Sunday, February 01, 2009

Busy days

Well it has been a busy few days

Sir returned form a long trip to the US and annoounced that we are going to be moving back to the US very soon. His business here in Ireland is sufferieng from the recession just as everyone else is and he feels it is more advantageous for himself to work from the US even while leaving his developers here.

So we will be going back to our house in Dallas soon for a relatively long time. however, Sir thinks wew may keep our house here in Ireland as well.

Nothing much on the fetish front. I spend most of my days in the house, going out very little. Sir has been wearing his full enclosure suits a lot around the house and has had me wearing my new white tube suit a fair amount.

Many people have asked about my suit and where it came from. Sir tells me the base suit is from Simon O but he had friends add the catheters afterwards. It is lovely and fits like a dream. I have spent up to three days straight in it without removing it while Sir was travelling. It is an experience to be treasured.

The red blouse he gave me has a nice high collar with a little band around it to make it even tighter. I love how it fits smoothly over my hoods. and it blends very nicely with my red rubber skirt. It is a bit different from the one I have from Peter Leth, but the color matches his skirt very well.

I've been wearing my hobble skirts a, black, and white sometimes. They are very nice, but I would like to see one with a walking pleat instead of just the zipped hems. I have been doing some research on 50's fashions and the popular mid calf ankle skirts were just great looking. In rubber they would be incredibly sexy. Also, those incredible 50's bras which gave such definition to the breast. Of course, we get that same thing now from rubber corsets with overbust design.

We've not had any opportunity for meeting with friends since Christmas, but I expect we will have later after we get back to the US.

I guess that's all for now

Will write again later