Thursday, August 03, 2006

A month in Ireland

We have finished out first month in Ireland and I must say it has been wonderful.

Nothing very noteworthy has occurred. We have not had a chance to do much siteseeing yet. I have wanderd around our village and gone into the city centre a few times. Mostly, however, I have been busy unpacking our goods (which only arrived a few days ago) and setting up the new house.

Sir has not decided to buy property here yet, so we are leasing a large 4 bedroom house. It is a bit smaller than we are used to, but we judiciously chose to store many of our books and collectibles.

Finally, after many requests, here is a snapshot of me in my newest white burqa. It has an internal hood that zips very tightly around my face and head. The hood has perforations for each eye, and no mouth hole. Wearing it is an intense exoperience because the hood is very tight against my face, I am completely silenced (even if Sir has not inserted a gag in my mouth) and trying to see things through the double perforations is difficult to say the least.

Below is a shot of what the hood attached to the top of theburqa looks like.
Everything appears sort of fuzzy and hazy when i wear this one. The two layers of perforations in front of my eyes make things seem unreal and soft around the edges.

I shall write more later.



LoveRubberGloves said...

Good to hear more of your adventures. I hope this one with pictures will take care of some of the non-believers. Our short chats while you were still in Texas convinced me you were for real.

Cariad's Master said...

Good to hear from you again Lady. And thanks for the views of the new burqa.
Hope Sir had fully recovered too!

Anonymous said...

Dear lady,

Thanks for the would be vvery nice to see you around here more often!:)


LatexLover said...

Glad you're having a good time in Ireland. Thanks for the pics of the new Burqa, where did you get it?

Anonymous said...

We would love a hood like that - can you tell us who made it for you? - Dan & Mitzi

Latex Lady said...

Thank you everyone for the kind remarks.

with regards to the origins of my new internally hooded burqa, it was also made for me by Peter Leth in Denmark. He is contacted at

He does not have a website. But he makes wonderful latex fashions, charges reasonable prices, and is very responsive.

Sir is feeling fine now. He is quite recovered although he still has runs out of breath quickly when climbing stairs or slopes. He is seeing a doctor to determine why that is so.

I saw some more comments to my last post that once more questioned my existence. I do not even bother to respond to these anymore. My readers can believe what they choose to believe about my veracity and my lifestyle. I merely report what has happened to me lately.

Most, such as the commenters here, are so kind and pleasant that they quite outweigh any doubters or ocassional snide comments.

Thank you all, once again.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,

I am happy to learn, that all is well with you & Sir, in Ireland:-)

I hope that Sir will find out, what has been causing his shortness of breath.

Also, sending positive thoughts your way.



Cynthia C said...

Thank you for the pictures, I hope there are more on the way. Are you still completely dressed 24/7 and setting up the house like this ?
Could you furnish more details on the hooded burqa ?
How long have been able to wear it and do you have the gloves, boots and skin suit on underneath ?

Thanks again and I hope you can furnish more details on your lifestyle now you have moved.

Cynthia C said...

Thought you would like to know the response from Peter Leth

"Cynthia C

I did not know that the burqa has been shown on her blog. So I just checked it.

The price is about 600 USD + post.

Kind regards

Peter Leth

He has a web site and the pictures of his designs are fantastic.
You must check it out.

Love Cynthia

lslv said...

I am glad Ireland is going well. That is a truly lovely face covering you have had made. It is easy to imagine how special time spent wearing it is. Thanks for sharing this. Best wishes from lslv and his Mistress.

Anonymous said...

Maybe see you in Dublin city centre some time!

veiled slave said...

Glad to see you are settling in, it is always a wrench to change countries. VERY glad to see you are still veiling & gagging. I am still veiled & gagged all day at home with a burqa added to leave the house.
Take care & lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady !

Just another little comment about the reality of all the things you tell us here regularly ...

I don't think anyone ever doubted that you were real. I for one am sure that somewhere in Ireland, there's a lady who enjoys wearing all kind of exotic latex garments like that amazing Burka you posted the photos of here.

What I doubt is that you were able to stay one full year 24h/24 7 days a week fully dressed in latex. For those who don't agree with me, or think I'm just wrong, just try to spend just one whole day in a latex catsuit with attached gloves, feet and hood, and you will understand why I think that one year in full body latex is totally impossible.

A.J. said...

Good to hear that you are well and still living in rubber. With a mask and the burqa, both perforated, vision is truly awful. I know that from layering two masks with perforations. Not a good idea, I ran into a partially open door, hurt my nose badly.

My solution to the problem is to use either silicon swimming goggles with tinted glass together the perforated mask and an open eyed mask or a mask with glued-in dark lenses in combination with the perforated mask.

Your burqa is really a fine item. You might even wear one of these latex straitjackets underneath without anyboding the wiser. I found one at the Demask store, with attached hood (had been looking for one so long)! I like the inflateable one (IRM 012/PH), but you might be interested in one with open yes or lenses.