Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Most Enjoyable Holiday

Well, the holiday season is almost over and I thought I should report on our adventures.

Sir has taken most of the last two weeks off and we've had our son and his g/f in from Los Angeles for a week for Christmas. It has been much fun.

We spent most of the time in the house, just relaxing. The weather was NOT conducive to outdoor travel or siteseeing, although we did take our son and g/f to Dublin for a day and then later to Limerick.

The Dublin museums were nice, particularly the Eileen Gray architecture and furniture exhibits. Limerick was a surprise. I had no idea it was so large and thriving. Quite a nice city.

Christmas was lovely with Sir giving me some new hoods (one inflatable) and a new dress. Yes, yes, I will post photos sometime soon. I gave him a lovely white TE catsuit. Our son gave me a nice pair of gloves and a new pair of rubber boots. We gave him a new pair of rubber trousers and a very cute little rubber anime outfit. I think I have mentioned before that she likes to do cosplay as anime characters. We all had a load of fun wandering Dublin in latex outfits one evening.

The weather was so intense one evening when we were back that Sir demonstrated the scene we played out a few weeks ago. I was once again lashed to the pole on our bedroom balcony and made to endure 4-60 mph winds while sealed and bound in multiple layers of latex. It was incredibly exciting, particularly knowing that our son and his g/f were watching. They went out into the yard in very heavy rubber suits and coats and watched sa I was turned into a figurehead again. My own reaction to Sir's gentle wrapping, securing, encasing and zipping of me into four layers of latex. Then, the sensations associated with the wind ripping at me as I was faced into it, bound to the pole and feeling the ping of stinging rain on my impermeable second skins. No pain, of course, only the knowledge that I was being reduced more and more to an object.

After we put them back on a plane for the US, we had another week to spend. We have not done much this week, but we have had several excursions into the countryside around our home. And then recently, I have been conversing with many women in the veiling groups about the pros and cons of veiling in public in different countries. It seems here in Ireland it is easy and accepted well. Unfortunatley, it is less so in other countries in Europe right now.

So our Christmas in Ireland has been most enjoyable (if a bit wetter than we might have wished for). I am having quite a number of lovely enclosed experiences, some in private and some in public. We are lookign at another trip back to the us soon too so that will be fun although it always has its challenges for someone travelling as I do.



unit1421 said...

When will you be allowed to update your yahoo profile and addd new pics? Your yahoo profile still shows San Jose as your location. We'd all love to see a pic of you and Sir together, too!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, sounds as if you and Sir had a good Christmas and what better way to start the year than being lashed to a pole exposed to the wind and rain. Love the thought of you being reduced more and more to an object.

TheThinMan said...

What, pray tell, is a rubber anime outfit?

subtletortion said...

JG leathers said i should come and read your diary as i have a blossoming interst in Latex and rubber. I am glad he did much to think about now. Thanks to Master and your self for sharing