Monday, December 04, 2006

What a Storm

The last few days here in Ireland have been incredibly stormy. Here where we live, gale force winds have pounded the island for hours and hours on end.

Saturday was rainy and windy, but tolerable as we went about some Christmas Shopping, but Sunday was incredible. from about 10pm Saturday until midnight Sunday the wind was near 60 mph at all times. There was no possibility of going out except for a few short moments when Sir led me out, bound and sealed in four layers of rubber onto our balcony and posed me, like some ship's figurehead, facing into the wind.

Fortunately, I was sealed in two helmets, two catsuits, corset, gloves, boots and a tight ankle length hobble dress. When he first took me out and bound me to a pole on the balcony I was able to see, but shortly after that he covered me with a third hood with no eyes or mouth and I was blind for the next period of bondage. He left me like that for a time, the cold seeping into my rubbered body as the wind buffetted me with a tremendous force...very scary, but exhilarating and exciting too.

Then I felt him drape my burqa over my head, pull the hood so very tight insuring the gag already filling my mouth went deeper into my throat. Finally, the posture collar held my face at an angle directly into the wind and the burqa fell over my face and breasts and began its wild fluttering.

All of this was, I must admit, sufficient to arouse me to climax after 15 or 20 minutes. At first I was cold and unhappy, then I began to feel warmer and warmer and realize the loose burqa was creating an airspace around me. Sir was using a patio heater as well to help offset the cold although the actual temperature was only down to fifty.

I could not see, speak, or hear anything except the roar of wind and rain pelting the rubber engulfing me. Breathing was not a problem as my tubes led away to an air bottle which provided calm air, but no sound could penetrate my rubber except that of the elements.

It felt as though I had taken flight and was tethered to a mast, a giant rubber kite tossed by the wind. It was about this time I experienced my first explosion of sexual pleasure from this new ordeal.

Sir let me remain for about 30 mnutes of such torture before bringing me inside. He left me sealed for another long time like that and even took me out again after having first encased me for a time in our vac bed, fully sealed as I was.

There was something chaotic and primal about his play yesterday, leaving me with no doubt as to my status as object for his enjoyment and experimentation. I do not believe he spoke to me for over ten hours as he manipulated me and controlled me and sacrificed me to the elements of nature and of his passion over and over again.

What a wonderful weekend



fp43 said...

Wow what an experience just reading your acct of what Sir was doing to you. I only wish I was there to witness it as well.

Alison said...

When I read your life story and compare it to mine, which is very different, you realise how many facets there are to human sexuality.

Long may you continue your eloquent writing.


Anonymous said...

Dear Latex Lady,

As usual I read your blog with great interest. I can certainly relate to the objectification and to what your Sir wants to achieve with it. I was wondering whether the balcony is visible from the street so that people could see you displayed? Could people see that you were restrained there?

Thanks again for a great blog

Latex Lady said...

Our balcony is on the back of the house accessible from the master bedroom. it overlooks the ocean. So, no, no one could see me, particularly not in the storm

Thank you all for the kind words though. I am happy that everyone enjoys my little adventures.

Alison, how is your life different? Please let us know.


Rubberjohn said...

Wind, rain, storm, rubber, bound : protected AND exposed, conscious AND object. Once again, you are exploring together the darkness and ambiguity of SM desires. We need everything, all kind of excitements to fulfill our strong desires which are not limited to sexual organs but explode all over our body, nerve, senses... Dakness AND light !
Thank you so much for sharing such an intense and unbelievable world. Bur when you have been filled up by such sensations you understand...

Egghead said...

It's me again (posted as anonymous above).

One other thing I noticed is that your Sir seems to be stepping up on the corseting compared to what you have written previously. Is that a new development? If so, could you write more about it?


Alison said...

Their are quite a few differences between our lifestyles.

You are obvious, but also disguised in public, whereas I could be any late fifty-year-old lady in the crowd.

I think too, that you are latex and corset oriented and I'm often locked inside a steel chastity belt. Did I read in one of your entries that you tried one?

You too have a long and strong marriage. I'm technically a widow, although I do have the services of a younger man.

I shall think more and probably put a post on my blog.

I wish you and Sir the best in life.