Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Quiet Spring

Nothing much is happening around ourselves at the moment. We are enjoying a quiet time of rest and reasonably warm weather here in late February. The pool is, of course, still too cool to use, but we hope it will be warm enough by April.

We've spent some time working around the house and I have been finally catching up on cataloging books in our library. I had neglected making any notes or records of books we acquired in Ireland and that laziness is coming back to haunt me now.

Sir has added a few new toys to our playroom and I'v ebeen the enthusiastic recipient of their attentions. I shall describe them more fully in later postings. clothing wise, I've not had anything new recently (since Christmas). Valentine's Day I received a very nice, extremely soft and cuddly, totally rubber encased teddy bear among other things. he is quite cute and I have no idea where Sir acquired such a perfectly fitting catsuit for a plush bear about 2 feet in height.

Sir has begun taking about a new burqa perhaps in metallic silver or gold. He loves the look of the blue one. I think we have agreed that the double eyed look is fascinating, but might be a bit less alien looking if the eyes were almond shaped or oval. The cloth ones we model on often have the eye holes teardrop shaped with the elongated tail angled up to the outside of the wearer's head. This seems to soften the look.

I have been wearing dresses with hobble skirts more around the house lately. These are very tight rubber with very narrow hems at ankle height and they constrict my stride considerably. I rather enjoy kneeling on the carpet next to Sir's chair while wearing such skirts as they constantly restrict any slight movement and remind me of my position. Of course, the full enclosure hood helps with that as well :) i do not have to wear such hoods all the time, but I enjoy being hooded so much that I do it voluntarily even when Sir does not require it. It rather pleases him to see me self-restrict in this manner.

Silencing hoods, tight corsets, multiple catsuits, hobble skirts, strict gloving with more than one pair...all these things are things which please him greatly and I find it very convenient to self restrict myself when I dress in the mornings. Then, I am ready to go out if he desires and if not I am propoerly enclossed for the day anyway.

And, of course, if he desires me to be in some other rubber costume i have the pleasure of being undressed and redressed by him.

Sir requires me to be strictly gloved and tightly clothed in latex even to clean around the house, cook meals, and while I am working in the library. Typing is a challenge, but I persevere. Cooking dinner and doing laundry while wearing full enclosure rubber catsuits and dresses is also challenging but fun. Not being able to taste my cooking because I am in a silencing hood that fits so tightly my lips go numb is a bit of a challenge, but Sir tells me how the sauce or soup is coming along :)

Lest anyone think this is my only life mode, however, let me point out that I had a cold last week and Sir did NOT allow me to wear a full face hood, just an open faced one. I spent the whole week resting, in latex nightgowns and robes, and did not get to wear anything remotely restraining or restrictive. That was restful, but I confess I missed tight hoods and gloves and draping my burqas over myself and going out to shop or see a movie. I was quite ready to climb the walls when I finally recovered (grand total of 3 days) and we went out to a nice dinner of tapas with me in my red burqa and no hood underneath. Sir is quite solicitous of my health and comfort and wanted to ease me back into full enclosure and restrictive dressing.

Fortunately, this week I am back to normal and as I write am wearing a full grey tinted, transparent skinsuit under a very tightly skirted black rubber hobble dress, two pairs of gloves which extend under the sleeves to rise over my elbows, and a mouthless hood with a separate gag fitted tightly between my lips. My knee high boots are very tight over the skinsuit and have 5 inch spike heels with zips up the back. It feels good to feel good again.


Thursday, February 11, 2010


It is snowing here in Dallas today.

We often have slight snowfalls in February, but I do not recall the last time I saw it snow for 12 straight hours here in Dallas. It is at least 4 inches deep around our property. Just lovely.

The temperature is above freezing, but the snow keeps coming down. It makes for some beautiful scenes. Sir has had to clear snow off our satellite dish twice though.

Sir has had me step out in multiple layers...still rather cool even under three layers of rubber. But I must say, the pictures he's taken are impressive looking, particularly the ones where I am in my white burqa. I was all in white rubber, catsuit, dress and burqa.

The blue burqa makes more contrast though...I am much easier to spot in it. :)

Not much else to report...we certainly are not going out!


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Recent Travels - London was fun

Just a short note to say hello to everyone and to thank you for all the comments on my new burqa and my new years eve fun.

We've been traveling again. Ireland, london, then back to texas. It has been an interesting experience because Sir required me to wear the new blue burqa with its two goggle eyes. It seems to be much more disturbing to people than the mesh versions...I guess it makes me look more 'alien' and less 'veiled'.

