Monday, February 26, 2007

Impressions in Latex II

The loose folds surround and contain me. The rubber is loose, soft, rustling, yet restaining and constricting at the same time. My breath is all I hear under the layers of hoods, the tubes fitted neatly into my nose and mouth, the pressure of inflation sealng all within.

I can't feel my hands or fingers anymore. The gloves are so tight and my arms are gone, lost, disappeared into the smooth tight shiny carapace of thick latex, zipped up and locked to my collar behind my back. My arms have been in such tight red rubber, the third layer, for so long and bound so tightly behind me that they have ceased to exist. Sir has kept me in this pose so long I cease to feel human, I feel disconnected, unattached and disjointed.

My torso and my breasts are tightly bound in layers of latex, pressurized and constraining, breath hard to find. My head held tightly by the collar, my legs held tightly together by the narrow hobble skirt that falls to just below my knees. Rubber boots tight to the calf, with very high spike heels, come to my knees, covering the rest of my legs. The tubes dangling from beneath my skirt fill my orifices. The collection bag is attahced to my right thigh, its bands constricting and cutting off the blood flow slightly. The plugs and the wires Sir has put in me make me tingle and shudder. The plugs both vibrate and electrify me.

As I stand before him, swathed in yards and yards of rubber, both tightly constrained and flowingly loose, restrained to the point of numbness yet free to feel myself soar with pleasure, as I stand before him, I lose myself, sinking, drowning in the rubber he drapes over me. No longer human, unable to eat, feel, move, see, taste, or even hear beyond the sound of my own breath moving in and out of the tubes I am dependent on. I cease to be...I am become latex... I am the smooth, shiny, elastic integuement...I am the tubes, the bag, the inflation, the gag, the plugs...I am the rubber.

This is how I spent my weekend. When I was finally released this morning, I took over an hour to re-align myself with the reality of being merely dressed in lightweight rubber. I felt light headed, literally, without the pressure of an inflated hood worn for over 48 hours and my arms kept moving of their own accord for quite some time, no restraint, no restriction.



unit1421 said...

it serves its owner well. good unit.

Alison said...

I wonder if we all like this sort of thing because it's like going back into the womb. I've been in floatation tanks and although they are not as severe, they do produce similar feelings.

I know that I love to be tightly constrained in a corset.

You do make me think about what drives us all. And especially me.

Keep up the good writing.

Love Alison

Rubberjohn said...

Thank you for this precise anlysis of deep encasement in rubber. Being an object, a rubber object fully dependent of exterior will is clearly an intense emotional trip we seek when we are fully involved as a rubber slave !

gummitaucher said...

That you for sharing that with us - it really was an inspiration !


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a wonderful way to spend the weekend, lucky Sir, lucky you. How did Sir regulate your food / drink?

Anonymous said...

Hello Lady,

As always another exciting account, the depravation and confinement sounds wonderful. I wonder how long you could sustain this, perhaps a week? It would be interesting to read how you felt and when it ceased being a pleasure.

Isra said...

Incredible Lady!
Did Sir take pictures? Please share them with us if he did.
I'd love to know where you buy your rubberwear too - the super thin bodysuits are a real turn-on for me and I'd love to get one for myself.
Rubber regards and have a wonderful rubbery weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi just what did you do for the whole weekend, did Sir take you out or were you confined to the home all the time?

Cigamybab said...

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Thanks Cigamybab

gummitaucher said...

Do we get to hear more, please ? :)


Cariad's Master said...

Hello LL.

Missing your posts!

Hope everything is well with Sir and yourself.

Rubberjohn said...

Well, all your admirers are expecting new developments of your exciting rubber life ! I hope eveything is ok for you two...

nadia said...

Dear Lady,
your description of your feelings in bondage is the best one, i have never heard about it. so poetic and sensitive.
Well, i wish you will give us more pleasure Lady, you are amazing
Your devoted

Living In Chastity said...

This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. Thank you x