Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What a day!
Sir and I arrived at the airport for our flight to the US about 3 hours ahead of departure only to find the flight was delayed by an hour. The line of people checking in wrapped nearly all the way around the line of ticket agents booths and the wait for economy class checkin was at least 2 hours. These airlines are absolutely ridiculous about how they check people in.

Fortunately, the first class check in was much shorter and we only had to stand in line about 20 minutes. The airport was incredibly busy, but we managed to get the process out of the way fairly quickly. For international checkin I have to ask for a female checker and we retire to a private room where I raise my burqa and show her my face. I wear an open faced hood that looks very much like one of the new 'sport hijabs' that are being sold so devout girls can participate in sports at schools.

I was not alone in being veiled and having to go through these procedures, however. I saw at least a dozen niqabis and three more burqas going through the security lines with me. I was the only one in a 'rubber rain burqa', but they were there.

Today I am travelling in white which means the white burqa with its builtin hood. Usually I leave the interior hood off when I wear the white for travelling until after the security inspection, or put it on backwards and unzipped just to hold it and the burqa in place. But I am in a restless and somewhat mischievious mood today, so I decided to go ahead and wear the hood this morning, sealing my face beneath two layers of latex and my head under three.

I find I am wanting to be 'OUT' more and more with regard to my rubberization. I recognize that we can't quite go out hooded and gagged in public yet, that the burqa is still a socially necessary garment to cover the fact that I am in rubber encasement and silencing enclosure, but I do like the idea of more people knowing that I am in head to toe rubber benath my burqa. Put it down to latent exhibitionism.

I would probably still wear the burqa anyway because there is no more beautiful and useful garment to my way of thinking. It swirls dramatically, drapes mysteriously, warms me and protects me from the outer world.

Thus, when I had to lift my burqa to show my face, the security checker got a long look at my totally rubbered face, pepperpot eyes and mouthless face. Those of you who were with me on camera in yahoo chat last night will recall that face when I lifted the burqa for your viewing pleasure :)

She was astounded at first and about to get touchy about seeing my face when I reached up and unzipped the hood and slid it off showing her my naked face peering out of the smooth whiteness of my open faced hood, all hair hidden beneath rubber that covers my forehead, my ears, and my chin and neck like a nun's white rubber wimple. At that she calmed down, but asked what the hood was all about.

I explained that my husband and I believed women should be fully covered in public and this was our way. She shook her head but stamped my boarding pass as 'DOCS OK' and told me to get dressed. As she watched, I slid the excessively tight burqa hood back over my face and head, pulling it into total enclosing shape with one white gloved hand while groping for the zipper with the other. I always have trouble with that zipper and was about to ask her to pull it down for me to seal me in and gag me properly when it slipped down perfectly and I was once again properly sealed away. I let out a relieved breath which made the nostril holes flutter and took a moment to adjust the position and fit of the silencing hood properly so I could see her clearly through the pepperpot eyes. I then slowly draped the burqa over my rubbered face, watching her reaction. She was fascinated, but I have to say it was fascination in something she did not care for. Ah well, different strokes and all that.

I should describe my ensemble for travelling today. I am in a white latex dress with leg of mutton sleeves that are very tight from just above the elbow to the wrist. These are covering opera length white rubber gloves so the tightness over my arms is incredible. The skirt of this dress is ankle length and quite tight and hobbles my steps effectively. I usually wear loose dresses to travel in, but Sir has been insisting on more restriction in my dress and pencil skirts are back in. Of course, most designers are not thinking about this much 'pencil' :)

I am corseted, of course, in a matching white rubber corset and stockings which are held up under the dress by the corset suspenders. White latex knee boots with 5 inch spike heels that zip up the back complete the picture.

The dress has a high collar but is very plain and unadorned. However, there are contrasting coloured ruffles in black at the throat and wrists.

I wear a matching hood which covers the entire face and has fairly small eye cutouts and an exceedingly small mouth. I can barely speak even with just this and eating is through a straw. The hood zips down the back and the neck of the hood fits under the collar of the dress so my head appears to be floating on a wave of black ruffled rubber.

The flight was bumpy and not very comfortable, but I just sat strapped in my seat and slept andread a bit. There wwas one of the niqabis I had seen in the airport up in firstclass and I nodded at another who went back into coach as we were boarding. We veiled ladies are becoming as common as dirt! :)

We've landed and made it back through customs into the US. Our connecting flight has been cancelled, though, and we are waiting for a later one. So we have just come from a light dinner...liquid for me, and I am very tired. I'll write more later.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dinner in Dublin

Well that previous post certainly prompted some nice comments. That is what I particularly enjoy; when many of you comment and ask questions or engage me in conversation about the motivations and mechanisms of rubber life.

Recently, Sir took me out to dinner in Dublin with our Swiss friends Kermit and Anne-Marie. They had found a very nice little restaurant, not far off Henry Street that was fetish friendly. We all went out, dressed for the evening, in latex.

The men were both in black catsuits with gloves and feet and slacks and blazers over that all in lovely latex. They each wore a rubber trenchcoat as well which I just love. Trench coat styling in shiny, intimidating black rubber is gorgeous.

Anne-Marie was in a dark blue rubber evening gown over a slate grey catsuit complete with hood and gloves. The dress has the new elbow length sleeves, loose, so her gloved arms came out in the current style of long gloves into short sleeves. Her jacket over all that matched her catsuit and also had the short sleeves. Very stylish looking. I never got around to asking where it was from though.

I was in my white burqa with its hood over a white gown with a matching neck corset with hood integrated. So I actually had two hoods on under the burqa. I was in white rubber thigh boots as well and a white corset. But Sir had already told me I would be allowed to remove the burqa since I was hooded underneath and we were in a private room with close friends. This is how we usually are when K & A visit us or we them.

The maitre d' showed us to a private dining room in the back of the restaurant where we had a lovely surprise. A young girl waited, dressed totally in rubber and rubber hooded, to serve us dinner. I was amazed. She couldn't have been more than about 20, very petite, in a black and white rubber french maid's costume with full gloves, stockings, high heels, corset and hood. She stood by the wall as the maitre d' showed us the dining room and asked to take our coats and be seated. The maid came over and helped me remove my burqa, waiting as I unzipped the inner hood and extracted my slickly covered head. I had the chance to look her over carefully, particularly her hooded face, as she accepted my burqa.

Her hood was totally enclosing and smooth, with no mouth or nose openings. The eyes were mirror lenses, reflecting my own rubbered image back at me. The hood made her look totally alien, animatronic, unhuman as she held my burqa, then helped me sit. She went around the table seating the others and then hung our coats and cloaks on a rack in the corner.

She then went to Kermit and Sir and helped them put on full face hoods. Kermit's was a wonderfully fitted inflatable with ribs to force the pressure back onto his face and head but which still had an open mouth so he could eat. She zipped it down in back and then inflated it precisely. Sir and Anne-Marie and I were in more traditional hoods with open mouths and eyes. I was the only one with a restrictive neck corset built in, however.

