Sunday, October 01, 2006

Impressions in Latex

The smooth folds of my dress engulf me and enfold me in a soft latex embrace. The black, full length dress floats around me as I twirl in front of my mirror.

Next, the gloves...I pull elbow length gloves up my arms and under the sleeves of my dress. \they are very tight and i stare at the black shiny hands as I flex my fingers.

After that, my boots...knee high with slender heels 4 inches tall. the rubber they are made from is shiny and slick, thicker than my dress rubber.

Lastly, my hood. I pull it on, its wide, open eyes and mouth fitting nicely over my face and lips. I reach back to zip it down, but suddenly I feel sir's hands pulling the edges of the hood together and zipping tightly into my soft black headgear.

Finally, we are ready to depart. This means I have to put the white burqa with its integrated hood on. First I turn the burqa inside out, revealing the hood. then i put it over my black hood and smooth it into place. The perforated eyes fall into place, the nose holes line up with the ones in the inner hood and the closed mouth area slips into place over my lips, covering them in tight white latex.

Sir drapes the bulk of the burqa over my face and begins to pull the edges of the zio together. He slowly slodes the zipper down from the crown of the hood to its base. The tightness of the hood over my mouth is astounding. It surprises me everytime i wear it. It will settle in just a little while and be most comfortable, but I am always amazed at how effective a gag just a thin piece of latex stretched over my mouth is.

I lift and drape the burqa over my head, positioning its perforated panel over my hood's eyes. I can see and I check that I can breathe comfrotably, then signal to Sir that I am ready.

As we walk out of the house, I catch site of myself in our hallway mirror. The soft white folds of my burqa swirl as I turn and the mesh over my face adds mystery to the look. I feel my gloved hands and the press of hoods aainst my face and know that i am safe and secure, submissive and obedient...and happy.

here are a couple of new pictures since everyone wanted to see the inside hood.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos and the sensuous writing.

Fred said...

You Look lovely lady in white now I know what you look like when dressed in white.. In addition you look a rubber bride dressed in white nice, safe,and secure from the outer world.

Latex Lady said...

Thank you for the kind comments. I thought folks would appreciate a bit of explication on how I feel as I dress and then cover myself for venturing into the world. I must confess, it does excite me as all the latex flows over me and the loose folds float about me.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I get excited even if I just read it. :) Sometimes I wonder how could it be inside, covered and hidden, but anyway, imagining is fabulous enough..


Dark said...

Lovely diary and the pictures speak volumes. Are you lonely in Ireland... away from family and maid?

Can we assume that Sir's health has returned? Hope so!

Looking forward to new entries in your diary.

unit1421 said...

Very lovely, dear. This unit is still required to work in public life by its current owner, but the results it has acheived with building Mr. ECR into a singularly world class men's rubber event and the launch of Miss Rubber World/Rubber Ball New York to grow the world rubber family and fight the "disney-fication" of New York City have been satisfactory to him thus far. This unit lives a 24/7 life of obedience and service as well, but not yet kept in latex for that long. Perhaps when my owner is ready for this unit to leave public life after ensuring the continuance and expansion of the rubber scene into the hands of a new generation, he will sell me off to service a House as lovely and fully devoted as yours. Being a mindless cum producing and now rubber event producing machine does not mean not having a heart; it is beating joyously for you.

-unit 1421

dutchbloke said...

its lovely to read AND visualise at same time your proces how you dress up. it s such joy to see the new pics , please continue because it s the ultimate joy for me said...

Fantastic costume ! You are still in an inspiration and I just hope that you continue to share your feelings with us.

Onij said...

wow, very nice and lovely mam.

Anonymous said...

Dear Madame,

Thank you so much for your lucid and tender prose. May I ask who made your burqa? I feel the need for such a garment.

With kindest regards,


Latex Lady said...

Thank you for your comments

My burqas are made by Peter Leth in denmark who can be reached at and who has a website at

Peter does exquisite tailoring in vinyl and latex


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering, if you wear a Burqa then why have a hood inside? Not meaning to be offensive. It looks good.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lady,

I am not sure what to say!

My wife and I are on a journey into latex but we are not really sure were to start. We have had our first "outdoor experience" at aparty and I am searching for more information on the life style. Then I found your blog! I am speachless. However I am reading as fast as I can and trying to take in all of what you and you mate have found over the years.