Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Day 1 -- Unencased

Today is my first day in 13 and a half months to be spent uneclosed and unencased in latex. And it is weird. I have not felt air move across my face nor the feeling of a porcelain sink, a granite countertop, a wooden spoon, or a leather chair under my hand in over a year.

I find myself running my hands over things I have not had true contact with in a year. These include Sir's face and the sensation is...disturbing.

Not unpleasant...but the sensation is SO very different from my experience over the past 13 months. not the smooth, muted slickness of my rubbered hands touching his face, or his mask. Not the sensation of soft rubber under my fingers. Not the sensation of being separate from everything, protected and isolated in a smooth integuement of rubber.

I actually find it a bit painful when I feel the wind on my face through the open window. My skin on my cheeks is hypersensitive and tender. BUt I suppose that will pass.

I miss being covered head to toe. I dressed in lovely smoky grey transparent stockings, latex panties and corset (I have not worn panties for a year...the skinsuits served) and my favorite blak rubber dress. Sir wanted me to not wear gloves or a hood today around the house. He wants me to get used to being unrubbered.

The weirdest feeling so far is the breeze moving over my head. My hair has not been trimmed in almost two weeks (since he decided to cease the total enclosure) so I have a bit of fuzz on my head. The feel of his hands holding my naked head and running over my head stubble is bizarre.

Went out for a little this evening. I will still wear my burqa at least for a while. It is comfortable and covered my baldness. But it felt odd having it over my face directly, not covering a hood or two. I was allowed to wear my gloves, of course, but then had to remove them when we got home.

Tonight, Sir says I can not sleep in my vac bed because he has to sleep too. But he says I can sleep in my lavender rubber nightgown at least.



gummitaucher said...

Dear Latexlady,

welcome back in the world of the Unenclosed :)

Although I feel a little sad that your experiment has ended. Don´t they say that all good things have to come to an end ?

But it seems like you miss the enclosure already. I would really like to hear from you how you carry on from now.

best wishes

Anonymous said...

Dear LatexLady,

I have been reading your blog since you started this experiment. WOW !!! I have been with you through the good times and the bad. I have enjoyed the journey to say the least. For me I have no rubber life ( yet -- trying to say postive :-) ) so it was nice to kinda live life through your words. I wish you the best for the future.

P.S. Doesn't cleaning latex garments suck -- hehehehehehe


Sealed said...

Hi Latexlady,

I have been following this blog since the start and have found it inspiring. Obviously I am a little disappointed that your near 24/7 rubber encapsulation has to come to an end, but on the other hand I am interested to hear how you adjust to the non-enclosed world and what level of rubber life you settle for. Let’s see how addictive the rubber really is!

By a strange coincidence my own rubber centric lifestyle has had to take a little break – not that it was ever as pure and total as yours. My house is currently full of builders daily, while the restoration of my house continues, which inhibits me somewhat. Anyway, it does mean I find it easy to relate to some of the things you have noticed – in particular, what a windy place world without a rubber skin.

Thanks for the blog and good luck with your next phase. Be interesting to see how long you could manage unenclosed in the early stages and if you will be able to deal with the transition without your skin suffering – mine suffered for a while when exposed directly to the real world.

Take care,

Onij said...

Welcome back to world, unseperated, and unenclosed. Even though I havnt worn latex as yet I guess I could say this probaly feels like being taken from a safe and secure womb, and being thrown into the wild where you have to make use of ur sesnes.

Anonymous said...

Dear LateyLady,
Casually I landed on your blog and read your journal all along. I couldn't imagine that somebody could live so extremely the passion for latex and rubberized encasement. I thought it was something specific to men only. You prove the opposite.

Your experience is part of my dreams and I fully understand what you feel to live intensively these moments. I envy you: yes! I believe that the most captivating is coming.

Now you have tested your limits after more than one year enclosed in this wonderful material. I suggest you to be enclosed first in a very thin transparent catsuit (from head to feet) like a second skin. The opening to enter into this "special cloth" is located in the back, and instead of a zip, just glue/vulcanize definitively the opening. Inside, put an oily liquid to maintain a thin airtight intermediate layer between your skin and the rubber. For your eyes' opening you have two soft plastic lens attached to the hood, the ear are anatomic and contain wireless earphones to allow Sir to communicate with you (if necessary). The mouth has exactly your inside form with tubing allowing the breath. I leave you (or should I say Sir ?) imaginating or deciding for the rest of the dressing.

I am sure you will realise or live it.

I will follow your blog now and be sure I will be very close to you at any time.

Latex Thing

kapybara said...

Dear Lady,
I just caught up with your blog after a couple of weeks away - in consequence the changes in your lifestyle seem sudden, but I guess somewhat inevitable when maid left. Rest assured that your blog is no less fascinating because of the changes. Your description of the sensations of wearing latex compared with feeling the breeze or touching a surface shows all the insight, wit and humanity that makes your writing such a pleasure to read.
I look forward very much to reading more about your renewed acquaintance with the feel of the world without latex. The aura of loss (loss of maid, partial loss of the separated world) I think can heighten our understanding of what it felt like for you to be enclosed.
Warm regards, K

veiled slave said...

Dear veiled sister
I hope you are adapting well to the changes in your lifestyle. Maybe if latex is proving too impractical when alone you could wear fabric veiling & burqa. Be a niqabi inside the house & a burqa (gagged underneath of course!) to go out. I trust you are still not permitted out except with Master.
The following current items on eBay seem very attractive, I know 2 non-muslim couples where the wife is wearing the niqab now. It seems quite a few Western men like the idea of their woman being veiled!
On eBay:
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Much love
veiled slave

cogeto said...

Dear Latex Lady,

Firstly let me congratulate you on you period of enclosure and I sincerely hope that your current "free time" is not prolonged due you Maid's departure. I have been following your progress throughout the year and been most envious of Maid's situation. In fact I am currently seeking a similar position myself... so if you need an interim maid to encase you and take care of things you know who to call.

kindest regards,


tui said...

Your story has amazed me. I never knew about this kind of thing, and now I'm fascinated. While I don't think the extreme restrictions you enjoy would turn me on, the beauty of the slick blackness does. Good luck & please don't stop writing.

master said...

Dear Latexlady,
welcome to normal world.
I'm sure that your love for rubber is more strong now. but you need to live like a normal girl in latex. You was fantastic for 13 month, but you'll be great forever!
W latex!