Kermit explained. The maid is there new live in rubber maid. They arranged for her to be our waitress in the restaurant that evening and had her show up an hour early to be sure the room and our dinner was in order. We did not have to order as dinner was a fixed menu. It was also delightful. A roasted fish and light vegetables, very continental, served with a delicious slightly sweet white wine. Dessert was a chocolate gateau that was to die for.

We chatted while we ate, the maid moving around the table serving us and keeping our wineglasses filled. She was in ballet boots which made it wonderful to watch her walk and I must confess, I was aroused tremendously by her gracefulness and slick rubbered beauty.

Anne-Marie explained that her hood had no nose holes because tubes in it run from her nose to the back of her neck and she was breathing through small holes there. when I looked I could see them.

Apparently they met her in Austria at a party about a year ago and had several meetings with her and scenes and they were all so compatible that K & A decided to have her become a full time possession. She agreed and dropped out of university and moved to their house in Zurich.

They travel extensively and will be meeting us in Dallas at Christmas. She will accompany them. This all is wonderful but makes me a little sad. I miss maid. Perhaps we can arrange to meet her and her wife when we are in the US.

We had a lovely dinner and some D/s fun as well, K&A demonstrating the submissiveness of their maid (whom they called Laurel). She and I were brought together and had a lovely time submitting to our dominant friends for about an hour after dessert.

Ultimately it was time to head for our hotel. K & A had arranged a limo for the five of us, and we summoned the maitre d' and put on our coats. Laurel helped me with my burqa and reached inside it to pull my hood tightly over my head and then zip it closed, silencing me for the rest of the evening.

We passed out through the nearly empty restaurant, the men in heavy latex trench coats, Anne-Marie in her jacket, me in the burqa and the maid in a short transparent rubber coat that covered and showed her maid's uniform at the same time. All of us were still hooded.

Yes, that caused quite a lot of staring, but the late diners were merely surprised by our outlandish looks. We piled into the waiting car and headed back to the hotel. The men removed their hoods before we arrived (hooded men are much more threatening than hooded women) and we went upstairs to our respective suites. Anne-Marie kissed me lovingly through my burqa and hood before we parted and promised to see us again in Texas.

So that was our lovely dinner in Dublin. Now I am off packing to travel to the US. We will meet the three of them again soon and I am looking forward to a wonderful rubbery Christmas in our home in Dallas. Seven rubber fetishists (our son and his cute little g/f are coming too) living for a week in our home will be tremendous fun.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Blogging from the Train

As I write I am actually on the train to dublin. Sir and I are going there for the day as he has a meeting and I have Christmas shopping to do. I am sitting across from a very shy young man in a suit who keeps eyeing me in my bright red rubber burqa and staring at my hands (in red rubber gloves, of course) as I type.

I must confess, I am giggling a bit under my burqa. But I am wearing a very nice gagging hood so no sound emerges.

This ability to access the web while on the train is wonderful. The signal is good and the speed is quite acceptable for text and small images. We were served a nice breakfast just after we boarded...no, I did not eat, but Sir did...i will be fed later in our hotel room.

I am looking forward to shopping. I plan to take the LUAS to DunDrum, the large covered shopping mall here.

Sitting on the train in red rubber is always fun. The huge folds of the burqa have to be wrapped around me to fit in these narrow seats as this is an old first class carriage, not the newer one with only three seats in a row. This burqa has arm slits for my hands...a fact that is not lost on the young man sittin gstaring at me furtively. I am all in red under the burqa and am a bit restrained in that my arms are secured to my body just above the elbow so i have very limited range of motion. I am also wearing a favorite neck corset (fully integrated with the hood) today which severely limits my ability to move my head. for those of you who are always interested, my knee boots are 5 inch spike heeled red rubber as well. My dress is ankle length but full skirted so i am wearing about 20 yards of ruber and it weighs about 40 pounds all told. The hood/corset is number two over a thin transparent one (part of my usual skinsuit) that fully covers my face and mouth as well...no speech for Lady today! the sleeves of the dress are very tight and end in gloves that barely fit over the clear ones of the suit...so my fingers are nearly numb as i try to type this. Abslutely wonderful feelings.

I was asked recently about how i felt in normal materials, not rubber. and I have to say that on the few occassions over the past two years when I have felt ordicnary cloth, even satin made from silk felt rough. Cotton and polyesters are terrible once your skin has become addicted to latex. Mine is very smooth and white now and almost anything touchng it is an irritant. PVC and leather are notable exceptions, but the back side of leather it too rough.

Even being without a hood or gloves as I am around the house on occassion makes me uncomfortable. I no longer even notice a hood unles it is missing and I find myself unconciously slipping one or two on during the day only to discover that I have gagged myself when it is dinnertime and I must change.

I've been wearing more ankle length tight hobble skirts lately as sir has upped the level of restraint i live in day to day. This limits my steps, but, because my heels are so high, often ballet height, i am still able to walk in very tiny steps. Someone asked about that ... small steps are easier to take when you are very close to being en pointe and thus higher heels and vamps are beter when your stride is limited to 6 inches by the hem of your skirt.

Sir is reading over my shoulder and nodding.

I twill be a lot of fun to wander DunDrum again by myself covered in red rubber. people just sort of part like the waters of the red sea to let me pass.I have to get clothes for our son and books for Sir and somehting for my sister and parents. I am thinking about a portrait.

More later

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Cold and Rainy Sunday

The wind is incredible this morning. It was yesterday as well. One minute the sky is clear and the next a huge cloud bank has moved in from the bay and the rain is blasting down or blasting sideways. yesterday we went out for a while and it was fantastic! My burqa swept around me and only the fact that it was tightly attached to the bultin gag hood kept its latex viewing mesh aligned with my perforated eyeholes.

My arms were bound to my sides by the inside zips of my new suit. The zippers extend from under my armpits to the wrists on the inside of the sleeves and from the armpit down the side of my suit to below the waitline. thsi allows my arms to be zipped to my sides either to the elbow which leaves me with a little mobility or all the way to the wrist which means i can't even bend over at the waist much less move my arms. I have to stand, rigidly straight like one of the irsh dancers Sir admires. I look like a little rubber covered doll fresh from the plastics factory.

Sir had only zipped me to the elbow so I had a bit of mobility, but not much. I held the inside folds of my burqa tightly as it whipped about. The feel around my face of three layers of latex (skinsuuit, hooded dress, and burqa gagging hood) was incfredible as the wind caused it to press and then suck away from my face and body.

Latex flows so wonderfully as I walk and try to make my way against the wind. It slides over my body so sensually and the sense of the rubber protecting me and caressign me simulataneously is just fantastic.

Our trip back from the US was simple and comfortable. We passed through security and at heathrow i almost felt completely at home as I saw many veiled and niqab wearing women. I was hardly remarkable at all except that my veiling was soft shiny flowing white rubber instead of the satin and cotton around me.

