third hood and neck corset was fastened over this and the breathig tubes, fed through ech hood's airholes, were connected to a smalla roma casket slung from my back.

With that (and a third pair of gloves) I was ready for our little jaunt. Sir had me wear my white burqa over all this and we went out walking. The wind and rain were tremendoous and the senasations as my layers fluttered in the wind were astonishingly exciting. I wasn't cold...the heavy and too insulating for that.

The hoods severely limited my sight and of course there was no direct contact between me and the outside world, not even on my eyes. The aroma casket filtered all my air and I can honestly say that i could not smell anything of the sea or the fileds we were walking by.

We wandered along the coast for a while, saw several people who must have been startled by this vision in fluttering white latex, bits of black showing underneath as the wind whipped my rubber garments back and forth. The slithering of rubber on rubber, coupled with the immense restriction of my hobble skirt, made every step a challenge. It took us a good 10 minutes to walk even one block.
finally, we stepped into a small italian restaurant for Sir to have lunch. i sat quietly as sir ate and, yes, we did attract several stares, but no comments. of course, with three moouthless hoods and no feeding tube, i could not eat or drink, but i was quite comfortable for the time we were there.

Once we made our way back to the car, a slow walk wit me so completely hobbled, we headed home. I removed my burqa, but kept the rest of the outfit on for several hours at sir's requirment.

So that was our weekend. I hope my readers enjoyed my description as much as I did my experience.



FallenAngel said...

Haven't these winds been awful! Between that and the earthquake (which I was practically on top of), I'm starting to wonder if someone up there has it in for me!

Anyway, the experience of being totally insulated from your environment (especially one as intense as that) is intriguing...

It's good to see a new post here, I for one was wondering where you'd got to :)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again Lady. These have been two very quiet months and at the height of the rubbering season, I would have thought!

The multilayered walk sounds like pure ecstasy and the breathing apparatus is almost perfection. I have fantasised about taking a lady while she has a very similar "uniform on, but my changes to your own are that the bottom catsuit has rubber insert appendages going into the mouth and clitoris and there are absolutely no eyeholes at al. Also, the colour is black throughout.

The breathing apparatus is almost identical to yours insofar as starting with the first layer of the rubber dressing but the difference is that the tubes enter a rubber bag, meaning that the lady is smelling only rubber. Like you she is only breathing through the nose.

Unlike your walk with sir, my fantasy starts with a catsuit that zips at the rear from the neck to the waist - this being the only opening of any kind - and continues with a second and third black catsuit, both of which have only the nose holes for the breathing tubes and crotch and mouth holes for the sexual play that is to follow.

Being a lover myself of total enclosure and also a dominant sort, the fantasy continues with my female partner's upper body and head being strapped to a wooden framework and leaving her legs to be bent upwards and over her strapped upper body so that she is waiting to be taken while completely immobilised and breathing the rubber aroma from her breather bag while totally cocooned in this fantasy fetish material of ours.

I hope you can identify enthusiastically with the idea!

As always,

SanderO said...

I don't see how you are able to move with a tight bust to ankle corset except standing erect and talking the tiniest of steps while being supported by someone else. How can you even sit down?

Alison (blogspot), who has a very long bondage corset reports that she is only able to stand up and is completely immobilized by wearing the garment.

You use the word "silenced" by your mouthless hoods implying that you would be chattering on all the time. I think that these devices create a different physical and psychological focus on the mouth,and lips which are full of nerves. This is evidenced by how babies are so attached to sucking and playing with the mouths.

Having experience wearing multiple layers of tight catsuits, I can say that it becomes increasingly difficult to move about and the compression can become almost painful. You do reach a point of diminishing returns where the compression is past the point of offering a pleasing sensation.

What is of concern is that when you are in such restrictive bondage you are unable to communicate (the point). But if some unforeseen problem arose, your inability to communicate anything about it would appear to be your normal state and no one could see a problem. It would be invisible! When your entire body is so isolated anyone around could have no indication of your well being except to observe your breathing in your chest if that were even possible.

A man recently went into coma and almost died when he was put in severe and enclosing bondage in a NYC pro dom dungeon.

She didn't observe anything "unexpected" and he, obviously had no ability to communicate. He recovered, and swore off that sort of extreme play.

It sounds like you are pushing past the limit of sensible behavior. Think about and be careful.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,

Thanks once again for a further vignette of your amazing lifestyle. Somehow I find this entry more fascinating and powerful than your descriptions of your fun times with your friends; I think it has to do with the demostration of your commitment to full enclosure and isolation and your obvious reliance on, and total submission to, Sir in such public situations. I find your attraction to objectifcation and submission totally remarkable and admirable, as there is such a great apparent sacrifice involved in turning yourself into this "other", positively non-human being. Do you see it that way? If so, I am sure you must see benefits far greater than the apparent sacrifice in order to push further in your metamorphosis. I would love to know what you hope for as you continue down your path.

