Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Pope's Speech

J in San Jose has commented below with the link to the pope's actual speech. it is

As J says, it is quite academic although very readable, and discusses the role of reason in faith. The reference to the byzantine emperor was, indeed, merely hisorical and taken completely out of context by the press and presumably by others who used the quote to start a controversy.

This is a fine example of the dangers of a non-analytical, attention deficit press who are more interested in finding and reporting a controversy than in educaing and informing the public. Nowhere have I heard any coverage of WHO first took umbrage at the statement, HOW it propogated from the pope's presentation to the world outside the university, whether there was a a deliberate desire to fan flames of controversy or if it was accidentally misunderstood by someone, etc, effect, the press has completely abdicated itself worldwide of any responsibility for informing the public of the underlying reality and has decided, rather, to merely pander to the controversy by 'truthfully' mentioning that there is a controversy.

I recommend everyone read the speech...I do NOT agree with much of it, but it is informative about Benedict's mindset and can provide insights into what we can expect from the Vatican over the next few years.

This question of reason and faith should be examined by religious leaders of all faiths and specific statements about its validity made. If reason is considered anathema to faith by a particular religion then just knowing this can aid in attempts to communicate and coexist even though the points of view may be divergent.


Day to Day

Nothing too amazing to report this month. We went out to the far west of Ireland into the Connemara region last week. Beautiful mountains and very rocky shores.

Had a nice experience in the town of Castlebar where I met a very nice woman in a shop and we talked for about twenty minutes. I have had no problems with being covered in public. The woman I was talking with thought my red rubber burqa was quite nice and very useful in thewindy wet weather we had that day.

I am a bit concerned right now over these reports about the Pope's comments. I suspect the actual event has been completely misrepresented by the news media since I have been unable to gather the context in which he quoted a 14th century emperor.

The news media, even when carefully told what the speech was about, insisted on using the most negative terms and connotations without ever delving into the actual text of the speech beyond the one quote.

I would say, of course, that without more information it is impossible to understand what he was trying to convey.

Today we are off to do a bit of shopping and siteseeing at some nearby museums, then a movie later I will wear my white burqaa with the hood and be silent for the day. Sir does not expect any issues from the current tension. The people here in Ireland are quite rational and very accepting.

The white burqa is becoming my favorite. The sensuous feel of having the hood pulled tight across my face, zipped shut and then locked on with a collar (something new he has started recently) is just amazing. Then, when he drapes the burqa over me, cutting my vision even further, I shiver in excitement.

I've worn my black burqa a bit, but frankly it has become less my favorite over time. Sir is talking about having a blue one made now with a straightjacket leotard built in. \this would have a hood and body suit through the crotch along with arms that were wrapped around and bound in back to provide full restriction. I can only imagine what wandering around in such a garment will feel like.

The rest of our latex lifestyle continues. When at home I am wearing rubber all the time as is Sir. he has taken to wearing a full catsuit under his street clothes most of the time. At home he is wearing his 'alien' suit as I call it quite often as well.

So, we are settled in our new life and I am having plenty of fun while we afre here. I shall write again later and hope everyone is well.