I think we'll go out for a walk in the mountains today. Perfect weather for it.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Travel, Thanksgiving, and New Clothes

Wow, here it is Thanksgiving already and I realized I had not posted in a month and a half.

First, Sir and I are travelling in the US again, heading ofr hs family for thanksgiving. We have been travelling about for about a week now and it has been fun.

second, I have some new clothes to describe and a couple of new adventures

Third, happy Thanksgiving to everyone...if your country doesn't have a Thanksgiving holiday, you should get one! They are wonderful!

We had no problems travelling this week. I wore an all white ankle length dress (latex) and white boots, gloves, and open faced hood. Over that, my white burqa with builtin gagging hood. The dress is straight, but not so tight as to make it ard to walk. I'll get to THAT outfir in a moment.

At security we asked for a private check as usual and, for the first time ever, received a bit of pushback. The security checkpoint had no women working that morning. however, Sir persisted, explaining that I had to have a female check me. Finally, after a few minutes, the man acceded and they went to find a female. I hated to cause a scene, but Sir was adamant.

When she arrived and escorted me into a private room, I reached up and unzipped and removed the hood with its pepperpot eyes and no mouht while still under the burqa. It slides easily over the white open faced hood underneath because it was sprayed with a silicone lubricant beforehand.

I pulled the burqa up and tossed it over my shoulders and showed my face to the woman who checke it against my passport. She was polite, but not completely happy with being called away from something else to give me a private check. I thought she was about to be further inconvenienced since there were three saudi women in full niqab in line behind Sir and i. This , btw, was at a UK airport. The Irish airports are always easy and friendly and properly staffed.

She nodded to me and told me i could go. I pulled the burqa back over my head, adjusted it so i coule see and then pulled the inner enclosure hood over my face as was proper. But, with my two pairs of gloves on i could not get the zip to go down propoerly. I fiddled with it a bit then decided I would leave it til later.

Sir met me at the door when i came out and he could tell I was having trouble with my hood. He asked if I couldn't get it zipped and I nodded. He then trned me around and in front of everyon eon the line reacehd up under the back of my burqa, grabbed both sides of my gagging enclosure hood and with a great yank, pulled it down and closed across my head. The he zipped it down with a very fast, forceful motionand the sound of the zip was clearly heard over the silence of the people in line. They were silenetly staring at this man, yanking something UNDER his wife's burqa and did not know what was going on.

I thought I was going to faint! I didn't know why (still don't) but something about watching all those travellers stare at my rubber swathed form as he zipped me into properly silenced encasement was most erotic. I felt like I was truly ready for some very special sex. My knees trembled and I swear I nearly came from the impact it had on me.

A moment later he dropped my burqa, patted me on the back of the head and we stepped through the metal detector. The moment passed and I could breathe again. But I felt like he had just taken me from behind in front of all those people...what a rush!

Now onto the new clothes
I have a new, straight, tight, blue latex skirt that is very tight and falls to just below my knees. A true hobble skirt in best 50's style. It limits my steps to about 3 inches and is incredibly difficult to walk in but easier when I am wearing skyscraper heels or my favorite ballet boots.
But the trick is that it has a zipper at the back which unzis upward about 8 inches to reveal a kick pleat. No slit, and i am still encircled by latex, but walking is a little easier now. all depending on Sir's whim, of course.

I also have a new all black evening gown, ankle length and completely hobbling with a six inch diameter at the ankle. Long sleeved, with attached gloves and a full enclosure hood with no mouth or nose holes and only a pair of small holes for vision. breathing is through two tubes which run out of my nostrils, under my jaw line and to the back of my neck where they exit through two small holes in the rear.

The ankle hem of this dress is like the skirt with a zipper that opens a kick pleat so walking is easier, but always restricted and difficult.

Finally, I have a new blue rubber burqa made by a friend. it looks very similar to my white one but inside it has a blue rubber dress, ankle length like the black one above with total enclosure hood, attached gloves. In addition, the hood has a builtin inflatable gag and, of course, no mouth. The eyes are pepperpot as is the burqa's mesh.

Lastly, this dress has a very interesting feature. Heavy duty zippers are attached from the elbow to the underarm. These allow Sir to zip my arms tight to my body leaving me virtually no freedom of arm movement. and the zippers are of such a type that my arms can be bent behind my back and zipped together. This is the most restritive piece of clothing I have ever seen! I can barely walk in it, cannot move my arms, have limited vision and total silencing. it is absolutely wonderful.

well, our flight is being called so i must go now. more later


Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Lazy Sunday

I am not sure why, but the pleasure is intense today. Perhaps it is because Sir and I are having such a good day. I awoke this morning and slipped into a gleaming white rubber skinsuit that covers me head to toe. It hugs me completely, gloving my hands and hooding my head and face. The eyes are open although the mouth is closed and I am silenced. Over this my usual corset and boots went smoothly and tightly. These were the white rubber knee boots and white corset I usually wear with my white dresses.

Then, over all that, I put on a long, loose black dress with a very tight waist and full skirt. The white gloves emerging from the black sleeves, and my white, shiny, hooded head issuing from the high, black neckline looks lovely and very bizarre when I glance in the mirror. The hood is very tight as is the bodice, reminding me of my feminitity and my rubberization at the same time.

The fun thing today is that Sir is dressed almost identically...he is also in a white skinsuit beneath his black latex priest's cassock. This is the first time in a long time he has felt good enough to wear a hood with no mouth for a long period. He is breathing normally and without distress even when we engage in strenuous and fun activities :)

We've had a very nice day and even went out earlier. I draped myself in the hugely voluminous latex folds of my white burqa, and he pulled the second hood, the one in the burqa, most tightly against my face to the point I lost feeling in my cheeks and forehead. Sir pulled on slacks, shirt and a pair of gloves over his skinsuit and took the hood off and tucked it under his trench coat.

We walked along the road near our home. It was windy and raining , but we were both fully protected. I was, in particular, virtually untouched by the weather, noticing only the tension and restriction of my 3+ layers of warm, soft rubber.

Once we returned home, Sir had me kneel in the center of our living room while he resealed himself completely, including the cassock, then removed my burqa and its built-in hood, and verified I was still sealed and silent. He and I spent a busy and pleasurable afternoon in our play room and now, as I write this, are resting, watching tv and reading on a Sunday afternoon, still sealed and silenced.

It is so good to have him back, feeling well and energetic. And there is soemthing very erotic about having both of us dressed in almost identical, totally enclosing, restrictively silencing rubber.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yes, I am still here

I wanted to finally take a moment to make a new entry in this blog. It has been months, I know, since I wrote anything significant. I am not sure this will be very significant, but the number of comments and emails I've had asking me to write again make it imperative I explain what's been going on.

First, Sir has been working his way trough another bout of pneumonia since early June. He's had to go in the hospital twice and has been recouperating at home in between. It is terrible seeing him so weak and distressed and I have just not had the heart to write about it or any energy to think about our lifestyle as I've been busy caring for him.

