Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Nice Holiday Weekend

We had a very nice quiet weekend here. I had some time to chat with online friends and spend some time with Sir. we wnet up north for a day, exploring new parts of Ireland. The weather was not conducive to siteseeing exactly; it was windy and rainy and cold, but the scenery was beautiful and there is nothing better for such weather than multiple layers of latex.

I was actually quite comfortable in a whole body catsuit (one of my thin transparent ones), a corset,and stockings, then a dress, gloves, and boots all under a burqa. I was in the white burqa, silenced by the hood, for the entire day we were out and never felt the cold.

Some people have taken me to task saying that rubber does not insulate well, but let me say that when you are wearing three layers of all encompassing latex, and you have air space under them as i do under the burqa, then they become quite warm, particularly when you are walking around in them even in a windy, cold rain.

We wandered a bit seeing some old churches and a castle. (a side comment here: A badly decomposed body was just found hanging from a tree not 50 yards from the main road leading to a popular castle near us. It is a castle Sir and I visited just a couple of weeks ago. My skin crawls to think how close we passed to this poor person's body as we drove and walked about the castle grounds).

The buildings and towns up north were quite interesting. We had several people show a considerable amount of interest in a silent, white rubbered burqa'd woman. We saw several muslim women in one town (Ireland's muslim population has risen 500% in the last few years, I am told). They were quite interested in me as well, but did not approach. These were mostly women wearing hijab, but with a few niqabis in their number.

Yesterday we spent most of the day at home, with just a few hours out shopping. I was in my red burqa most of the day and then wore it again today. I still wear the black one from time to time, but do not find it as enjoyable as the red and white ones. I do not know when my blue one will be ready...I hope Sir has ordered it, but he won't tell me.

Today i spent the day at home, but went out later in the afternoon. Sir had flown to Dublin for the day and he wanted me to meet him at the airport when he returned this evening. Since I was on my own and needed to catch a cab, i did not wear a complete gag under my burqa, just a black open faced hood that has a lower half that covers my nose and mouth. It keeps me from talking, but I can pull it down when I have to speak and it still fits well.

I spent the afternoon in an internet cafe, sipping espresso and chatting with friends online, then cauht a cab to th eairport. There I met sir as he returned from Dublin and we went out to the parking lot where he had parked his car this morning.

let me tell you, a woman in a bright red burqa gets quite a lot of stares at the tiny little airport here. I also garnered a fair amount of attention from a pair of ladies in the cafe. They could not take their eyes off me and kept looking at me as I typed on the computer with my red gloved hands, emerging from the arm slits. The dress I wore was black, but I wore red elbow length gloves over the sleeves so they would match the burqa when I used my hands.

So that was the long weekend and today (Tuesday). Very restful and fun. I hope everyone else had as nice a weekend.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Impressions in Latex

The smooth folds of my dress engulf me and enfold me in a soft latex embrace. The black, full length dress floats around me as I twirl in front of my mirror.

Next, the gloves...I pull elbow length gloves up my arms and under the sleeves of my dress. \they are very tight and i stare at the black shiny hands as I flex my fingers.

After that, my boots...knee high with slender heels 4 inches tall. the rubber they are made from is shiny and slick, thicker than my dress rubber.

Lastly, my hood. I pull it on, its wide, open eyes and mouth fitting nicely over my face and lips. I reach back to zip it down, but suddenly I feel sir's hands pulling the edges of the hood together and zipping tightly into my soft black headgear.

Finally, we are ready to depart. This means I have to put the white burqa with its integrated hood on. First I turn the burqa inside out, revealing the hood. then i put it over my black hood and smooth it into place. The perforated eyes fall into place, the nose holes line up with the ones in the inner hood and the closed mouth area slips into place over my lips, covering them in tight white latex.

Sir drapes the bulk of the burqa over my face and begins to pull the edges of the zio together. He slowly slodes the zipper down from the crown of the hood to its base. The tightness of the hood over my mouth is astounding. It surprises me everytime i wear it. It will settle in just a little while and be most comfortable, but I am always amazed at how effective a gag just a thin piece of latex stretched over my mouth is.

I lift and drape the burqa over my head, positioning its perforated panel over my hood's eyes. I can see and I check that I can breathe comfrotably, then signal to Sir that I am ready.

As we walk out of the house, I catch site of myself in our hallway mirror. The soft white folds of my burqa swirl as I turn and the mesh over my face adds mystery to the look. I feel my gloved hands and the press of hoods aainst my face and know that i am safe and secure, submissive and obedient...and happy.

here are a couple of new pictures since everyone wanted to see the inside hood.