Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sunday - A Morning's Pleasure and an Afternoon's Delight

We went out driving over the weekend and had a nice little experience in a cafe in a city to the south of us here. Sunday morning i woke feeling very good and wanted to dress especially nice.

Our bed is made up, even here in Ireland, with latex sheets and duvet. they are very soft, very red, and very smooth andslinky when you are also wearing rubber under them. Sir and I wear rubber to bed, either a skinsuit or, for me, a catsuit. Sir usually weas a catsuit or a loose robe over latex underpants.

I slid out of the soft slinky bed and it was quite cold so i grabbed a rubber pegnoir as well and pulled it on as i went to dress. My bathroom is also my vanity so I spent quite a lot of time in their choosing just the right sunday outfit after my bath.

Sir seldom visits me in the bath and did not do so today. he uses a different one and we try to avoid geting in each other's way. Mine has several of my corsets and hoods and gloves in it, setup wheere I can get to them easily, so I do not have to coem out until i am comfortably covered and sealed if that is my goal (or his goal) for the day. nothing annoys more than dashing around looking for the other glove or where I put the lace down hood or missing a posture collar that i really want to wear.

Sunday I put on several layers to be more elaborate and a bit more extreme since I was in the mood to please him and myself. I bathed, then powderedand slid into a transparent grey skinsuit with gloves and hood and feet, then put on a standard red catsuit over that with no hood, hands or feet.

The corset came next and I pulled it as tight as I could, but Sir usually tightens it up more later. Then I choose my victorian walking skirt in red rubber. This skirt has a bustle sort of folded in and consists of yards of latex. very flowing and pretty, but designed to be quite restrictive for walking. Only small steps may be taken and while it appears to be loose, it is actually quite hobbing around the ankles.

I had on two layers of rubber so no stockings were required and I pulled on a pair of red rubber boots that come up over my knees like stockings. They have a four inch heel, spiked.

My blouse was designed to match the skirt. it is ver full, but actually quite tight and restricting, particularly around the neck and wrists. It is zipped on the side so I can do it and long enough t fully tuck into the skirt. It has a high ruffled collar and cuffs and leg of mutton sleeves, but with so much rubber on under it the fit is very tight.

Another pair of gloves, these red, and a red condom hood completed the ensemble. the hood has large eye cutouts so I can see clarly, but i was sucking on a rubber sheath all day long and my mouth would not close completely. Yes, I was in a real mood sunday!

The hood is one of my favorites. love the way it slides on over an inner hood, with such tightnes and a sensation of taking ownership of my face and head. I've cut my hair again recently so it is very short and does not get in the way of hooding at all.

So, properly dressed, i went out of the bath, downstairs to the kitchen and found Sir had dressed and was reading the paper. he was in a nice catsuit with a sheath over his equipment and slacks and shirt, all black latex, over that. We spent a half hour or so exploring ways in which his rubber fitted into my face...while he drank his coffee!

He had me remove the condom hood afterwards and we ate a light breakfast, then I put it back on and he said we were going out. It felt very odd to be chewing on a soft piece of toast 5 minutes after he had been fully inside my mouth, hard as a rock, while i gently chewed on him thorugh the latex...all with no taste of him, no sense of having touched him or been toouched...whcih of course, I had not actually been. The sense of pleasurs coupled with sensory deprivation, followed by the taste of toaast and jam was incredibly bizarre.

Then, of course, after a bit of tea, there was the taste of rubber again, filling my mouth, rippling across my palate, sliding into my throat. So nice and smooth after the coarseness of food. I almost wished he had fed me through the tube instead.

I slid my red burqa on and we went out for our drive. I shall write more of that in a bit, but just now i am being called and must go see to him. He's still in bed this morning and probably wants some attenttion...which I am properly hooded to give him.



Dark said...


That sounds like a lot of fun. I am curious... how often do you engage in what would be called a "scene" or sex... that is... where one or both you or your husband have an orgasm such as the events described today?

Do you consider yourselves highly sexed.. or with normal sex drives? Has it changed over the years and how has your en casement changed your sex life?

Anonymous said...

That's what I am talking about ! Details,
Would have been able to wear the inner hood burqa with this outfit for the day ?
How long were you dressed like this ?
Have you received your inner straight jacket you talked about a while ago?
I really enjoyed reading about this.

Latex Lady said...

Thanks for the questions, folks.

Yes, I COULD have worn the white burqa with the built-in hood instead of the second hood. As a third hood, it becomese VERY restrictive and tight. Of course, I am not able to provide Sir with the service I wished to on Sunday when encased in the white burqa's restriction hood even if I have th econdom hood on underneath.

Sometimes, when I am so configured, the condom hood is filled with a soft latex dildo for the day, beneath the white muthless hood, so I am completely plugged and silent even though it cannot be with Him. that sensation, held for hours, is, I can tell you, very bizarre.

And no, I do not have a straitjacket/burqa combo yet.

I spent the entire day from about 9am until after midnite dressed this way.

It WAS a lot of fun. Sir and I engage in a scene such as this at least once or twice a day, but they do not all result in climax..and not always for both of us. Sometimes, they are just relaxing ways to remind ourselves of our relationship, to share our mutual desires. Sometimes only one of us climaxes and very often we climax separately or by manual stimulation later...the process is fluid and dynamic. Climax is not that important to either of us at this point in our lives, just as touching skin to skin or actually coming in skin contact with each other has paled to insignifigance.