London was very cold as we wandered Kensington and Oxford circus and Mayfair. It was about freezing with a bit of wind to lower the temp further. I wore four layers to go out including:
a transparent blue full enclosure skinsuit with gloves and feet but no mouthole
a second catsuit (opaque metallic blue) plus matching hood (also with no mouthole) and gloves
a black rubber corset and a black long, tight, ankle length hobble skirt which limits my stride. It zips down the back to a ridiculously small circumference, enforcing steps as small as three inches. Sir would allow only a small walking slit so my stride was just about a foot. Stairs were impassable.

Finally, I wore a full metallic blue dress with ankle length loose skirt, and a tight bodice with long tight sleeves cut in a raglan style so the dress curves nicely over my breast.

My boots were black rubber knee high boots over the two catsuits. Five inch spike heels and very pointed toes. They are very shiny which worked in London as shiny black patent was everywhere.

Over everything I wore the blue burqa with its internal silencing hood as my third hood and a third pair of gloves in metallic blue rubber which come up almost to the elbow. This was to insure that my hands emerging from the burqa would be both identical in colour and unfeeling as only a three layer rubber enclosure can make them. the appears to be a part of the burqa and Sir commented that he might have Peter make one with built-in gloves.

We went shopping, taking taxis around town, wandering through Harrods, and John Lewis, then off to Oxford Circus for some window shopping. Finally, we went back to Picadilly, went into Berwick street looking at fancy fabric (no latex) and ended up the day at Fortnam and Mason. Then back to our hotel where I warmed up for about an hour before we went out to a lovely restaurant for dinner.

Unfortunately we did not have time to get up to Islington and peruse the fetish shops.

I was not particularly cold under all those layers, but I was heavily restricted and restrained in walking, forced by the inner tight hobble skirt to take small steps which Sir happily accommodated.

So London was fascinating in cold blue rubber. We had quite a lot of looks and a few comments. One woman asked about the material when we were in Berwick street. No one seemed to expect me to be able to speak and no one seemed offended at a veiled blue spirit wafting her way through the streets.

We return to Texas this week and should have dinner with friends after that. i shall post again when we do. I have not had any more trouble flying veiled than i did before. I wear an open faced hood under a burqa and ask for a private screening which is always accommodated. I then put on a tighter, silencing hood later in a ladies room behind security. I usually sit quietly during the flight anyway and if I now have to 'keep my hands in full view, I do so through the slits in my burqa. I have not been asked to unglove.

Some people have asked my opinion of the new movement in France to ban the burqa. Let me state categorically that I am a libertarian and do not feel that ANY government has the right to tell any person how to dress or what to wear.

The argument about needing to see the face for security reasons is ludicrous. If you are a criminal you will add the crime of hooding, masking, or wearing a cycle helmet to your list. If you are not, then it makes no difference whether your face is shown or not.

The notion that veils or burqas are oppressive to women is just as ludicrous. people are oppressive to women, not clothing. I am certain there are plenty of women in the world who are forced to wear veils, burqas, and other such garb against their will. forced by either other people, peer pressure, culture, or belief. many who do so probably would like to not do so.

I am just as certain that there are women forced to wear tight short skirts, high heels, particular hairdos, bras, and even to have surgery by men or by their own perceptions of the requirements their society and class and circle puts on them.

To be forced against your will to conform to someone else's notion of proper attire or demeanor is wrong. To allow yourself to willingly submit to someone else's notion of dress, appearance, behaviour, and attitude is fetish...and a wonderful fetish it is too! We all have the right to build whatever type of relationship makes us happy...but no one has the right to make us unhappy or pressure us into a mode against our will.

If women may not veil, then where does it stop? men can't wear caps? women may not wear hats? sunglasses? makeup? perhaps cosmetic surgery will be outlawed? No long robes? No long dresses? Pockets can hide things, perhaps they must go. The list is endless.

France's leader is afraid of the changes coming to his country, but change WILL come. Soon my country of the USA will be Hispanic majority and will begin to speak Spanish more than English. While I do not believe in any religion or god myself, Islam will most likely continue to grow and be very popular with a vast number of people over the next few decades, supplanting Christianity just because people are seeking something else. But the majority of those people will want th epeaceful aspects of a religion and will want to live their lives and dress their bodies as they prefer.

In addition, fashions for the non-religious will move through extremes and waves where certain forms of dress shock and annoy the establishment, then become normative and entrenched. I remember how upset women born in the 20's were about miniskirts...but not about those incredible bullet bras of the fifties :)

Change happens and legislating against some minor aspect of it such as particular dress will not stop it. The powers that be in Europe and in the rest of the world need to understand that.

So I would say that people should be left alone to dress as they see fit, to express their opinions by means of their clothing and appearance as well as their voice and writing. (Or non-voice if they choose to be gagged).