Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Lazy Sunday

I am not sure why, but the pleasure is intense today. Perhaps it is because Sir and I are having such a good day. I awoke this morning and slipped into a gleaming white rubber skinsuit that covers me head to toe. It hugs me completely, gloving my hands and hooding my head and face. The eyes are open although the mouth is closed and I am silenced. Over this my usual corset and boots went smoothly and tightly. These were the white rubber knee boots and white corset I usually wear with my white dresses.

Then, over all that, I put on a long, loose black dress with a very tight waist and full skirt. The white gloves emerging from the black sleeves, and my white, shiny, hooded head issuing from the high, black neckline looks lovely and very bizarre when I glance in the mirror. The hood is very tight as is the bodice, reminding me of my feminitity and my rubberization at the same time.

The fun thing today is that Sir is dressed almost identically...he is also in a white skinsuit beneath his black latex priest's cassock. This is the first time in a long time he has felt good enough to wear a hood with no mouth for a long period. He is breathing normally and without distress even when we engage in strenuous and fun activities :)

We've had a very nice day and even went out earlier. I draped myself in the hugely voluminous latex folds of my white burqa, and he pulled the second hood, the one in the burqa, most tightly against my face to the point I lost feeling in my cheeks and forehead. Sir pulled on slacks, shirt and a pair of gloves over his skinsuit and took the hood off and tucked it under his trench coat.

We walked along the road near our home. It was windy and raining , but we were both fully protected. I was, in particular, virtually untouched by the weather, noticing only the tension and restriction of my 3+ layers of warm, soft rubber.

Once we returned home, Sir had me kneel in the center of our living room while he resealed himself completely, including the cassock, then removed my burqa and its built-in hood, and verified I was still sealed and silent. He and I spent a busy and pleasurable afternoon in our play room and now, as I write this, are resting, watching tv and reading on a Sunday afternoon, still sealed and silenced.

It is so good to have him back, feeling well and energetic. And there is soemthing very erotic about having both of us dressed in almost identical, totally enclosing, restrictively silencing rubber.



unit1421 said...

It is good to hear your Master is back on his feet. Please grace us with a photo of the two of you together in full regalia.

Anonymous said...

dear lady , wunderfull to read all is back at normal, and funtime is back again. wish you both the best cause it was a difficult time for you both, and there s need to enjoy eachother.

best regards


alphaxanon said...

Mmmm, that sounded like a wonderful day in latex. I think that the absence of rain is the main reason behind the lack of latex lovers here in San Francisco bay area.

xhedrickx said...

hi hi, great to see u write an entry again. Im glad that your master is doing well. Have fun and do take good care of him which Im sure u will. :D

Anonymous said...

Good to read you're both back in full swishy rubbery swing Lady.

Still suffering temperatures of around 29 degrees centigrade here in Is and much too hot for any real kind of enjoyment.

Looking forward to visint the UK in November and remembering what it is to enjoy the rain and, hopefully, the rubber!

Your friend in the ME.
Best wishes as always,

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Lady, glad to read that Sir is recovered.

veiled wife said...

Hi glad to hear everyhting is ok with you. I still wear a burqa all day every day with gloves & an abaya underneath. I wear my blue one to do housework & when I am taken out I wear the black satin one. I also wear a 10" hobble chain on my ankles & I still gag myself all day without fail.
I have a new email adress:
feel free to add me to IM or email me

Anonymous said...

Hello Lady your delight and fascination with your costuming continues to shine from the page and always provides a captivating and entertaining read. Thank you so much. When Sir checks you are still silenced is it a visual check or does he provide stimulus to generate an involuntary audible response? Best wishes from RollyMo.

Anonymous said...

Could you post a picture of your white rubber knee boots please? They sound so sexy!

gummitaucher said...

Dear Lady,, it would be great if you could share some more details of your latex lifestyle with us. best regards, gummitaucher

Anonymous said...

Hello Lady and Sir from New Zealand.
Love the blog.
Are you and Sir alright?

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,

It would be really nice to read a new post..I wonder why you write so much less than last year



Bootie said...

It's been a couple of years since I've read you, and you've been sorely missed.

Now start writing again, please Lady, I implore you.

I am glad to hear that Sir is on the mend, sad to hear you've left the States, relieved to find you still encased in Latex and mildly turned on by your tales.

I've recently made the move to Austin, TX from South Florida and I'm feeling it to be a good fit. So much has transpired since your blog was last a part of my life...

Best wishes,

The blogger formerly known as "Confessions of a Closet Masochist"

Ratna said...

Salaam aleikum dear Latex Lady,

I hope everything is fine with you and your family.