Rather, it is the act of submission and dominance which is critical to our pleasure.

I do not consider either of us overly sexed. I think our desire for sex is at a normal level. It is the TYPE of sexual experience we crave which is different. And, since I have committed that I shall not refuse Sir, there is no feeling from him that I might not respond. Consequently, he follows through on his impulses much more often, I think, than happens with vanilla couples. Since he does not have to worry that I might say no because I am busy or interested in TV, or reading, or eating, or do not feel like it, or might find it embarrassing to climax in public, he does not hesitate to exercise his desire in whatever manner he chooses. So in the middle of dinner, I may find him taking me to the playroom or having me spend the rest of HIS meal between his legs. When I feel the desire to initiate things, I do if I am able, and I am seldom disappointed, but he ALWAYS has the prerogatve to do so. This actually leads to a fairly active fantasy and love life.

And, of course, the fact that it is always mediated by the rubber existence we lead keeps the arousal level and the excitement level high.


Dark said...


Thanks for the answer. I certainly do not consider climax as the defining quality of a sexual encounter, and for sure your style of "sex" being fetish based would not resemble sex which the so called vanillas do. However if you "play" one to two times a day and consider that "normal"... I am definitely sub par on that score. It takes a lot more to get me going.

One interesting aspect of rubber to rubber sex is that no lubricant is required and so arousal for the female's vagina is not even an issue if both are sheathed!

And then of course there is the fact that you and sir wear rubber almost exclusively... it is either a constant sensual/kinky/erotic stimulus or it has become so normal that it ceases to cause arousal. I am very curious about your comment here, because my own experience over the years has seen the arousal quotient of rubber decrease as it became more "familiar" to my senses. My attachment to it has become "emotional" or political or how I chose to identify sexually... but it does not play the role it once did.

You rarely have skin to skin contact and this is another unusual thing. As much as I like my wife in rubber and being in it myself.. I love skin to skin contact and find it very sensual and special... I think if I were deprived of that skin to skin contact I would feel very detached from her, her scent and so forth. How do you feel about skin to skin contact? Could you live without it?

I understand that dominance and submission is the "currency" of your sexuality and I believe you once said that you could or would abandon the rubber if your husband decided he didn't want it. I assume he would do the same if for some reason you were no longer interested in it, but wanted to continue as master slave.

Do you have vanilla clothes in Ireland? Do you ever feel the need to escape your rubber? You can't miss something or long for it... if it is always there.

I think this is why people dose themselves...

What say you?

Cariad's Master said...


Your relationship is great to hear about. What a Valentine's day!

Your response to Dark, your comment about climax in public is interesting.Care to expand on this?

Cariad's Master

Latex Lady said...


Please email me at


Latex Lady said...

Cariad's Master
There are times when Sir requires that I climax while we are out or sets up my bondage in such a way as to insure that I will. Part of my training has been to learn to do so without revealing anything to the outside word by body language or sound.

it is quite fun now, because I am very good at it.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lady

I have enjoyed reading your latest blog but have pasted a reply you made to another group and would welcome your comments.

In the past Dark has been critical the wearing the burka in public gives people the wrong impression, that you are Muslim, and although I believe that one should be free to wear the style of dress that is pleasing, Muslim style of dress tends to define the individual to the outside world and the same can be said for the Amish, Hindu, Sikh, TV etc. Again the public is free to draw their own conclusions and the wearer has to be prepared for any repercussions that follow. However it appears that you have moved away from dressing in the Muslim style but giving advice on the pretext of being a Muslim which is a step too far. Also some of your comments, especially regarding having two daughters are not consistent with your blogs. One has to question whether the line between fact and fiction, truth and honesty has been crossed.

I look forward to your comments.

Latex Lady said...

I have edited your comment a bit because of its length. Sir posted to the group and has fun with them as the group is NOT serious but is a collection of fetishists. I did mention to him it was a bit over the top, and did not realize he posted under my login...usually his weird comments are under latexgentlg...I think he was having fun at my expense as well as the group's.

However, neither of us has ever purported to be Muslim and indeed are quick to refute that if mentioned. Even in that post he did not do so.

And no, we only have a son.


Dark said...


I find the word -requires- in the context of your having a climax while you are out... a strange choice. I am not even sure I understand the notion of "requiring someone else to have an orgasm".

Speaking for myself and my own sexual experiences. I certainly do like it when my partner has an orgasm... as she does when I do. I don't know that I require her to have one.

Since I consider her orgasm at least partly do to my presence, her climax is sort of an affirmation of my sexual skill (at least with her and at least at that moment). The idea of requring her to climax is like saying you must climax because I am here and I need to know how hot I make you feel.

It just sounds like an odd choice of words. But maybe in the context of master slave... this makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I have a question, where did you get the "condom" hood?

I love your blog btw...keep up the inspirational work =)

Cariad's Master said...

Too 'tied up' for updates lately LL?

Anonymous said...

I do wish I knew where you got that condom hood from - I've been trying to get one, it sounds like a great exercise in taste restraint whilst servicing... A sublime bondage experience! Please let us know where you aquired it.

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