Thursday, August 03, 2006

A month in Ireland

We have finished out first month in Ireland and I must say it has been wonderful.

Nothing very noteworthy has occurred. We have not had a chance to do much siteseeing yet. I have wanderd around our village and gone into the city centre a few times. Mostly, however, I have been busy unpacking our goods (which only arrived a few days ago) and setting up the new house.

Sir has not decided to buy property here yet, so we are leasing a large 4 bedroom house. It is a bit smaller than we are used to, but we judiciously chose to store many of our books and collectibles.

Finally, after many requests, here is a snapshot of me in my newest white burqa. It has an internal hood that zips very tightly around my face and head. The hood has perforations for each eye, and no mouth hole. Wearing it is an intense exoperience because the hood is very tight against my face, I am completely silenced (even if Sir has not inserted a gag in my mouth) and trying to see things through the double perforations is difficult to say the least.

Below is a shot of what the hood attached to the top of theburqa looks like.
Everything appears sort of fuzzy and hazy when i wear this one. The two layers of perforations in front of my eyes make things seem unreal and soft around the edges.

I shall write more later.