Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Pope's Speech

J in San Jose has commented below with the link to the pope's actual speech. it is

As J says, it is quite academic although very readable, and discusses the role of reason in faith. The reference to the byzantine emperor was, indeed, merely hisorical and taken completely out of context by the press and presumably by others who used the quote to start a controversy.

This is a fine example of the dangers of a non-analytical, attention deficit press who are more interested in finding and reporting a controversy than in educaing and informing the public. Nowhere have I heard any coverage of WHO first took umbrage at the statement, HOW it propogated from the pope's presentation to the world outside the university, whether there was a a deliberate desire to fan flames of controversy or if it was accidentally misunderstood by someone, etc, effect, the press has completely abdicated itself worldwide of any responsibility for informing the public of the underlying reality and has decided, rather, to merely pander to the controversy by 'truthfully' mentioning that there is a controversy.

I recommend everyone read the speech...I do NOT agree with much of it, but it is informative about Benedict's mindset and can provide insights into what we can expect from the Vatican over the next few years.

This question of reason and faith should be examined by religious leaders of all faiths and specific statements about its validity made. If reason is considered anathema to faith by a particular religion then just knowing this can aid in attempts to communicate and coexist even though the points of view may be divergent.



dutchbloke said...

no matter what religious side you choose, each side both christian or muslim preach that they are open to other believings, but sadly thats only nice words, in real life extreme devotees of both sides are only trying to crush the other side and benefit themselves, religion has been the cause of 90 percent of all cruel wars since centuries, nothing has changed, it s still the same thing

lslv said...

Dear Latex Lady
I have always been fascinated that you comment on religious issues in a very thoughtful way as well as your rubbery insights. Recently I have just read Elise Sutton on Female Domination and although considerable elements of it are not "us - the two of us", we were interested that she went to some efforts to reconcile her lifestyle with Christian faith. It is not something you often find in Fem Domme writing. I think she more or less succeeded so long as you approach Christianity in a liberal vein. A biblical perspective is pretty well stuck with male domination as far as I can see. However the Bible or Christianity have very little to say about rubber! Well, what a surprise. However as a bonding material in relationship rubber seems pretty effective and ought therefore to get some sort of thumbs up as a marriage aid!. Your blog is always worth checking up. Noted that on IAR recently the is she real is she not debate re-surfaced. Oh, what the hell, does it matter? I suppose it does a bit. But whoever you are, you do write with conviction and informed interest. If it ever really bugged you (and I guess it does'nt) you could always arrange to meet an interested third party off IAR to verify your reality whilst undertaking to preserve your anonymity. Here's to one of the best blogs I check back on. All the best from lslv