Monday, February 27, 2006

Adjusting to Air

That seems a bit pretentious title, but this marks about 2 full weeks now that I have been unencased. I am pretty much fully adjusted to being touched by air, fabric, and people.

My days and my habits have changed littel. Today we are travelling and I am at the airport in a long white dress like I used to wear. I still enjoy wearing the burqa in public, but am no longer ordered to do so by Sir.

Sir loaned several of his latex hoods and outfits along with some of mine to apriest who was lecturing at a seminary. The idea was to shake the seminarian's world view a bit and make sure they understood that people with alternative lifestyles are just a sspiritual, and just as much deserving of their acceptance and tolerance as anyone. He reported to Sir that the presentation he made (in Sir's elaborate ALIEN suit) was quite successful

All else is well. We were hoping to make the SF Fetish Fair this year, but I think we will be out of town. Sir continues to travel a lot and I shall probably be doing a lot myself.

Now that I am unhooded and unencased, I have begun to think about going back into teaching. I had a chat with my friend about it and she encouraged me to find a university that would be interested. It would be nice. More to follow.

I think that's all for the moment...for the trackers, today i am in all white stockings, corset, and gloves under my white long sleeved full skirted dress ... no hood or gag.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Day 1 -- Unencased

Today is my first day in 13 and a half months to be spent uneclosed and unencased in latex. And it is weird. I have not felt air move across my face nor the feeling of a porcelain sink, a granite countertop, a wooden spoon, or a leather chair under my hand in over a year.

I find myself running my hands over things I have not had true contact with in a year. These include Sir's face and the sensation is...disturbing.

Not unpleasant...but the sensation is SO very different from my experience over the past 13 months. not the smooth, muted slickness of my rubbered hands touching his face, or his mask. Not the sensation of soft rubber under my fingers. Not the sensation of being separate from everything, protected and isolated in a smooth integuement of rubber.

I actually find it a bit painful when I feel the wind on my face through the open window. My skin on my cheeks is hypersensitive and tender. BUt I suppose that will pass.

I miss being covered head to toe. I dressed in lovely smoky grey transparent stockings, latex panties and corset (I have not worn panties for a year...the skinsuits served) and my favorite blak rubber dress. Sir wanted me to not wear gloves or a hood today around the house. He wants me to get used to being unrubbered.

The weirdest feeling so far is the breeze moving over my head. My hair has not been trimmed in almost two weeks (since he decided to cease the total enclosure) so I have a bit of fuzz on my head. The feel of his hands holding my naked head and running over my head stubble is bizarre.

Went out for a little this evening. I will still wear my burqa at least for a while. It is comfortable and covered my baldness. But it felt odd having it over my face directly, not covering a hood or two. I was allowed to wear my gloves, of course, but then had to remove them when we got home.

Tonight, Sir says I can not sleep in my vac bed because he has to sleep too. But he says I can sleep in my lavender rubber nightgown at least.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

The experiment is ending

Well, 13 months and 2 weeks after I first encased myself totally in latex 24/7. the experiment, the project, the protocol, whatever we decide to call it, is coming to an end.

Sir has decided that it is just too difficult for me to continue the regimen without maid's help. And neither of us are looking to replace our dear friend and love just yet.

I tried to continue for the past 2 weeks since she left, but there is just too many parts to the regimen that I need help with. From cleaning skinsuits, to making sure I am dry and lotioned properly, to corsetting and dressing it is a lot. Of course I do it when we travel but in those cases I have Sir to help me.These past two weeks have just become too time consuming a burden

And I let myself stay wet on my back and had a slight rash develop. Sir decided then tht it is time relax the 24/7 regiemen.

Now, this does not mean I will not be in rubber most of the time. I will still wear latex dresses, gloves, hoods, my corsets and my burqa. I shall even wear my skinsuits much of the time, but, like most fetishists, I shall take everything off and shall not try to maintain total enclosure, particularly over my face.

I shall blog here to let everyone know how the re-entry into the world goes. And Sir has said that it is quite acceptable for me to veil in public in my burqa if I wish. I think I shall continue to do that. I hae grown quite accustomed to viewing the world from behind my perforated screens and feeling the gentle weight of rustling rubber swirling around me as I walk.

Speaking of which, I wish to describe a bit more about my own reactions and feelings to enclosure. I realize, I have not delved too deeply into the physical sensations I experience while sealed.

I was thinking about this today as we walked around the mall shopping. Perhaps because I will soon no longer be experiencing it all the time, I was sensitive to that gentle 'plick, plick' sensation of the latex skinsuit moving against my skin as I walked. I became very aware of the sensations of latex rubbing between my thighs and along my back and the back of my knees.

There is that subtle, constant, restriction and resistance that tells me I am slave to the rubber, that I am constrained and restrained and encased and stimulated. The sesnation of my gloves holding myhands in their tight embrace, the feel of the gag in my mouth and the4 tightness of my hood against my face.

There is that sensation, known to those who wear catsuits, of a bit of air trravelling up the leg over the buttocks and on up the back. There is an occassional sound asdn the faint whiff of latex.

Certainly no one could hear any of the squelching of my skinsuit, corset, black dress or gloves in the noise of the mall. But I could hear it all under the burqa and the sounds of it made a sort of ambient music as I wandered the busy corridors of shops and shoppers.

The feelings of latex gliding over me, whether at the mall beneath my burqa, a home beneath my dresses or in bed benath my sheets always arouses and excites me. There is, of course, a sexual component to that, but more, thee is an anticipation of the great 'drifting off' sensation that I get when latex finally swallows me from my feet to my chin, then my face, then my whole head. I suspect that only those of us into total enclosure can really understand this sensation of surrendering our identities to the rubber as it seems to crawl all over us and we wish it could flow into our orifices and slide down our throats.

I shall still enjoy these sensations, of course. But after tomorrow, they will once again become special occassions, not everyday ones.