Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Busy Month

My apologies for taking so long to write here again. It has been a most busy month or so.

Sir has started his new company and, in the intervening time, we have migrated to Ireland as I mentioned in earlier posts.

It is quite lovely here. Very cool and windy and rainy much of the time, but when the sun comes out we have lovely afternoons. We are learning our way around and seeking a new house to purchase.

Last night we visited one of Sir's investors at a dinner party he gave. I was allowed to speak and to actually remove my burqa when we visited his home. I had worn my white burqa with its builtin hood while we were out, so i was silenced on the way there, but i took it off once we were in the house.

These investors were mostly people we had already met on previous trips and they were familiar with my particular dress habits.

Getting ready for the party had been most enjoyable. I decided that a long slinky black dinner dress would be most appropriate. I wore it over a grey transparent skinsuit with an open faced hood attached as well as the usual gloves and feet.

Over that I wore a corset in black latex with it laced comfortably. Sir laced me in as he has been doing, but for some reason last night the sensations were heightened. Feeling the rubber tighten slowly over my latex skinsuit was somehoe more erotic and compelling this night.

I pulled the dress on over all this and it fits wonderfully. ankle length and straight all the way down, it is a bit different from my usual loose skirted dresses. Very formal looking which is how Sir said everyone would be dressed. I pulled on a second pair of gloves as well which went nicely under the 3/4 length sleeves of the dress.

Although I was going to remain open faced, I had intended to pull on a second, black hood that would have covered my transparent hood. This was open faced as well, but matches the dress nicely and provides a hat like effect. I have never really cared for the look of hair plastered under the transparent hoods so I tend to cover it even though mine is very short.

Sir however, nixed that idea and had me slick my thin, short blond hair back tightly before putting the transparent skinsuit hood on. I must say that, perfectly laid flat and seerely slicked first, it looked quite nice all evening under my hood.

As we were leaving I put on the white burqa with its internal hood. This hood has perforations at the eyes and no mouthhole so I am silenced while wearing it.

The hood zips in back which means I pull it on with the burqa thrown over my back. It is very heavy feeling and i adjust it carefully, then Sir reached up under the folds of white latex and zipped it shut. The sense of it tightenting agains my face is always wonderfully powerful, but this night it was even more so.

Perhaps the fact that the burqa's hood was touching my face for the first time was why it felt so sensuous and stimulating. When Sir tossed the front of the burqa over my hood and I straightened it, making sure the perforations in the hood and the perforated panel in the burqa lined up to provide as much vision as possible. For some reason the action was more erotic than i usually find it. A distinct frisson of sexual arousal and anticipation flooded over me as Sir helped me straighten the burqa.

Our trip to the dinner party was quiet and uneventful, but I was growing more excited all the time. I was quietly aroused the entire evening. Sir took care of that later when we got back home, but I swear, putting my burqa back on as we were leaving was nearly orgasmic!

Well, that'senough for now. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are both well and living in Ireland now. Sir's business is shaping up quickly and we are settling in quite well.

I shall write more later



Cariad's Master said...

Welcome to Europe Sir and Lady.

The weather is not all that bad when you get used to it. We in Wales have had quite a few glorious weeks of mainly sun and we're only just a short jump across the Irish Sea from you. Like Wales, Ireland makes up for the mix (it isn't wet and windy all the time) of weather with fabulous scenery and heritage.

Hope Sir is fully recovered now, we guess he must be if he's expending all this energy on a new business set up.

As for the dinner party. Glad you enjoyed. Were their not comments made about the transparent latex hood? Or had they all seen you in latex before?

Anyway, great to hear from you again.

Rubberjohn said...

Welcome in Europe and Ireland ! The climate will be a constant incentive to wear latex and heavy rubber for their protective qualities as well as intense sexual arousal ! This appears to be a good start... I wish you and your master good luck in your business and life here... You remain both a model for intense latex commitment as most of us wish to achieve.

Anonymous said...

Please try to write more about your daily life and tyour adventures into BDSM. I have missed the posts and I live through yours and other peoples latex lives.
I hope you will become more regular and detailed about the suits and bondage.
I have need trying to stay in latex for longer and longer periods but it is hard to get use to it.
Any suggestions ?

Dark said...

