Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yes, I am still here

I wanted to finally take a moment to make a new entry in this blog. It has been months, I know, since I wrote anything significant. I am not sure this will be very significant, but the number of comments and emails I've had asking me to write again make it imperative I explain what's been going on.

First, Sir has been working his way trough another bout of pneumonia since early June. He's had to go in the hospital twice and has been recouperating at home in between. It is terrible seeing him so weak and distressed and I have just not had the heart to write about it or any energy to think about our lifestyle as I've been busy caring for him.

Thankfully, he is now on the mend. He's had to undergo some terrible therapy to cure this particular form of pneumonia, but is doing much better and we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. There has been no permanent damage to his lungs and he has actually begun to talk about diving again next summer.

Secondly, I wanted to thank everyone for their comments and concerns. I appreciated the thoughts greatly as did Sir.

Finally, I know several people have seen the article in Bizarre magazine with a photo of me in my red burqa. Wonderful little write-up and a much larger photo than I ever expected them to print. I hope their readers enjoy it.

Obviously, we've done very little travel or adventuring recently with Sir so ill and weak. I have remained constant in my costuming, wearing latex around the house and, indeed, Sir has taken much comfort from wearing some of his catsuits as the pressure of the latex made his breathing feel more comfortable.

For myself, I have been experimenting with tighter and tighter facial coverings and neck braces, when I can, just as a way of affirming my own tendencies toward submitting to the discipline of both latex enclosure and of submission to Sir. I shall write more about the sensations of mulitple hooding over my face and of living for several days in a neck corset at a later entry. It has been a small bit of entertainment and distraction as I've been attending to Sir. He appreciates the bizareness of it too.



Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,

good to hear from you again - and that Sir is back on track.

I would love to read about your mutiple head covering - to restrict your vision or your breathing as well ?

take care

Latex Closetman said...

I have been watching and waiting without asking. I figured the heat of summer does not just affect those of us here in Israel but that despite the flooding in England, Ireland has probably had its fair share of hot weather and I guessed that was what was keeping you so quiet. It did not occur to me that your nearest and dearest was, or might be ill.

My sincere wishes for his speedy recovery and to full and complete good health.

It goes without saying that I am eager to hear of your latest exploits at all times and I hope that we will soon read more and that Sir will very soon be back to fully restored good health.
Best wishes to you both,

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady,

Glad to hear that Sir is on the road to recovery and that you are well if not tired.

Take care of Sir and your self


Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,

Very sorry to hear about Sir's latest bout with pneumonia. Glad to hear that he's on the mend again.

My best wishes to Sir, for a speedy recovery.

Respect from Canada,


Egghead said...

Dear Latex Lady,

I am sincerely sorry to hear about the illness of your Sir. It is good to see that you are supporting him by constantly reaffirming your submission even when he is not capable of commanding it as actively as he usually does. Your commitment must be a wonderful encouragement and support for him.

I wish your Sir a speedy and complete recovery.

Sir Phil said...

Hello Sir and latexlady Sir I am glad your on the mend from your bout of pneumonia. I to had bout of right lobe pneumonia which also ended me into taking a few trips into Emergency Dept here at our local hospital for IV treatment. I am still wearing my PVC suits..

Anonymous said...

Hello Lady,
pleased to read you again.
we strong support you and Sir and we wish you all the best, but Sir is strong.
Thanks again for this entry Lady
Take care

Anonymous said...

Dear Latexlady,

By coincidence I read your blog. I'm impressed by you experiences and the way you and Sir have chosen to live your lifes! Thank you for sharing it with us.
I like to experience the feeling of wearing a similar latex burqa. Can you tell me where i can buy it?
Thanks in advance,

Latex Lady said...

Thank you, everyone for your kind comments. Sir is recuperating well.

My burqas come from Peter Leth of Denmark. He custom makes them for me and is a wonderful designer for latex and PVC fashins. I shall post a link on this blog to his website. His email is


Anonymous said...

must be a hell of a job with Sir being ill, i am glad to read he s recovering, hope you ll have some quality time of your own , since you deserved it . take care dutchbloke

Anonymous said...

Hi LL,

Ah, I love multiple hoods too. If you have inflatables with suitably large mouth openings it's possible to wear several inflatables at a time. It's quite a buzz when you're having three of them pumped up, complete with any other 'normal' hoods as the first layer(s). Definitely try it !

SanderO said...

Hope hubby has a speedy recovery.