Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A month in the States

Well, it has been a most busy month. I apologize to all who have been asking for more posting. All I can offer as an excuse is that not only was I busy and quite tied up most of the time, we were also out of internet access for a while.

We are in San Francisco for a few days now before heading home to Ireland. It has been very busy, with trips to a few unusual places as Sir has been doing business. Today, however, has been sightseeing with visits to the SFMOMA and the DeYoung museum. Very nice they are too...the Picaso exhibit is first rate.

In the month we have been here we have visited Texas, our old home, spent Easter with Sir's family (I went to Easter Mass in my white burqa!), passed through Denver, LA (saw our son and his G/F) and now SF.

We return home later this will be a relief.

We have ben so busy and getting in so late that I've not had time or energy to blog. But here are some highlights

Easter -- We were with Sir's family and we all went to Easter Morning Mass (they are staunch catholics) on Sunday. I wore pure white (catsuit, dress, gloves, boots, hood, burqa) and Sir wore black slacks, white shirt, and black blazer (all latex). He talked about wearing his rubber cassock but we decided that might be too much!

While we are non-believers, we can still appreciate the ritual and solemnity of a good Mass and this was very well done. We (all 7 of us) occupied a full pew and I was next to Sir on one end. Yes, I prompted many stares, but people settled into their seats and into the routine as soon as Mass started. We were introduced to the pastor who was most gracious, if a bit confused by having a white burqa'd lady at his Easter mass. However, he took no offense and Sir congratulated him on the turnout and the sermon.

I was, of course, silenced by the built-in hood, but I shook his hand and he seemed OK. perhaps he thought i was a potential convert! :-)

Easter dinner was quite nice with a few friends of Sir's sister over as well. We had a baked ham and a Turkey and I was allowed to change into my red burqa so I could eat with a plate under my veil. the family is quite used to me, if still a bit confused by my lifestyle choice. The friends had been prepped and I was allowed to speak as well, so we had a nice chat.

In Denver we were only there a day and I was on my own wandering Boulder's streets and shops. Again, I was stared at, but did some shopping and made some purchases with no problems. That evening at dinner we ate at a restaurant inside an old bank vault with some colleagues of Sir. It is always interesting when I am introduced to colleagues of his as they typically don't know what to say or do. I always offer a rubber gloved hand for shaking (or kissing as a few of the men do) and then seat myself to Sir's left. On occassion, i am able to sit on the floor or kneel next to him which i truly prefer to do...the reaction from some of his stodgy colleagues is precious. That evening at dinner I was allowed to kneel next to him...most fun.

Reactions from women are also intriguing since many are shocked and some offended by public displays of servitude (PDSs?. Men seem to adjust more readily to me, but they do have trouble keeping their eyes off me when I am sitting or kneeling next to Sir. Women, on the other hand, usually either take one look and look away, or settle in and chat with me (if i can chat).

I actually enjoy kneeling next to Sir for an hour or two chatting with the wife of one of his colleagues about Ireland, sewing, teaching, the latest books, whatever, while nibbling on my dinner under the cover of rubber. It is a bit of an art to keep everything accessible and manage my burqa, my plate, my hands, etc.

In Los angeles, we met with our son and his g/f and went out shopping at a large fetish store, then to dinner. She was in a lovely white rubber sleeveless jacket, VERY short white rubber skirt, white rubber over the knee stockings, and short wrist length gloves. It is another of her anime character costumes in latex. She also wore a catsuit under it which has an open faced hood. The catsuit is light blue.

Son and Sir both wore black rubber cassocks and I was in white burqa, gagged for the evening. We went to a lovely Italian restaurant where I had to sit and watch them eat since I cannot do so in the white burqa.

Later, in the hotel room, Sir demonstrated the new total enclosure body bag he got for me with sleeves on the inside and a hood with only one small breathing hole at the nose and an inflatable inner hood with gag. There are no eyes, of course.

Our son showed off Wei in a heavily laced rubber catsuit which has quilted rubber padding on the shoulders, back, breasts, shoulders, elbows, thighs and knees and is very thick.

His g/f loves being laced into it amazingly tightly. She can barely move when fully encased. Then he pulled out a heavy leather hood and put it over her head. It has a latex inner hood with inflatable gag and laces tight in back. She told me later that she is now up to 10 hours in the suit and hood and can even sleep in it. She was always envious of my ability to be rubbered 24/7.

Then this week we've been in SF. I shall write more about that later. We met some old friends here and I've been rather incommunicado for the last several days while Annemarie used me for boudoir furniture!


So we've had


Anonymous said...

LOL your burkha is a wonderful disguise. Outwardly the preist sees a "potential convert", whereas underneath lies a "confidential pervert". ;-)

Your new body bag sounds nice. Sounds like you and Wei share a passion for restriction. What standard of dress does Sir expect of you prior to your being inserted in it?

Lovely to have you back blogging again.


J in San Jose said...

Welcome back to the states! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your trip. I've always been amazed at your bravery (and your Sir's bravery), not just going out in public anonymously in your kink, but attending church, family gatherings, and even meetings with your Sir's business colleagues. That takes chutzpah!

Do you ever still feel nervous or reluctant going out in public, or is it just daily life?

With much admiration,

J in San Jose

SanderO said...

It is understandable that many people stare and are confused to say the least by your appearance and behavior. It's far from normal or expected.

It's hard to think that anyone would actually do anything but focus their attention to try to "learn" or figure out what is going on... or perhaps the rare perv who might "groove" on the "scene" taking place before their eyes.

Your appearance and lifestyle appear to be such a continuous fetish it's hard to know what is a a scene and what is now just normal. I tend to see the lifestyle you describe as one never ending fetish experience. So be it. You bother no one so go fot it... It makes for an intersting read on the blog.

Without breaking the law or doing something offensive.. most people will nothing 99% of the time. What would or could they do? Ask questions? Make snide comments? Why bother... in the end it gives them something to think and talk about with their friends.

"Hey!... you know what I say today?"


Wildroses said...

Thank for this news story about your life. I very like some time also life the same story ... I wait the next !
Where dou you buy your news sleepsack and the leather hood with the inner inflatable latex layers !
I find for you 1 good story also at this adresses

Wildroses from Belgium.

Anonymous said...

I love it - as always.
Would love to see son's g/f in public as you described her rubber ensemble and blue catsuit!

You guys are truly inspirational.
Rubber hugs,

Anonymous said...

well it seems that your son s GF is also becomming a 24/7 latex addict , if she can spent for 10 hours in extreme latex. maybe in near future you ll have a companion in arms , and you will be able to share your experiences , to help her develope her fetish ways, pleases me to see how she s almost like yourself, you won t feel on your own , and common interest is wonderfull to get a better bond between you 2.

all best , keep up the blogging, it s exciting to hear from you and Sir.


gummitaucher said...

Dear Lady,

the new rubber bag sounds intense - will you have to wear more rubber while you placed inside ? Is that going to be used for meditation or breathing exercises ?

Good to hear from you and keep healthy !


Latex Lady said...

Thank you all for the kind comments.

When I am placed in my new rubber bag I am usually in a thin transparent catsuit. I do not know where Sir acquired it, but i think it was somewhere here in the US.

Our son said he found the gear he bought for his girl friend in LA.


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