Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Blogging from the Train

As I write I am actually on the train to dublin. Sir and I are going there for the day as he has a meeting and I have Christmas shopping to do. I am sitting across from a very shy young man in a suit who keeps eyeing me in my bright red rubber burqa and staring at my hands (in red rubber gloves, of course) as I type.

I must confess, I am giggling a bit under my burqa. But I am wearing a very nice gagging hood so no sound emerges.

This ability to access the web while on the train is wonderful. The signal is good and the speed is quite acceptable for text and small images. We were served a nice breakfast just after we, I did not eat, but Sir did...i will be fed later in our hotel room.

I am looking forward to shopping. I plan to take the LUAS to DunDrum, the large covered shopping mall here.

Sitting on the train in red rubber is always fun. The huge folds of the burqa have to be wrapped around me to fit in these narrow seats as this is an old first class carriage, not the newer one with only three seats in a row. This burqa has arm slits for my hands...a fact that is not lost on the young man sittin gstaring at me furtively. I am all in red under the burqa and am a bit restrained in that my arms are secured to my body just above the elbow so i have very limited range of motion. I am also wearing a favorite neck corset (fully integrated with the hood) today which severely limits my ability to move my head. for those of you who are always interested, my knee boots are 5 inch spike heeled red rubber as well. My dress is ankle length but full skirted so i am wearing about 20 yards of ruber and it weighs about 40 pounds all told. The hood/corset is number two over a thin transparent one (part of my usual skinsuit) that fully covers my face and mouth as speech for Lady today! the sleeves of the dress are very tight and end in gloves that barely fit over the clear ones of the my fingers are nearly numb as i try to type this. Abslutely wonderful feelings.

I was asked recently about how i felt in normal materials, not rubber. and I have to say that on the few occassions over the past two years when I have felt ordicnary cloth, even satin made from silk felt rough. Cotton and polyesters are terrible once your skin has become addicted to latex. Mine is very smooth and white now and almost anything touchng it is an irritant. PVC and leather are notable exceptions, but the back side of leather it too rough.

Even being without a hood or gloves as I am around the house on occassion makes me uncomfortable. I no longer even notice a hood unles it is missing and I find myself unconciously slipping one or two on during the day only to discover that I have gagged myself when it is dinnertime and I must change.

I've been wearing more ankle length tight hobble skirts lately as sir has upped the level of restraint i live in day to day. This limits my steps, but, because my heels are so high, often ballet height, i am still able to walk in very tiny steps. Someone asked about that ... small steps are easier to take when you are very close to being en pointe and thus higher heels and vamps are beter when your stride is limited to 6 inches by the hem of your skirt.

Sir is reading over my shoulder and nodding.

I twill be a lot of fun to wander DunDrum again by myself covered in red rubber. people just sort of part like the waters of the red sea to let me pass.I have to get clothes for our son and books for Sir and somehting for my sister and parents. I am thinking about a portrait.

More later


Anonymous said...

Incredible that you can even type, let alone on a train in two gloves with restriction of your arms and a neck corset. WOW you have really adapted.

My latex trench is very heavy but nothing like 40 pounds. How can you do it?

Alone and can you get up if you were to fall down? I worry that your being alone and gagged and so forth is a bit dangerous. You need to have your husband close by in case something should happen.

Be careful.


Latex Lady said...

Lovely to hear from you. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. Is it cold in NY? Good latex trench weather?

Thank you for your concern but no need to worry. First, yes I can rise if I fall and if absolutely necessary I would abandon rubber enclosure before injuring, never fear...I may be a fetishist, but not a fanatic.

I have never had a situation where being gagged became an issue of danger to me...but even when alone as I am this afternoon, (I am on the LUAS now, a light rail) I stay in well lit, populated areas and I CAN signal for help if need be.

Take care and have a happy holiday


SanderO said...


I have been reading your blog since its inception, but have had all sorts of log on problems so I'll just sign with my Dark nick.

We had a cold snap with violent winds this past week and it was biting to be outside. I will wear some rubber, but never full rubber, jeans or a long sleeve collared buttoned shirt and the trench when the weather is OK for that. It's heavy but not oppressive.

I occasionally wear rubber briefs, but I find that ultimately they are not comfortable after several hours due to their inability to left the skin breathe. Room temps and humidity are factors. I do have one very thin suit which is a very different wearing experience, much like your under suit. The thin latex is much more comfortable and makes long term wearing possible. I suppose one really has to wear this continuously and train their body to find it natural and make the "adjustments". This may make it comfortable but perhaps less exciting. Don't know, it's just a theory. I do know that over the years the wearing of latex may be compelling but it is not the same as it was years ago.

How has your experience been with latex of the "decades" of your wearing it? And does your husband report any changes?

I've seen some people trip and fall and injure themselves and need help in getting up. You can also hit your head and become unconscious. These are real possibilities especially if you have impaired vision and wear dangerously tall heels. Again, please be extra careful and being alone is not advisable.

Best to you for the holiday season. Perhaps you can post some pics of your new dress? I am curious as to how the designs are actually worked out.


Anonymous said...

Dear lady,

so many posts in such a short time..was really nice to read :). I was actually wondering what you do wen sir is not around, and oh yes, some photos would be lovely!



CariadsMaster said...

Morning LL and Sir.

Good to see you two back enjoying what you enjoy, and Sir back to full health, I hope.

Do you ever here from Maid, and have you thought of getting another on while you are in Ireland?

Gerez said...

Dear Lady, thanks for posting again.