Thankfully, he is now on the mend. He's had to undergo some terrible therapy to cure this particular form of pneumonia, but is doing much better and we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. There has been no permanent damage to his lungs and he has actually begun to talk about diving again next summer.

Secondly, I wanted to thank everyone for their comments and concerns. I appreciated the thoughts greatly as did Sir.

Finally, I know several people have seen the article in Bizarre magazine with a photo of me in my red burqa. Wonderful little write-up and a much larger photo than I ever expected them to print. I hope their readers enjoy it.

Obviously, we've done very little travel or adventuring recently with Sir so ill and weak. I have remained constant in my costuming, wearing latex around the house and, indeed, Sir has taken much comfort from wearing some of his catsuits as the pressure of the latex made his breathing feel more comfortable.

For myself, I have been experimenting with tighter and tighter facial coverings and neck braces, when I can, just as a way of affirming my own tendencies toward submitting to the discipline of both latex enclosure and of submission to Sir. I shall write more about the sensations of mulitple hooding over my face and of living for several days in a neck corset at a later entry. It has been a small bit of entertainment and distraction as I've been attending to Sir. He appreciates the bizareness of it too.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Much Anticipated Bag Blog

Everyone wants to know about my new bag so here is the entry you've been craving.

The bag was made by someone in the US...I do not know by whom, but I think it may be from San Francisco. It is quite severe and has several interesting features which make it wonderful for long term enclosure and restriction.

First, it is very much like wearing a long tight rubber dress. Internally, there is an inflatable sheath skirt the legs go into and this skirt tapers towards the feet and hobbles the legs quite effectively. But, there is plenty of room for my feet and I never have any problem with numbness or pain from them.

Next, there are internal sleeves. These also inflate separately. When I am put into it, my arms go down long sleeves which are bound to the side and just a little bit behind me...I have to throw my chest out and pull my shoulders back to get into it and once it's inflated I am held that way.

The sleeves end in gloves.

The hood is fully externalized. That is, it rises out of the shoulders of the bag and, in fact, Sir puts a posture colar around my neck on the outside of the bag. The hood is very special and I shall get to it in a moment.

Inflation can be in stages as there are multple bladders. The legs can be inflated first which immobilizes them, then the chest can be inflated until breathing is cut off and the subject suffocates from the pressure. Finally, the hood can be inflated.
All inflation connections are at the back of the bag at the feet and tubes carry the air to the different bladders. This makes for a very smooth appearance.

Reinforced attachements at shoulder and hip form a supension harness which makes it possible for me to be suspended from the ceiling during the entire ordeal of inflation and encasement for long periods...so far up to 18 hours.

As the hood is inflated, it is assymetric. While the entire hood is double skinned and inflates, this establishes equal pressure all over my face. But a second inflation is possible which inflaes a bladder or pillow behind my head. This pushes my face into the front of the hood. As it does so, the eyeholes and breathing holes at nose and mouth close up so that the more that bladder is inflated, the more I am pushed into a wall of already infalted latex, the more I suffer restricted breathing.

This is the most erotic thing I have experienced in a long time. As he inflates my chest, Sir is usually careful to not over compress me. Of course by that time my legs are numb already from their bladder. If he has over inflated my chest, my breasts are crushed (more so if I am corseted) and I can barely breath anyway. Then, as he inflates my head, my world compresses into a tunnel which ultimately irises shut and seals me in an impenetrable, unbreathable encasement. My climaxes are legendary, let me assure you.

So that is the new bag. I am put into it usually once a week and have spent as much as 18 hours in it at a single stretch so far...suspended from our ceiling with him suffocating me periodically to generate orgasms.

When I am released it is the most relaxed and lethargic I can recall ever being.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Some More Easter Dressing Details

Well, back in Ireland again and having fun in the rain. Actually, it rained every day in May until about the 25th and it has been pretty since then.

Everyone has been asking about my new the bag which Sir gave me while we were in the US. I thought I would explain a bit about it and how it makes me feel. But first an update on fashions and toys. And some more detail on our visit at Easter with Sir’s family

As I have written earlier on the fact that we visited Sir’s family, I thought I would go into much more detail about how I was dressed and the impressions I both had and made at Easter when I attended Mass and we had dinner with the family. I hope this recap is not boring to my regular readers.

We visited Sir’s sister in Texas for Easter and it was freezing and rain…very strange weather for that time of year. Sirs sister and family know about our lifestyle and, while still somewhat taken aback, they accept us well and make us welcome.

They are Catholic and Sir and I agreed to attend Easter Sunday mass with them. Sir wore his best black latex catsuit under a white rubber shirt and black latex slacks. The catsuit makes him stand taller and slimmer and the slacks look very nice on him.

I wore white. Because it was cold I wore a total enclosure white catsuit with gloves, hood, and feet. The suit’s hood is similar to my burqa’s hood; pepper pot eyes and no mouth., very tightly zipped over my head.

Over the catsuit I wore white stockings, suspended from a white corset and white knee high rubber boots with 5 inch heels. The corset is a very smooth affair, flaring over my hips and Sir laced it tighter than usual. It has bra cups which inflate both inward and outward, crushing my own breasts under the catsuit but filling out my apparent figure quite attractively. And it fits like a dream. However, the sensation of my breasts being crushed under its relentless pressure is only tolerable for a short time; no more than 36 hours or so.

Then my favourite white dress. It has a very tight bodice, (which receives wonderful attention from the tightly inflated corset cups), extra tight sleeves and a very high tight collar. The waist nips perfectly over the corset and the ankle length skirt flairs almost as much as my burqa. The whole dress uses about 8 yards of rubber and swirls very dramatically when I twirl. It weighs over 10 pounds!

The sleeves are so tight they limit my flexion at the elbow…or rather encourage me to limit it because they bite a bit at the elbow, particular when worn over the catsuit sleeves which are tight themselves. Over these, Sir insisted on a second pair of elbow length, very small gloves to insure I had very little feeling in my hands.

The dress can be belted and Sir decided to use a restraint belt for the day. This belts around my waist, buckling smoothly in back, and has two cuffs for the upper part of my arms, just above the elbows. The result, of course, is severely limited use of my arms and hands. He drew the cuffs extra tight as well, resulting in numbness very quickly. It isn’t enough to be dangerous, but the whole day I felt like my hands were asleep and they were useless for grasping anything…his intent, of course.

Finally, it was time for my burqa. Since I would be in public I was to be burqa’d in the white rubber one for the day (actually, I had to wear one at all times at his sisters anyway, except when alone with him in our hotel room). He draped it over me and ulled its bultin hood tightly over my face, numbing that too, and zipping it tightly closed over my mouth and face. He unzipped my dress a bit an inserted the burqa hood under the dress collar, then zipped mye up again to insure that neck movement was limited.

But then he added a matching white posture collar to hold my head high and rigidly looking forward! Iwas not expecting that since he usually does not do so for me going out in public under the veiling garment. But, seeing this was Easter, he felt I should be asa formal and limited as possible to guarantee my sensations of submission.