As you venture deeper into this transformation, subsuming your own ego and being to become the rubbered object that Sir so obviously desires, I suspect it must become more difficult to "surface" and blog about it, as this surely requires a will and motivation to perform an act which is in itself a product of your own thoughts and emotions, things that you are working to let go of? I presume Sir already decides when you blog and on what subject, but other than fulfilling his wishes, do you find any benefit in continuing to share snippets of your life with us? Do they, for example, aid you and motivate you to redouble your efforts to push further into this alternative lifestyle of yours? I really hope you can share some answers to these questions.

Also, on a far more practical and immediate note upon this last entry, what footwear were you inserted into for your outing? I presume, due to your severely hobbled stride, Sir is always careful to excercise you on flat, level ground?

Warmest wishes,


Latex Lady said...

I did not mean to give the impression that the corset i was wearing was ankle length. It is a normal length, just over the hips corset, but long enough to completely cover my breasts and serve as a top. It was worn, in this case, over a separate ankle length hobble skirt. I was quite able to sit although I had to, as usual, keep my back very straight (as a lady should). I am wearing the same cxorset today and sitting here typing comfortably, my posture ram rod straight, but very well supported.

I do not believe the term 'silenced' implies that I am in any sense a chatterbox - heaven forbid. I use that term as opposed to 'gagged' to just add a little color to my writing and to evoke a sense of the fact that my quietude is as much psychologically imposed as physically. when ungagged or unsilenced, I am still a relatively quiet person, not given to speaking loud or long. My Silencing Hoods (Sir's term) are mouthless, but do not have builtin gags. They are tight enough across my mouth, particularly when they are the second or third hood installed over my face and head, that speech is cut off. Hoewever, the lack of a mouthfilling baloon or plug (or dildo) leaves one with the sense that speech MIGHT be possible, but should NOT be attempted...the silencing is psychological as well as physical. I hope this is clear.

With respect to movement, becaue my skin suits are very thin and I was only wearing two of them, under my clothing, I was quite flexible stil. My arms were free under the burqa and if anything arose, Sir and i have a set of signals worked out for me to communicate my distress. The gentleman in NYC who passed out was probably overheating, somethign we are acutely aware of in my layers, but a benefit of being so encased in multi-layered latex in Ireland, on the hils and beaches, is that it is VERY windy and cold; heat is drained away quite quick;ly leaving one with a perfect sense of tempeature.

You, Dark, often caution me or become concerned at the level of extremeity Sir and I practice in our lifestyle. Pray tell me, what SHOULD I do? Where SHOULD I draw the line? Are two layers ok, but 3 too many? I appreciate your concern, but some of the fun of this fetish is pushing boundaries, seeing how much one can endure and how much endurance can be transmogriphied into pleasure.

Anon: my breathng tubes also entered a rubber bag of sorts, a rubber formed aroma casket slung on my back. Holes in its sides drew in and expelled air across a mound of latex made up from rubber gloves, stockings, and other things. This reinforced the rubber aroma that was drifting over me as I moved and prevented me from smelling anything else.


Latex Lady said...

Anon. Regarding your second comment: I am very glad the blog entries resonate with your own impressions and experiences. I try to convey, with passive voice and somewhat depersonalized phrasing, that I DO seek and achive a sense of objectification in our little pleasures. Your choice of terms is quite good. i was INSTALLED into a pair of latex black knee high boots with 4 inch heels for this adventure. Difficult to walk in with the hobble, but I am used to it and we were mostly on flat ground when i was actually promenading about.

Sir does direct me from time to time to blog on something specific, but seldom when and most of this is still left up to my inclinations. It is hard sometmes to force myself to sit here, in fairly severe restriction, and type a blog post or comments. I spent several consecutive days last month doing nothing...that is i rose, dressed, and sat all day meditating, thinking, BEING in as restrained and isolated and sensory deprived a state as we could conjure up that was still reasonably safe. These times are amazingly exciting, calming, arousing, comforting, and many other seemingly contradictory things at once. A very Zen stae, I believe. coming out of that and forcing myself to sit here and write a blog can be challenging.

Also, I had some computer problems last month that did not get cleared up until the middle of the month :)
I will continue to describe what i think of as my descent into total submissive and objectivised status, my plunge to the depths of my own being to emerge as a transcended being, without ego, identity, or mind in the normal human sense. To BE a new form of being draped in latex, a material that itself encourages the relinquishment of humanity for a different state of being.

Hope you readers enjoy the ride :)


Anonymous said...

Dear LatexLady,

Of course we look forward to your continuing story. Can you expand on this: "I spent several consecutive days last month doing nothing...that is i rose, dressed, and sat all day meditating, thinking, BEING in as restrained and isolated and sensory deprived a state as we could conjure up that was still reasonably safe."

How were you restrained?

What is your typical day like now?

Rubberjohn said...

