Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Travel, Thanksgiving, and New Clothes

Wow, here it is Thanksgiving already and I realized I had not posted in a month and a half.

First, Sir and I are travelling in the US again, heading ofr hs family for thanksgiving. We have been travelling about for about a week now and it has been fun.

second, I have some new clothes to describe and a couple of new adventures

Third, happy Thanksgiving to everyone...if your country doesn't have a Thanksgiving holiday, you should get one! They are wonderful!
We had no problems travelling this week. I wore an all white ankle length dress (latex) and white boots, gloves, and open faced hood. Over that, my white burqa with builtin gagging hood. The dress is straight, but not so tight as to make it ard to walk. I'll get to THAT outfir in a moment.

At security we asked for a private check as usual and, for the first time ever, received a bit of pushback. The security checkpoint had no women working that morning. however, Sir persisted, explaining that I had to have a female check me. Finally, after a few minutes, the man acceded and they went to find a female. I hated to cause a scene, but Sir was adamant.

When she arrived and escorted me into a private room, I reached up and unzipped and removed the hood with its pepperpot eyes and no mouht while still under the burqa. It slides easily over the white open faced hood underneath because it was sprayed with a silicone lubricant beforehand.

I pulled the burqa up and tossed it over my shoulders and showed my face to the woman who checke it against my passport. She was polite, but not completely happy with being called away from something else to give me a private check. I thought she was about to be further inconvenienced since there were three saudi women in full niqab in line behind Sir and i. This , btw, was at a UK airport. The Irish airports are always easy and friendly and properly staffed.

She nodded to me and told me i could go. I pulled the burqa back over my head, adjusted it so i coule see and then pulled the inner enclosure hood over my face as was proper. But, with my two pairs of gloves on i could not get the zip to go down propoerly. I fiddled with it a bit then decided I would leave it til later.

Sir met me at the door when i came out and he could tell I was having trouble with my hood. He asked if I couldn't get it zipped and I nodded. He then trned me around and in front of everyon eon the line reacehd up under the back of my burqa, grabbed both sides of my gagging enclosure hood and with a great yank, pulled it down and closed across my head. The he zipped it down with a very fast, forceful motionand the sound of the zip was clearly heard over the silence of the people in line. They were silenetly staring at this man, yanking something UNDER his wife's burqa and did not know what was going on.

I thought I was going to faint! I didn't know why (still don't) but something about watching all those travellers stare at my rubber swathed form as he zipped me into properly silenced encasement was most erotic. I felt like I was truly ready for some very special sex. My knees trembled and I swear I nearly came from the impact it had on me.

A moment later he dropped my burqa, patted me on the back of the head and we stepped through the metal detector. The moment passed and I could breathe again. But I felt like he had just taken me from behind in front of all those people...what a rush!

Now onto the new clothes
I have a new, straight, tight, blue latex skirt that is very tight and falls to just below my knees. A true hobble skirt in best 50's style. It limits my steps to about 3 inches and is incredibly difficult to walk in but easier when I am wearing skyscraper heels or my favorite ballet boots.
But the trick is that it has a zipper at the back which unzis upward about 8 inches to reveal a kick pleat. No slit, and i am still encircled by latex, but walking is a little easier now. all depending on Sir's whim, of course.

I also have a new all black evening gown, ankle length and completely hobbling with a six inch diameter at the ankle. Long sleeved, with attached gloves and a full enclosure hood with no mouth or nose holes and only a pair of small holes for vision. breathing is through two tubes which run out of my nostrils, under my jaw line and to the back of my neck where they exit through two small holes in the rear.

The ankle hem of this dress is like the skirt with a zipper that opens a kick pleat so walking is easier, but always restricted and difficult.

Finally, I have a new blue rubber burqa made by a friend. it looks very similar to my white one but inside it has a blue rubber dress, ankle length like the black one above with total enclosure hood, attached gloves. In addition, the hood has a builtin inflatable gag and, of course, no mouth. The eyes are pepperpot as is the burqa's mesh.

Lastly, this dress has a very interesting feature. Heavy duty zippers are attached from the elbow to the underarm. These allow Sir to zip my arms tight to my body leaving me virtually no freedom of arm movement. and the zippers are of such a type that my arms can be bent behind my back and zipped together. This is the most restritive piece of clothing I have ever seen! I can barely walk in it, cannot move my arms, have limited vision and total silencing. it is absolutely wonderful.

well, our flight is being called so i must go now. more later