So, in the end I was encased fully in three skin tight layers of latex for the day, then tented with a fourth; catsuit, corset and stockings, dress, and burqa. And two hoods and two pairs of gloves, with arms restrained to my sides above the elbows and no way to utter a sound. My breasts were crushed tantalizingly into my chest and breathing was something I did very shallowly.

Of course with the hoods I had extremely limited vision since there were three interfering sets of perforations between my eyes and the world; the catsuit hood with its pepper pot eyes, the burqa’s built in hood with its same style eyes, and the burqa’s perforated mesh as well.

So all in all, I was incredibly restrained and limited in my scope of existence and sensation for Easter. Sir said he felt it was appropriate that for attending a religious sevice like a Mass, I be reminded of how insignificant my own desires and inclinations are…that the bondage would make me aware of the larger issues in things.

I mostly just felt incredibly aroused!

I was led out of our hotel suite and we stood in the blowing freezing wind and rain for about 5 minutes waiting for our car to be brought round. The hotel staff stared, of course, but a very nice young girl in the rather elaborate hotel door uniform (would be lovely in latex) walked up to the car and held the door for me as if she did so for burqa’d guests everyday. Getting into the car might have been an issue, but Sir held my hand through the burqa, and I have long since worked out the best way for a woman in a huge flowing rubber garment to sit and swivel into a bucket seat.

Sir reached over me and fastened my seatbelt (I certainly could not) and I sat rigid and upright, still and ivory, looking like nothing so much as a motionless, gleaming statue of white marble, carved in an almost Grecian style, the rubber flowing out from the crown of my head down and over the car seat like alabaster.

My vision blurred and swirled as we drove, the world taking on a strange, out of focus and bleary appearance. All colours were muted by the heavy rain and even more so by the moiré patterns before my eyes.

Everything smelled of latex, the tiny holes in the two skin-tight hoods making my breath loud in my ears. There was very little else to listen too, Sir being quiet as he drove us to his sister’s to meet before Mass. I settled into my seat and clasped my hands together under the veil. Truth be told, I wound up rubbing myself slowly, just to enjoy the feeling,

When we arrived it was even worse weather than when we set out. Sir handed me out of the car and we walked down the drive to the house. The wind was viciously cold and as most of you know, latex rapidly loses its temperature, particularly when it is tight against the body.. The burqa, however, forms an airspace around the wearer and it kept me reasonably warm. Sir was actually shivering in his jacket, shirt, and catsuit more than I was.

His sister greeted us warmly, giving me a hug and even a kiss on my rubbered cheek. Of course, our ‘straight’ relatives do not typically know how much latex I wear beneath the burqa, but there was no way she could mistake what she felt under the burqa for bare skin, I think. Nonetheless, she acted as if she was completely sanguine with me, my apparel, and my silence.

We did not linger at her house long, but bundled ourselves back into cars and followed her and her husband to the church. There, all 7 of us piled into a pew and I sat and silently watched as Mass proceeded. I did not rise and fall as is usual in Mass, but kept my seat. Nor did I take communion., obviously.

After Mass we met the priest for a moment who was gracious if a bit nonplussed by a white burqa in hi church. I did shake his hand and Sir explained that I did not speak in public. He took it in stride and invited me back again.

Back at the house I was told I could change into my red burqa and a hood with a mouth so I could eat Easter dinner with the rest of the family. I changed into a red dress and hood and came out in my red burqa. I was allowed to chat with my sister-in-law as well as I ate small bites of Easter dinner.

I shall write more later on the new bag…its hood can be inflated in such a way as to slowly suffocate me in a most erotic manner…but more on that later.


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Heading Home

We are finally heading home. First we travel to chicago where Sir has a lunch meeting, then we fly home to Ireland tomorrow. I am waiting now to board the aircraft. This is the second time I have had to have TWO women check my identity ina private room. I was wearing my red burqa with a red open faced hood when we checked in and asked for private screening. We were politely accomodated, but for the second time here in the US i had two women come in and ask me to show my face.

No problems, though. I removed the burqa and answered their questions as they checked my photograph against my face. They were quite friendly and professional though.

Of course, Sir and I both had to have the full wanding search afterwards, but we are used to that. Sir has taken to wearing his latex when we fly as well...slacks, t-shirt, and blazer. So far no one has ever asked about the fact that it is rubber.

As usual, after we cleared security, I went into the ladies' room and put on a more severe hood for the actual flight after we got through security. I was wearing a redrubber ensemble consisting of long full dress, stockings, boots, and gloves with the red open faced hood and red burqa (that's the one without a builtin hood). the dress has a high collar with a ruffle and the necks of the hoods fit under that giving it a smooth appearance and resisting me when I turn my head.

I went into the restroom and swapped the open faced hood for a black full faced hood with sheath gag, then pulled the open faced one back over that. the black one is quite nice, very tight, and has open eyes, but a condom that fills my mouth preventing speech. The open faced hood is actually a half mask as it has a low forehead and also covers my chin and mouth up to my nose. I had to pull it down a bit for the security folks. It looks a bit like this picture I found on the web (this is NOT me) ... I shall try to get one of me and one in the black/red combination too.

Tomorrow I am told that I will fly with the white burqa and its built-in hood. Not sure how we'll get through security and passport control, but I presume Sir has a plan.

We are about to board so I must close for now. I shall write more this evening after we land. I am looking forward to a long relaxing flight, swathed in all my rubber and tightly buckled into my seat. It is so nice to sit for hours, sleeping or reading or drifting away in meditation, covered completely in yards and yards of sft ruber, restricted and tightly encased as well as being enjoyably gagged while we fly across the country.

more later

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A month in the States

Well, it has been a most busy month. I apologize to all who have been asking for more posting. All I can offer as an excuse is that not only was I busy and quite tied up most of the time, we were also out of internet access for a while.

We are in San Francisco for a few days now before heading home to Ireland. It has been very busy, with trips to a few unusual places as Sir has been doing business. Today, however, has been sightseeing with visits to the SFMOMA and the DeYoung museum. Very nice they are too...the Picaso exhibit is first rate.

In the month we have been here we have visited Texas, our old home, spent Easter with Sir's family (I went to Easter Mass in my white burqa!), passed through Denver, LA (saw our son and his G/F) and now SF.

We return home later this week...it will be a relief.

We have ben so busy and getting in so late that I've not had time or energy to blog. But here are some highlights

Easter -- We were with Sir's family and we all went to Easter Morning Mass (they are staunch catholics) on Sunday. I wore pure white (catsuit, dress, gloves, boots, hood, burqa) and Sir wore black slacks, white shirt, and black blazer (all latex). He talked about wearing his rubber cassock but we decided that might be too much!

While we are non-believers, we can still appreciate the ritual and solemnity of a good Mass and this was very well done. We (all 7 of us) occupied a full pew and I was next to Sir on one end. Yes, I prompted many stares, but people settled into their seats and into the routine as soon as Mass started. We were introduced to the pastor who was most gracious, if a bit confused by having a white burqa'd lady at his Easter mass. However, he took no offense and Sir congratulated him on the turnout and the sermon.