Sounds like you are into the next level of your adventure.

Just curious about your social contacts within the fetish scene.

Do you erect a barrier to meeting fetish centric "strangers"... those who you so generously share your life with on the web? I am sure that some members of the IAR, for example, would love to meet you and Sir and it would make for an interesting post of the impressions from both sides.

Also since you have no issues with wearing rubber and being enclosed in public at zoos and movies and malls, do you have any interest in all these fetish balls and events which seem to be a trend all over.

JG leathers seems to be one intense fetishist who makes an effort to hook up in "real time" with others into kink around the world.

You and Sir seem to have "kinky" friends, do fetish in public, yet appear to be isolated in "real time" from the growing public fetish scene which seems to be about pervs getting together either socially or for "play" purposes.

Where do you stand on this matter?

Finally, best of luck with the new biz and good health to all!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,

I am happy to know, that all is well in the Emerald Isle with you & Sir, and that you are getting on well:-)

I am curious to know, how is the house hunting going, and may I be permitted to add you to my Yahoo messenger contact list?



Anonymous said...

Hmm - see you sometime in Dublin?

Anonymous said...

To the most recent anonymous messenger:

No, you will not see her in Dublin because, my friend, she does not exist. Or, rather, "she" exists as a fantasy in a man's head. "She" used to have a number of photos in a Yahoo account - still does probably - but one of them mysteriously disappeared after it was pointed out that "she" had remarkably big (and quite ugly) feet. Also, a couple of the pics were obviously Photoshopped jobs. They disappeared too.

No, I maintain that LatexLady is a figment of a man's imagination - unless, of course, "she" would like to prove me wrong by providing a photo of her and Sir together.

Dark said...

This question of proof surfaces often when some creates an online presence.

There are many ways to fake what appears to be proof that the online person actually exists... well written fiction can be remarkably credible.

Photos obviously can be stolen, photoshopped or faked and really are hardly proof of anything these days.

The notion of proof was discussed on the IAR a while back.. I recall in relation to this specific blog which some chose to believe as truthful and others as fiction.

Of course this all could be settled if someone from the community who HAS credibility and has proved themselves to be "real" were to actually meet the online presence and verify the "character" as being who they say they are. This has not happened as far as I can tell.

I am not sure why with so much speculation of this being fictional that some real proof (as described above) has not been sought and offered by LadyII. Many people in the community would volunteer for the meeting. Of that I am certain.

However, it must be pointed out that fetish and role play and fantasy are often inseparable and the creation of a fictional persona would make perfect sense.

The whole idea of 6 degrees of separation and the smallness of the fetish community it would seem that at some point if the story IS true.. someone, someplace would come forth a offer verification... even a vendor or maker of the many custom outfits perhaps.

In the absence of proof, one is only left with believing it is fictional.. or suspending disbelief and judgment.

Anonymous said...

This one is so obviously fake it's not even funny. It's simply impossible to live over 1 year fully dressed 24/7 in a non breathing material like latex without having serious health issues, amongst which skin diseases and overheating. Whoever tried to wear latex for extended periods will know what I'm talking about.

But is it wrong ? Of course NOT !
I've been quite entertained by this diary, and the writer for sure has imagination and talent.

Cariad's Master said...
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Cariad's Master said...

Peter Leth in Denmark has made garments for the Lady, so this is part confirmation of the Lady's existence. But obvioulsy Peter would send to a name and address, not necessarily a female at the address end.

However, fantasy or living, I/we enjoy and well may the Lady and Sir continue!

Anonymous said...

in science we have a saying: "extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof"


Anonymous said...

In response to Anonymous at 5:39 a.m.: the issue of whether or not she is fake is inconsequential. As Dark pointed out, "fetish and role play and fantasy are often inseparable." She most certainly does not need to prove anything, much less to you. If you think she is "so obviously fake it's not funny," then perhaps you should move along to some other form of entertainment and "tourism" (as we call it) than reading her particular blog.

I spent many years in major metropolitan latex fetish community and there are many hard-core fetishists who DO wear latex 24/7, either in full or in part. They take great care and pride in their adornments, and I have never known anyone to suffer serious or even minor health issues.

Whomever she is, I admire her commitment and style. The burqa is AMAZING in oh-so-many ways!