Saturday, May 05, 2007

Heading Home

We are finally heading home. First we travel to chicago where Sir has a lunch meeting, then we fly home to Ireland tomorrow. I am waiting now to board the aircraft. This is the second time I have had to have TWO women check my identity ina private room. I was wearing my red burqa with a red open faced hood when we checked in and asked for private screening. We were politely accomodated, but for the second time here in the US i had two women come in and ask me to show my face.

No problems, though. I removed the burqa and answered their questions as they checked my photograph against my face. They were quite friendly and professional though.

Of course, Sir and I both had to have the full wanding search afterwards, but we are used to that. Sir has taken to wearing his latex when we fly as well...slacks, t-shirt, and blazer. So far no one has ever asked about the fact that it is rubber.

As usual, after we cleared security, I went into the ladies' room and put on a more severe hood for the actual flight after we got through security. I was wearing a redrubber ensemble consisting of long full dress, stockings, boots, and gloves with the red open faced hood and red burqa (that's the one without a builtin hood). the dress has a high collar with a ruffle and the necks of the hoods fit under that giving it a smooth appearance and resisting me when I turn my head.

I went into the restroom and swapped the open faced hood for a black full faced hood with sheath gag, then pulled the open faced one back over that. the black one is quite nice, very tight, and has open eyes, but a condom that fills my mouth preventing speech. The open faced hood is actually a half mask as it has a low forehead and also covers my chin and mouth up to my nose. I had to pull it down a bit for the security folks. It looks a bit like this picture I found on the web (this is NOT me) ... I shall try to get one of me and one in the black/red combination too.

Tomorrow I am told that I will fly with the white burqa and its built-in hood. Not sure how we'll get through security and passport control, but I presume Sir has a plan.

We are about to board so I must close for now. I shall write more this evening after we land. I am looking forward to a long relaxing flight, swathed in all my rubber and tightly buckled into my seat. It is so nice to sit for hours, sleeping or reading or drifting away in meditation, covered completely in yards and yards of sft ruber, restricted and tightly encased as well as being enjoyably gagged while we fly across the country.

more later


Anonymous said...

Hello, I find a pictures about your news slepsack .

Cariad's Master said...

Enjoy the flight back across the pond Lady!

Sounds like you will :-)

gummitaucher said...

It would be nice to hear about your experiences in the bag - it must take some concentration to breath with just one hole available.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,

As always, it is such a delight to hear about your latest adventure. Would you be kind enough please, to tell me where Sir purchased your total enclosure body bag?

Respect from Canada,


Asudem Latex said...

dear Lady

i would love to know more about how you manage to dress in so much latex. i'm on a similiar path in some sense but different in others.

do you use some sort of cream for your skin for the base catsuit?

are there others doing similiar long term dedicated latex wearing that you know of?

oh and please visit my blog ;-)



Anonymous said...

Welcome back in Ireland I hope you feel well greetings from Limerick