I was, of course, silenced by the built-in hood, but I shook his hand and he seemed OK. perhaps he thought i was a potential convert! :-)

Easter dinner was quite nice with a few friends of Sir's sister over as well. We had a baked ham and a Turkey and I was allowed to change into my red burqa so I could eat with a plate under my veil. the family is quite used to me, if still a bit confused by my lifestyle choice. The friends had been prepped and I was allowed to speak as well, so we had a nice chat.

In Denver we were only there a day and I was on my own wandering Boulder's streets and shops. Again, I was stared at, but did some shopping and made some purchases with no problems. That evening at dinner we ate at a restaurant inside an old bank vault with some colleagues of Sir. It is always interesting when I am introduced to colleagues of his as they typically don't know what to say or do. I always offer a rubber gloved hand for shaking (or kissing as a few of the men do) and then seat myself to Sir's left. On occassion, i am able to sit on the floor or kneel next to him which i truly prefer to do...the reaction from some of his stodgy colleagues is precious. That evening at dinner I was allowed to kneel next to him...most fun.

Reactions from women are also intriguing since many are shocked and some offended by public displays of servitude (PDSs?. Men seem to adjust more readily to me, but they do have trouble keeping their eyes off me when I am sitting or kneeling next to Sir. Women, on the other hand, usually either take one look and look away, or settle in and chat with me (if i can chat).

I actually enjoy kneeling next to Sir for an hour or two chatting with the wife of one of his colleagues about Ireland, sewing, teaching, the latest books, whatever, while nibbling on my dinner under the cover of rubber. It is a bit of an art to keep everything accessible and manage my burqa, my plate, my hands, etc.

In Los angeles, we met with our son and his g/f and went out shopping at a large fetish store, then to dinner. She was in a lovely white rubber sleeveless jacket, VERY short white rubber skirt, white rubber over the knee stockings, and short wrist length gloves. It is another of her anime character costumes in latex. She also wore a catsuit under it which has an open faced hood. The catsuit is light blue.

Son and Sir both wore black rubber cassocks and I was in white burqa, gagged for the evening. We went to a lovely Italian restaurant where I had to sit and watch them eat since I cannot do so in the white burqa.

Later, in the hotel room, Sir demonstrated the new total enclosure body bag he got for me with sleeves on the inside and a hood with only one small breathing hole at the nose and an inflatable inner hood with gag. There are no eyes, of course.

Our son showed off Wei in a heavily laced rubber catsuit which has quilted rubber padding on the shoulders, back, breasts, shoulders, elbows, thighs and knees and is very thick.

His g/f loves being laced into it amazingly tightly. She can barely move when fully encased. Then he pulled out a heavy leather hood and put it over her head. It has a latex inner hood with inflatable gag and laces tight in back. She told me later that she is now up to 10 hours in the suit and hood and can even sleep in it. She was always envious of my ability to be rubbered 24/7.

Then this week we've been in SF. I shall write more about that later. We met some old friends here and I've been rather incommunicado for the last several days while Annemarie used me for boudoir furniture!


So we've had

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Travelling Again

Just to let everyone know, we've been travelling again, this time in the US. That is why I have been offline somewhat for the past few weeks.

Really, we've just been so busy that I have not had the opportunity to blog our experiences lately. I shall try to do so in a leter post, but since I have been receiving comments from many of you about my abscnece (and thank you all for your kind thoughts) I felt I had best let everyone know that we are still out here in the info-ether

I shall endeavour to catch up on blogging soon as we've had quite a nice Easter visiting Sir's family and are now in Silicon Valley for a few weeks.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Impressions in Latex II

The loose folds surround and contain me. The rubber is loose, soft, rustling, yet restaining and constricting at the same time. My breath is all I hear under the layers of hoods, the tubes fitted neatly into my nose and mouth, the pressure of inflation sealng all within.

I can't feel my hands or fingers anymore. The gloves are so tight and my arms are gone, lost, disappeared into the smooth tight shiny carapace of thick latex, zipped up and locked to my collar behind my back. My arms have been in such tight red rubber, the third layer, for so long and bound so tightly behind me that they have ceased to exist. Sir has kept me in this pose so long I cease to feel human, I feel disconnected, unattached and disjointed.

My torso and my breasts are tightly bound in layers of latex, pressurized and constraining, breath hard to find. My head held tightly by the collar, my legs held tightly together by the narrow hobble skirt that falls to just below my knees. Rubber boots tight to the calf, with very high spike heels, come to my knees, covering the rest of my legs. The tubes dangling from beneath my skirt fill my orifices. The collection bag is attahced to my right thigh, its bands constricting and cutting off the blood flow slightly. The plugs and the wires Sir has put in me make me tingle and shudder. The plugs both vibrate and electrify me.

As I stand before him, swathed in yards and yards of rubber, both tightly constrained and flowingly loose, restrained to the point of numbness yet free to feel myself soar with pleasure, as I stand before him, I lose myself, sinking, drowning in the rubber he drapes over me. No longer human, unable to eat, feel, move, see, taste, or even hear beyond the sound of my own breath moving in and out of the tubes I am dependent on. I cease to be...I am become latex... I am the smooth, shiny, elastic integuement...I am the tubes, the bag, the inflation, the gag, the plugs...I am the rubber.

This is how I spent my weekend. When I was finally released this morning, I took over an hour to re-align myself with the reality of being merely dressed in lightweight rubber. I felt light headed, literally, without the pressure of an inflated hood worn for over 48 hours and my arms kept moving of their own accord for quite some time, no restraint, no restriction.


Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekend in London

We spent a lovely weekend in London, shopping and just relaxing as a late valentine's celebration.

Sir required me to pack nothing but red rubber..stockings, boots, corset, dresses, gloves, hoods. I brought three red dresses, one of which is in the accompanying picture. This is my red dress from peter leth.

Several people were concerned about me going out in a burqa in London. But let me say there were not only no problems, I fit in quite well, particulalry when we went to two fabric stores in Kilburn on the Edgeware road. I do believe that veiled and fully covered and gloved women were in the majority. I was not given a second glance.

But even in Mayfair and in Harrods I was hardly noticed. Dinner in a very nice restaurant the first night we arrived was, as always, interesting, but I ordered shrimp and scallops which always works as a meal I can eat beneath my burqa.

the hood I was wearing most of the time is very tight, laced in back and then a zipper over the lacing. It is quite thick and restrictive with a round hole over my mouth that I can just berley fit small bites of food through. Sir gagged me sometimes while wearing it, a small red ball gag that fits very neatly in the hole in the hood.

My red boots were a bit tiring to walk in as much as we did, but they look wonderfully sleek. The second dress I brought along is very tight and hobbling and the boots look wonderful under it.

