Saturday, May 27, 2006

Things Getting Back to Normal

Today we seem to be getting back to normal. Sir is feeling much better, has more energy and his vitals are back to normal. He is still a bit weak and tires quickly as we walk around, but that improves everytime we go out.

Today we went out looking at new sewing machines for me, did some shopping and started thinking about our upcoming move to Ireland. We need to start planning it in earnest soon. We will be going over there again soon to look at living accomodations. We must decide what to do about our home here as well.

We also went to see the new X-Men movie which was enjoyable for its costumes, but I found the story a bit weak. It was nice to see Famke Jansenn in her red dress, but she almost had no lines. The young actress Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde did a wonderful job and truly caught the essence of the character.

We are off on travels again next week...Sir has some business and he is bringing me along. I shall be with him in the capacity of his private rubber nurse, I suppose :-)

Take care everyone (and thank you for all the nice thoughts during Sir's illness)



Anonymous said...

You're moving to Ireland? When's that happening? Permanently?

Rubberjohn said...

After so many months with intense activity your silence is frustrating ! We all expect first very good news for heatlh and business, and,of course, news from for dedication to rubber and slavery ! Ruberry yours

Anonymous said...

I am hooked on this blog, I hope there are some kinky thoughts to read soon! :)


Latex Lady said...

Let's see...we have moved to Ireland

We are in good health

And I am writing again. I have been so busy setting up a new home in Ireland that I have not written in over a month, but a new post has been published today.

Thank you all for the nice supportive comments.


Anonymous said...

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