Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dublin Shopping

We went to Dublin last weekend for some shopping. Wonderful time we had.

Sir had me in my red burqa on the train. red dress underneath with builtin hood and gloves. I wore a transparent skinsuit under that so I was in three layers for all the time on the train. Comfortably warm, but not too bad. This dress has a very slim skirt making walking a bit of a challenge, but mostly I just had to sit quietly.

I was gagged, of course, with an inflatable that strapped on under the dress' hood. the inflation bulb wentthrough the small mouthhole in the hood and dangled between my breasts for the trip, under the burqa. A waist belt with arm restraints completed my restriction so that my hands could not emerge from beneath the burqa.

Once more I was impressed by how much freedom the burqa provides. here i could be a bound and gagged rubber slave, multiple encased and enclosed in layers of soft tight latex, hobbled and controlled but fully in public while all my bondage was invisible. the high was enormous.

The feel of each layer going on as he dressed me was sumptious. The skin suit cleaving to my body, the pull of its hood over my face and feelig him sip and lock the body and the hood together...all while staring at my newly rubbered image in a mirror.

Then the red corset, collar and boots all folding and tying me tighter. The boots have a four inch heel, not too high, and are soft red rubber with pointed toe and stilleto heels. They zip up the back and present a smooth red rubber front and side to the viewer.

The inflatable gag went on next, black, not red, covering the lower portion of my glossily rubbered face and silencing me for what I kknew would be hours. He inflated it gently, but fully so my cheeks were slightly distended.

Finally the dress with its built in hood and gloves, covering what was already a fully enclosed rubber object for his pleasure. The dress' hood zips down from the crown and meets the back zip rising from the waist. the skirt is stretch zip and quite restrictive. It hobbles me below the knees, stoppping mid claf...very tough to climb stairs in it. the hood has perforated eyes, two small breathing holes, and a small hole at the mouth which I can talk through unless, as this day, I am gagged.

Once dressed, I could see fairly well, could navigate and walk with care. the hobble skirt on this dress is not too restrictive, but definitely caused me to stretch the latex with every step as it pulled back and held my legs tightly together in tehir rubber covered encasement. The waist belt is black, thick latex with adjustable cuffs rivetted on at the sides. These can accomodate either my upper or lower arms or my wrists. For this trip he chose the most restrictive, wrist cuffing. The black rubber bands encircled and buckled, I was unable to move my arms or hands with any effectiveness at all. The only comfortable position when seated is arms bent at right angles at the elbow and the hands loosely folded across my waist.

When we were ready to leave for the train, Sir put my red burqa on my head and settled it so I could see. We walked out and caught a cab to the station surprising the driver, but not too much.

The train ride was uneventful, a nice first class coach, no breakfast service. Sir was dressed in rubber slacks and shirt and blazer, looking very nice. I longed to touch his arm or chest and to lean on his shoulder and smell the wonderful aroma of his rubber, but I was unable to indulge such desires. i sat in a window seat, in my restrictive bondage, and stared straight ahead at the woman who sat across the table from me. She watched my veil for a while, looking for signs of life, I guess, then looked away and read a newspaper the rest of the trip.

Sir left me for a few minutes to get a coffee, causing me some nervousness as usual when i am tightly bound and left alone, but no one approached or said anything to me.

When we arrived a few hours later we took a cab to our hotel where we were greeted by the manager while Sir was checking into our room. we were only staying for a night, so we did not have a suite, but the room was large with two full size beds so I could be put to bed separately from Sir if he chose.

I was allowed to have my arms unbound and my gag removed (a significant operation invovling the removal of two hoods) and then was re-hooded so that, while i could just manage to speak, a straw was the extent of my alimentary abilities. I was, re-burqa'd and we went downstairs to the hotel restaurant for lunch. My arms were freed from their restraint so I could feed myself.

Sir had a nice fish and chips lunch while i took a glass of milk under my burqa and sipped it through a straw. I was tempted to see if I could force a thin french fry through the 1/4" hole in my hood but decided not to make the attempt. I am very well accustomed to only one meal a day...I would not miss lunch.

After lunch we went back upstairs where I was re-gagged and my arms were restrained, this time at the forearm so i had some slight freedom with my gloved hands. This would allow my red rubber hands to extend through the arm slits in my burqa so i could grasp items while shopping. then we went back downstairs to begin our shopping excursion. Sir had arranged a limo and driver for the day so we did not have to worry with taxis. I must say that London cabs are MUCH MUCH easier to get into when veiled in a flowing burqa than Irish cabs. I feel sympathy for muslimahs dedicated to full veiling here in Ireland if they have to use taxis. We went to Henry Street and walked up and down shopping.

I have more to tell of our shopping excursion, our visit to Dundrum Town Centre, and Sunday in Dublin, but must close now. i shall post more later.



Cariad's Master said...

Great to hear of your trip, and how well you appear to have settled in Ireland.

Thoroughly enjoyed your account of your time on the balcony during the West of Ireland storm.

Just wanted to wish you and Sir a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year or in Welsh...

Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda.

From Cariad and her Master.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady

Thank you for once again a truly
wonderful description of yet another amazing account of enclosure.

I wonder if you could disclose
whether you were also plugged in your nether region or ever are and
if what kind of plugging is being used?