We stopped at several bookstores (the IRISH do not appear to enjoy reading as much as we do if the number and size of bookstores are any measure). And I was able to acquire some lovely fabric inclufding some very fancy lycras with arabesques and a nice black vinyl that I will use to make my sister something kinky i think :)

Sir bought some Starbuck's coffee and other things he can't get here in the west of Ireland. We had a lovely time visiting some of the museums (but the Kylie Costume exhibit at the V & A is overhyped).

In the evenings, I was put into some very nice bondage Sir acquired at a store in islington. A new armbinder and a special harness for my torso and breasts...all pulled tightly over my full enclosure, fully occusive red rubber catsuit. The impact of all that latex is fantastic.

We had a loely suite with a private outdoor terrace which, had it been warmer, would have made for great breakfasts, but he says we will do that again in a few months...but sitting out, even in the cold, wearing three layers of latex was quite enjoyable.

Sir wore his slacks and a latex shirt most of the weekend...he brought three shirts and two pairs of slacks. And he wore a lovely black rubber rain cape that he got a couple years ago.

The flights were uneventful as was the drive to and from the airport. Nothing much going on there except having to show my face to a couple of security women. The usual protocols worked just fine...Sir asked for a private screening for me and they politely accomodated. Of course, given the number of niqabs, burqas, veils, and other fully enclosed women I saw at London airports, they must be very used to private screenings.

So we had a lovely time


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sunday - A Morning's Pleasure and an Afternoon's Delight

We went out driving over the weekend and had a nice little experience in a cafe in a city to the south of us here. Sunday morning i woke feeling very good and wanted to dress especially nice.

Our bed is made up, even here in Ireland, with latex sheets and duvet. they are very soft, very red, and very smooth andslinky when you are also wearing rubber under them. Sir and I wear rubber to bed, either a skinsuit or, for me, a catsuit. Sir usually weas a catsuit or a loose robe over latex underpants.

I slid out of the soft slinky bed and it was quite cold so i grabbed a rubber pegnoir as well and pulled it on as i went to dress. My bathroom is also my vanity so I spent quite a lot of time in their choosing just the right sunday outfit after my bath.

Sir seldom visits me in the bath and did not do so today. he uses a different one and we try to avoid geting in each other's way. Mine has several of my corsets and hoods and gloves in it, setup wheere I can get to them easily, so I do not have to coem out until i am comfortably covered and sealed if that is my goal (or his goal) for the day. nothing annoys more than dashing around looking for the other glove or where I put the lace down hood or missing a posture collar that i really want to wear.

Sunday I put on several layers to be more elaborate and a bit more extreme since I was in the mood to please him and myself. I bathed, then powderedand slid into a transparent grey skinsuit with gloves and hood and feet, then put on a standard red catsuit over that with no hood, hands or feet.

The corset came next and I pulled it as tight as I could, but Sir usually tightens it up more later. Then I choose my victorian walking skirt in red rubber. This skirt has a bustle sort of folded in and consists of yards of latex. very flowing and pretty, but designed to be quite restrictive for walking. Only small steps may be taken and while it appears to be loose, it is actually quite hobbing around the ankles.

I had on two layers of rubber so no stockings were required and I pulled on a pair of red rubber boots that come up over my knees like stockings. They have a four inch heel, spiked.

My blouse was designed to match the skirt. it is ver full, but actually quite tight and restricting, particularly around the neck and wrists. It is zipped on the side so I can do it and long enough t fully tuck into the skirt. It has a high ruffled collar and cuffs and leg of mutton sleeves, but with so much rubber on under it the fit is very tight.

Another pair of gloves, these red, and a red condom hood completed the ensemble. the hood has large eye cutouts so I can see clarly, but i was sucking on a rubber sheath all day long and my mouth would not close completely. Yes, I was in a real mood sunday!

The hood is one of my favorites. love the way it slides on over an inner hood, with such tightnes and a sensation of taking ownership of my face and head. I've cut my hair again recently so it is very short and does not get in the way of hooding at all.

So, properly dressed, i went out of the bath, downstairs to the kitchen and found Sir had dressed and was reading the paper. he was in a nice catsuit with a sheath over his equipment and slacks and shirt, all black latex, over that. We spent a half hour or so exploring ways in which his rubber fitted into my face...while he drank his coffee!

He had me remove the condom hood afterwards and we ate a light breakfast, then I put it back on and he said we were going out. It felt very odd to be chewing on a soft piece of toast 5 minutes after he had been fully inside my mouth, hard as a rock, while i gently chewed on him thorugh the latex...all with no taste of him, no sense of having touched him or been toouched...whcih of course, I had not actually been. The sense of pleasurs coupled with sensory deprivation, followed by the taste of toaast and jam was incredibly bizarre.

Then, of course, after a bit of tea, there was the taste of rubber again, filling my mouth, rippling across my palate, sliding into my throat. So nice and smooth after the coarseness of food. I almost wished he had fed me through the tube instead.

I slid my red burqa on and we went out for our drive. I shall write more of that in a bit, but just now i am being called and must go see to him. He's still in bed this morning and probably wants some attenttion...which I am properly hooded to give him.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thoughts on Dressing

It has been lovely here this last week..sun shining and much less windy. We went out walking today along some footpaths near our house, overlookign the ocean and enjoying the sunshine.

I was thinking about some of the comments DARK made to a recent post when Muslim Lady talked about her perusal of my early blogs. He gets very incensed about what he percieves as a fraud I perpetrate because I dress in a rubber burqa but am not Muslim. Now this whole issue of whether how I dress insults someone's religion is something I want to address a bit.

First, while SIR did tell a TSA agent ONCE that I was muslim and could not unveil in public, he no longer does so. He simply tells them that I cannot unveil in public without any reference to a religion. So, for the record, neither Sir nor I ever actively state that either of us are associated with any religion.

Now, the response to this is typically that I am allowing people to assume that i am a muslim even so because I wear a burqa. However, DARK made the comment that,

"I know some women who wear leather hoods, full face, and when asked give a "medical" excuse and even carry a letter from a doctor stating that they can't have their skin exposed for some medical reason. This is still a fraud in a sense, but I don't find it as offensive and "disrespectful" of a religion."

He was talking about how I COULD wear full ace masks in public if I just explained it when someone asked such as a policeman.

Now, I must ask, which is the greater 'fraud' or 'wrong'? To wear a garment I like and which I think is beautiful which is MOST commonly worn by memebrs of a particular religion or to carry a bogus 'excuse' written by a doctor to support a lie I would tell police that I had a skin condition which required me to wear a hood?

I contend that the second, active, fraud is more of a wrong than the first, passive one. And there are some other considerations.

Many of my Muslim contacts tell me that even if I have not said my Shahadah, dressing and acting as a muslim makes me one. Now I disagree...I do not believe you can become a member of a religion without actually believing in it. But the compliment to me is very kind of these women and men.

I also cannot recall any of my Muslim contacts telling me that I am insulting their religion by wearing a burqa; indeed most of the people who comment on it at all like the fact that I decide to veil completely, act and dress modestly, and submit to my husband. in fact, only people of other or no faith seem to be concerned about whether I am dressing appropriately or not.