Dear Latex Lady
Thank you very much for your courage to achieve such a journey with lucidity, enthousiasm and deep determination. Event if it might be difficult to understand this will to become a rubberized submissive object , this deserves respect. Some of us are leaving such an experience into rubber, I consider I have this chance even if I can't go so far regarding the constraints of social life. But I recognize this deep desire, I accept this fate with intense pleasure and I am seeking to go further without any limitation. So I don't blame you, I can only envy you and warmly congratulate both of you for the courage to live that together and for the gift you share with us in writing this blog.

SanderO said...

What occurs to me is that the idea of being a rubber enclosed person/object has to driven by the qualities of the material. It IS different from lycra which be equally tight, enclosing, worn in layers, etc. Rubber does seal one off the environment a bit more as liquids cannot penetrate the enclosure. But it does have interest "heat" properties unlike other textiles.

What seems to be going on is that the only senses left are a bit of sight, and some hearing and sense of temperature, the former two allow information about the environment to enter the mind of the enclosed and of course the distorted sense of "touch".

I can understand that someone might want such isolation, but not that they would want to do that to a partner because at some point the person enclosed is so removed from the environment that they're not there any more.



gummitaucher said...

Dear latexlady,

thank you for your latest account.

I would also like to hear more about your meditating-outfit.

take care

Rubberjohn said...

Dear Lady
You never mention in your blog latex inflatables. I am suprised because I personaly find in inflatables, mainly hood and rubber bag, the kind of "objectivization" you are looking for. Inside an inflatable rubber bag, silenced by the breathing tube, nobody can tell what is inside ! I can spend hours in my bag with no communicaton at all, no sense of still being a living person. I loose sens of time, I can't move or communicate ( I have a grumbling signal with my mistress for security), I am floating somewhere between dream and reality. And this is precisely what I am looking for as a rubber slave : depersonalization. I am sure you have tried it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Latex Lady!!
Sorry fro my English...
I'm an Italian woman and i love latex.
I want buy Latex sheets for my home, for my bed.
But is ok that i buy latex sheets for my daughter?

Latex Lady said...

Anonymous: An unexpected question, I must say. First, I certainly applaud your buying latex sheets for yourself if that is what you like. I love ours 9sheets and duvet) and they are wonderfully practical and enjoyable at the same time. With respect to your daughter, I would say that the answer is the same as you would apply if you were asking if your daughter's bed should have satin sheets versus percale. How old is your daughter? Rubber sheets are very practical, but they do send a message of sensuality as well. Is your daughter mature enough for that?

If your wish is to raise your daughter to the notion of living a rubber life, then this makes sense but would need to include rubber clothing for her as well to desensitize her from the exotic nature of latex. That is, to make rubber the perfectly normal thing she wears all the time so there is no special connotation to it. As an example, chinese wealthy wore satin from their earliest age, so there was little 'specialness' to them in the feel, look, or properties of satin. it was just the normal thing they always wore. We wear so much silk now that it is inexpensive that we and our children have little appreciation for how rare and exotic it was only 30 years ago.

The same would be true for latex in your daughter's life. There was a compani in Canada many years ago that made children's clothes in rubber so they could be raised in latex by fetish friendly parents. Skirts, skating dresses, tops, jeans, all sized for adolescents and pre-adolescents in beautiful bright colors. Thei ads even advocated getting latex street clothes for your children whicle getting fetishistic clothing for yourself.

If she is old enough to be sexual then you must understand that there will be a sexual or at least a sensual connotation to latex sheets, just as there would for satin or leather. If it is your intent to encourage this then a purchase makes sense.

Virtually everything we do when raising our children ultimately shows up in their sexual lives because people are intensely sexual even as children. My son was used to me dressing in latex skirts and blouses all through his life and considers rubber a perfectly natural street fabric. I do not know if he and his g/f sleep on latex or not. He did not when he was living at home. He does now when he visits because all our beds now have rubber sheets for the comfort of our friends. I DO keep some old percale sheets for when non-ruberist relatives visit.

Rubber is also airtight and if your daughter is young enough this could be very I must ask old is she and what are your intentions with respect to her rearing by buying latex sheets for her bed?

But for yourself, please go for the rubber sheets if you like them...they are lovely, sensual, delightful, and comfortable.


Anonymous said...

Dear Latex Lady
Thank you very much for your response
My name is Irene, an european latex fetishist, and my daughter Erika is 15y.o.
I would buy latex sheets for her bed because I believe that she's a latex fetishist.
I think she's a latex fetishist because at school, during the hours of microbiology lab, she should wear clinical latex gloves
Erika says: " the feeling of latex on my skin is wonderful "
I think that she would be happy to living in a rubber life, and I would like to help, and perhaps the latex sheets are a first step
Sorry for my English...

Querthe said...

Anonimo, sarei interessato a fare due chiacchiere con te. Sono anche io un feticista della gomma e sempre contento di rare nuove amicizie ed eventualmente scambiare consigli.
Scrivimi pure liberamente a

Dear Latexlady, sorry for the post half in italian, half in english, but I don't know any other way to contact the italian woman that wrote to you, so I dared to use your space. In case I offended you, I beg your pardon.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

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