I wish you a truly Happy New Year
from an admirer in Denmark.

Dark said...


I would imagine that having your arms in bondage would make getting in and out of cars very awkward at best... and for sitting and getting up from a seated position. By no means impossible, but it certainly could lead to your loosing your balance and falling. I would be concerned.

In all your "travels" you don't encounter anyone who remarks about you and sir in rubber? The bruqa if it is not polished might pass unnoticed but all that latex would give off a delicious latex aroma... and then of course Sir's clothes would be identifiable as rubber. I'm surprised that you mention not a single perv who has approached you two to introduce them self.

At this point you two are reasonably well known online and we pervs are scattered all about.. for someone or two who look at stunning in rubber as you two do.. I am surprised no one has picked you out.

Maybe the perv density is a lot lower than we think. One get the impression from the web that there are thousands and thousands and thousands of rubberists all over... but truth be told I never seem one and I live in NYC.

Happy Holidays! and a healthy and prosperous new year.

Latex Lady said...

thanks for all the kind comments. We are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas and i hope everyone else is too.

Dark, in response to your question. Yes, I have had the occassional comment about my rubber. But usually not from people who are fetishists themselves. Rather they come from people who know a little about latex fetish, have not tried it, and are mostly at the, "is that really rubber?" stage.

With respect to running into rubber ftishists, what you are describing is a variant of the law of large numbers. The actual number of latex fetishists is so small in comparison to the population that the chances of encountering someone on the street is very very low.
That said, I have encounterred two young ladies in one of the classes I used to teach who wore latex clubwear and recognized that I was wearing latex stockings under my dress. This was years ago and i wrote about it on the IAR.

Very few fetishists, even if they met me socially, would come right out and describe their own penchant for total enclosure with gags and plugs, etc,etc. When we get together with our friends who are also deep into latex and d/s lifestyles, we still do not describe our particular priveate exploits of the past few months in gory detail. So i may HAVE been seen by or had questions asked of me by someone who went right home and slid into their catsuit of finest latex. but in terms of probability it is not likely.

Given that i have lived in areas NOT known for their kink it is even less surprising. Your own exampke from New York is illustrative of this.

Self selecting grooups and communities of interest often fail to recognize that even with 100,000 members, they represent such a small proportion of the world's population or even of a large city's population that the chance encounter of two of them is highly unlikely. he chance encoounter of two of them where one is dressed in the uniform of the community and the other is not and one is willing to approach the other for random chat is even lower.

Think abut how seldom you see two priests in New York or nuns or even nurses if you are not in the close vicinity of a church, convent/school, or hospital. once they move from their area of concentration they are distributed thinly enough as to be invisible.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that I missed your visit to Dublin. I'm there for most of the year, but am now back home for the holidays.

Maybe some day I will bump into you and enjoy seeing your vision of latex in our capital!

Dark said...


All good points but I do occasionally see nuns and priests in the city and presumably not near a church.

I know that if I was in nilla clothes and I encountered a totally rubbered up person... I would definitely make an introduction. It might be something I would never even think of doing with a prefect stranger... but for a PERVect stranger I def would do the reach out thing. And I am not talking about a young girl in some club wear latex. It would have to be a pretty decent kit and those are very rare I am sure.

But my sense is that latex is really spreading like a virus... one that is easy to catch!

Anonymous said...

Your "glossily rubbered face" sounds extremely attractive. It sugggest a small pair of black rubber goggles, which could be with prescription if necessary, and would match the mask and make your appearance more fascinating. Your life sounds very exciting.Thank you for your reports.(ELAINEE)

inltxalwys said...

Dear Lady,

Every report of yours is a treat. I have been enjoying your adventures for two years (?) now.
Please keep up the posts. I'd like to wish you and Sir a healthy, happy 2007.

Here's to New Year's Eve in latex!


Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,

I am always quite intrigued, whenever I happen upon a new post by you. May I ask please, where Sir has purchased your latex hood, that has the gag?


Latex Lady said...

Oncde more thank you for the comments. In answer to some of the questions:
Yes, we are quite careful about handing me into and out of cars and taxis and trains. When I am in hobbling restraint or costume it is even more of an issue and one certainly does not want her burqa caught in a cab door.

I have been and often am plugged both fore and aft when out or even around the house. I enjoy wearing plugs, particularly anal ones. Mine are NOT huge, and are typically NOT anatomically correct. They are slender, soft and intended to provide gentle pleasurable stimulation.

My white silencing hood is PART of the white burqa and was made by Peter leth. My other gaggig hoods come from demask, Simon O, and other fetish latex providers...a lovely one from Madame S for example.

I hope everyon ehas a lovely new year


Dmitras said...

I love London because you can do anything there....and get anything there. If you can't get it in London, it can't be got.
I love the randomness of London, like you could see a guy walk down the street dressed as Scooby Doo.....and who cares? I love that the seasons are so distinct in London....I love Richmond Park......I love Wimbledon village.......I love Covent Garden.......I love Oxford Street.......I love even huge Limo London vehicles..I love that in London, you are anonymous.......and can just wander your way about the streets taking it all in with no one to bother you. I especially love a ride home in a black cab along the embankment.......