Now, there is the question of what I am wearing. Is it even a burqa? And, of course, is it religious?

I COULD make the arguement that it is not even a burqa. It is, rather, a new garment that Sir has created which only slightly resembles a burqa. for example:

A burqa is not made of rubber, it is made silk or polyester
A burqa has a cap made of a cylinder of cloth with a disc of cloth on the top. My garment has a dome shaped top and no separate cap
A burqa does not have arm slits as my garment does
A burqa is not fully closed all around...typically it is open in front, has a long veil and often must be held shut by the wearer
A burqa has embroidered details around the cap and usually around the eye mesh. My garment is completely smooth.

So, I COULD argue that my garment is not a burqa and anyone who mistakes it for such is making the same mistake that one who mistakes a maid's uniform for a nurse's uniform has made or who mistakes a british nurse's uniform for a nun's habit (british hospital 'sisters' wore veils too but were not nuns)

However, I call it a burqa and I think of it as a burqa and I believe it is a burqa. But the 'no it's not' arguement could be made.

Finally, with respect to whether a non muslim woman should wear a burqa, it was an absolute requirement in Afghanistan under the Taliban that, for religious reasons, any woman should wear one. And, in some other muslim countries, non-muslim women must veil to the degree that other muslim women are required to do so. So wearing it can be interpreted as a sign of respect, not of disrespect. And finally, why should such concerns be limited only to the burqa...what if i wore a rubber shalwar khameez, or a rubber abaya...would that be 'better' or 'worse'

The whole arguement seems silly. What one wears neither defines one nor ones religion. How one acts does so.

Well, those are my red rubber burqa'd thoughts on the matter :-) i hope all my readers enjoy them. And just for the fun of it, here is another photo Sir said i could publish. I truly enjoy lazing around in these garments with their incredible sensuousness and lovely shine.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Day Trip Out

Sir took me down to Cork this week for a day of siteseeing while he was in business meetings. It is a lovely city, much larger than Galway, and the weather was reasonable for achange.

We drove down rather than fly. Stayed in a hotel overnight.

We walked out for dinner that evening and saw a bit of the city centre. It is quite nice and fairly large and has many shops, bars, and restaurants. We had a nice dinner in a restaurant near city centre. I had fish (Sir ordered) which I cut into small chunks and then ate beneath my red burqa. The waitress was visibly cakenaback by a red burqa'd woman sitting at the table, but did not say anything. Sir and I both find it beautiful to see me cut up my dinner with red rubber gloved hands, protruding through the arm slits in the red burqa, then to take a small plate under the burqa to eat in silence with him. The picture below with me sitting with my hand on the couch arm is my favorite from that group. I lov ethe look of my gloved hands and arms disappearing into the burqa.

Then the next morning, after breakfast, I went out looking around. I was wearing my white burqa with the silencing hood built in over a long black latex dress with full skirt. Rubber gloves, boots and corset, of course.

I sat with Sir during breakfast but did not eat or drink anything. had a cup of coffee earlier in the room, but Sir wanted me to join him for breakfast even though I could only sit silently across from him.

I walked out after he had left to his meeting. At the desk,as I was looking at the city map of attractions, museums, and churches to see, the receptionist, a very pretty red-headed Irish girl of about 22 asked me if I always had to wear a burqa. I could not speak, but I nodded to her and she asked if I liked it. I nodded again and then wrote her a note saying that I could notspeak to strangers, but that I DID like wearing my burqa because I believed I was supposed to. With that I left to go see the sites of Cork.

I went to the St. FinnBarres cathedral, an anglican cathedral. It is quite beautiful with many gargoyles. There was a small group of othertourists, and they certainly looked at me oddly, but they did not pay much attention to me.

Then I went off to the Cork Butter Museum but they were closed. Finally, I wandered back into city centre and went through the English Market which wouldhavebeen more interesting if I had been buying food. It was, nonetheless, intriguing.

I was not hassled or hindered in any way. Everyone I met was quite polite even though I was silent and enclosed. Viewingtheworld throughtwo layers of perforatedrubber is a bit difficult, but very peaceful as well. it started to rain while I was out and the patter of raindrops on the rubber was most loud, blocking many of the other noises. Of course my hearing is reduced anyway under the multiple layers of latex...three in this case with black dress hood, white burqa hood and white burqa.

I met Sir for a late lunch after that, me sitting silently as he ate a sandwich and drank a cup of coffee. He would feed me later, on our way back to Galway.

Then we headed back up to Galway and home. It was a very interesting day and I had quite a lot of fun, particularly the rain coming down on me as i walked the streets of Cork.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Photos

Sir has allowed me to post some new pictures. They are in my yahoo profile and my MySpace profile. here are a few as well

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Most Enjoyable Holiday

Well, the holiday season is almost over and I thought I should report on our adventures.

Sir has taken most of the last two weeks off and we've had our son and his g/f in from Los Angeles for a week for Christmas. It has been much fun.

We spent most of the time in the house, just relaxing. The weather was NOT conducive to outdoor travel or siteseeing, although we did take our son and g/f to Dublin for a day and then later to Limerick.

The Dublin museums were nice, particularly the Eileen Gray architecture and furniture exhibits. Limerick was a surprise. I had no idea it was so large and thriving. Quite a nice city.

Christmas was lovely with Sir giving me some new hoods (one inflatable) and a new dress. Yes, yes, I will post photos sometime soon. I gave him a lovely white TE catsuit. Our son gave me a nice pair of gloves and a new pair of rubber boots. We gave him a new pair of rubber trousers and a very cute little rubber anime outfit. I think I have mentioned before that she likes to do cosplay as anime characters. We all had a load of fun wandering Dublin in latex outfits one evening.

The weather was so intense one evening when we were back that Sir demonstrated the scene we played out a few weeks ago. I was once again lashed to the pole on our bedroom balcony and made to endure 4-60 mph winds while sealed and bound in multiple layers of latex. It was incredibly exciting, particularly knowing that our son and his g/f were watching. They went out into the yard in very heavy rubber suits and coats and watched sa I was turned into a figurehead again. My own reaction to Sir's gentle wrapping, securing, encasing and zipping of me into four layers of latex. Then, the sensations associated with the wind ripping at me as I was faced into it, bound to the pole and feeling the ping of stinging rain on my impermeable second skins. No pain, of course, only the knowledge that I was being reduced more and more to an object.

After we put them back on a plane for the US, we had another week to spend. We have not done much this week, but we have had several excursions into the countryside around our home. And then recently, I have been conversing with many women in the veiling groups about the pros and cons of veiling in public in different countries. It seems here in Ireland it is easy and accepted well. Unfortunatley, it is less so in other countries in Europe right now.

So our Christmas in Ireland has been most enjoyable (if a bit wetter than we might have wished for). I am having quite a number of lovely enclosed experiences, some in private and some in public. We are lookign at another trip back to the us soon too so that will be fun although it always has its challenges for someone travelling as I do.