Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekend in London

We spent a lovely weekend in London, shopping and just relaxing as a late valentine's celebration.

Sir required me to pack nothing but red rubber..stockings, boots, corset, dresses, gloves, hoods. I brought three red dresses, one of which is in the accompanying picture. This is my red dress from peter leth.

Several people were concerned about me going out in a burqa in London. But let me say there were not only no problems, I fit in quite well, particulalry when we went to two fabric stores in Kilburn on the Edgeware road. I do believe that veiled and fully covered and gloved women were in the majority. I was not given a second glance.

But even in Mayfair and in Harrods I was hardly noticed. Dinner in a very nice restaurant the first night we arrived was, as always, interesting, but I ordered shrimp and scallops which always works as a meal I can eat beneath my burqa.

the hood I was wearing most of the time is very tight, laced in back and then a zipper over the lacing. It is quite thick and restrictive with a round hole over my mouth that I can just berley fit small bites of food through. Sir gagged me sometimes while wearing it, a small red ball gag that fits very neatly in the hole in the hood.

My red boots were a bit tiring to walk in as much as we did, but they look wonderfully sleek. The second dress I brought along is very tight and hobbling and the boots look wonderful under it.

We stopped at several bookstores (the IRISH do not appear to enjoy reading as much as we do if the number and size of bookstores are any measure). And I was able to acquire some lovely fabric inclufding some very fancy lycras with arabesques and a nice black vinyl that I will use to make my sister something kinky i think :)

Sir bought some Starbuck's coffee and other things he can't get here in the west of Ireland. We had a lovely time visiting some of the museums (but the Kylie Costume exhibit at the V & A is overhyped).

In the evenings, I was put into some very nice bondage Sir acquired at a store in islington. A new armbinder and a special harness for my torso and breasts...all pulled tightly over my full enclosure, fully occusive red rubber catsuit. The impact of all that latex is fantastic.

We had a loely suite with a private outdoor terrace which, had it been warmer, would have made for great breakfasts, but he says we will do that again in a few months...but sitting out, even in the cold, wearing three layers of latex was quite enjoyable.

Sir wore his slacks and a latex shirt most of the weekend...he brought three shirts and two pairs of slacks. And he wore a lovely black rubber rain cape that he got a couple years ago.

The flights were uneventful as was the drive to and from the airport. Nothing much going on there except having to show my face to a couple of security women. The usual protocols worked just fine...Sir asked for a private screening for me and they politely accomodated. Of course, given the number of niqabs, burqas, veils, and other fully enclosed women I saw at London airports, they must be very used to private screenings.

So we had a lovely time



Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe there would be a second posting so quickly after that last one that had us all so excited!
I well remember the streets of Kilburn and Islington from when I used to live in the capital and nothing would have been stranger in my day than seeing you walking around all rubbered and gloriously burq'ad. Indeed, I think Sir's role in my day would have been bodyguard rather than dominating husband!

Great read - and I'd just love to hear the really intimate details about what happens in a private airport screening - that's got to be worth a blog of its own!

bless you,

Dark said...


That's a very attractive dress.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting so soon !
Great dress, Any chance of seeing the catsuit and mask ? Oh don't forget a picture of the boots.
Have you worn the attached hood out much with other hoods underneath ?
Keep up the detail and pictures can't wait for the next posting !!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lady,

As always great reading your blog. The dress is wonderful but I agree with the previous comment it would be even better to srr more of your clothing, if Sir will allow.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,

Thank you once again, for sharing your latest adventures. I check your blog daily, to see if there's anything new on it.

Regard from Canada,


Alison said...

Funny you should go to Kilburn, which used to be the Irish part of London.

It brings back memories for me of watching Kilburn and the High Roads in pubs in North London in the early 1970s. The band was fronted by Ian Dury, who later achieved real fame with the Blockheads.

Those were the days.

I hope you liked my fair city and will visit us again.

Rubberjohn said...

Thank you again Lady for sharing your life in rubber... For those who would like to enjoy full enclosure in a burka-like mode, I warmly suggest the NP2 sauna bag of Coccoon with attached hood. It is becoming one of my favourite outfit fot sleeping or even resting during the day. Very good for meditation ! . I even put another latex bag under, over my catsuit, and I am fully sealed and waterproofed ( =:)) in latex for hours

unit1421 said...

We really hope to see you and Sir at the inaugural Rubber Doll World Rendezvous in April of '08. Our first ad is out in the new issue of Skin Two and looks great. This will be special event for the rubber/latex community, and deeply hope you and Sir will come and participate.

kimberly said...

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