I'll make you a question that probably lots of people made you already, hope you don't find it offensive, but my interest is for the practical day by day:
What happens when you want to go to the bathroom?.
I know that you usually are fully catetherized with collecting piss bag but the other thing how do you do?.
Keep on posting!.

Thank you very much.


Samantha said...

I just stumbled onto this blog tonight, and I'm already in awe. The outfit you described sounds very gorgeous, and I wish I could see it! Any advice for a newbie who would want to eventually want to work up to the level that you're at?

I'm super interested now, and I know I'll be back to read this blog again!

Latex Lady said...

hello everyone and thnak you for the comments

Yes, i am very careful about walking and stumbling and such...but I am quite capable of getting up if i fall...however, your concerns are appreciated.

I AM catheterized much of the time but not always. When i need to use the facilities in public I hike up my burqa, unzip my crotch zips and go just like anyone else. HOWEVER...I try to avoid needing to use such facilities as much as possible and sometimes I must simply hold it at Sir's behest.

Samantha, I am so glad you found my blog and are interested in it. Please feel free to email me and i will be happy to give advice. My first advice is to go for it...get some latex streetwear and just wear it out...a nice just below the knee skirt or a pretty one will object. Expand your wardrobe from there.

Someone asked about the condom hood. My condonm hoods are from Simon O.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lady thank you for another fascinating glimpse into your increasingly restricted lifestyle. How did your shopping trip go? I would imagine that, with limited arm movement, zero head movement and full silencing it was very testing at times. For example, reaching for a book on a high shelf was impossible and you had no way of communicating your needs to an assistant apart from writing notes? A report on your experiences would be delightful. Thanks, RollyMo

Latex Lady said...

yes, shopping was a bit challenging but I was in heaven. I walked, straightbacked, stiff necked, wrapped in flowing rubber swirling around my and i have to say i did not even feel human. i semed to be separate from everything, caught in amber, watching the world in the mall rush by while i slowly strode in my restricted, narrow visioned rubber world through the world of humans.

I stopped and bought things like a calendar, a book, a sweater, but all with a sense of unreality, as if I was reaching through some sort of rubbery portal to a different world.

A few people stared, some teenagers snickered and laughed as I walked by (but quieted when I turned the gaze of a burqa mesh upon them). I seemed to actually have more power than ever. The crowds parted, people dropped their voices and I was left iso;lated in my comfortably confined rubber world.

Although i was restrained, i was the one who was free to be myself, my rubber self, non a member of the human race anymore, sealed, rubbered, face covered, voice silenced, arms restrained, steps limited, neck and body corsetted...alone within my self...the thousand people in the mall were not r4eally wandering through a virtual world.


SanderO said...

I always find your entries and comments interesting and they always raise questions in my mind.

One thing which strikes me is how difficult it would be to make a transaction when one is so severely restricted in both movement and vision, especially with one's arms bound at the elbows to their body? Where do you, how do you hold your money or ccard and so forth? How do you even lift something off a hanger?

I can see how one would feel otherworldly in such restrictive bondage in a environment such as a mall when everyone else is so involved with the mundane and detached especially inside the burqa with pepper pot eyes.

I will say I don't think you had more power, but if people were leaving you alone you could perceive it as a sort of freedom and I certainly would not agree that you were free to be yourself. This presumes that everyone else wants to be something other than what they are... especially in public. I for one, never felt I want to be or look any different than how I present in public not especially empowered when wearing some rubber.

I can understand how wearing extreme bondage covered by what looks like Islamic dress would provide a thrill of "geeting away" with the outrageous. But it is not the same as doing it without the cover of the burqa.

Of course there is no other dress which would probably allow you to be hooded, masked and gagged, except Islamic dress.

Have you thought about simply using trans hoods which don't conceal your identity, but still fog it? The hood could be mouthless (or with painted lips, and you could even wear a wig and many people might not even notice, or accept you as they do when you are in the burqa.

If anyone has the courage to try this out there, it is you LL. How bout it?

Anonymous said...

Hello Lady thanks for your moving description. It is lovely that you are here more frequently at present. I, like Dark, am curious about the practicalities of your interaction with store clerks etc while in such strict confinement. It must be beautifully convoluted at times to achieve. Do you find it at all frustrating? How are you adjusting to your increased day-to-day restraint? Has it affected your sleeping arrangements too? How often are you tube fed now? Does that help your dehumanization?

gummitaucher said...

Fantastic - as always - to read about your experiences !

Thanks for sharing


Anonymous said...

Wow! Another posting so soon after the last one Lady! As usual, you are exciting my sexual and sensual propensities with your descriptions of dress and travel in public and I am fantasizing about what it must be like for Sir to be sitting next to you and looking at the reactions of those around you. I bet there is a bulge between his legs!

Must be something approaching three years now that the 100% rubber lifestyle has been cocooning you and I have to say that it begs so many questions even after your wonderfully illustrating diatribes.

The great thing is that you are still willing to share it with all of us out here in cyberspace and I thank you for that.

I think that there are many who would love to possess a similarly rubbered Latex Lady and I am once more in awe of Sir that he is even prepared to allow you to blog to us about the experience.

I'll take this chance to wish you a wonderfully rubbery and layered Christmas and a year of good health and continued prosperity.

As always,

Latex Lady said...

Sandero makes the comment that I don't really have more power and that by veiling i am not 'free to be myself' but i want to disagree.

I am most myself when the rubber engulfs me, overwhelms me with its tous=ch, its constriction, its reistance and its mebrace. I am me when I am hooded, not longer the unrubbered person i used to be bt rather the new me, swathed in the feeling of submission to this marvelous material.

I don't feel like 'me' when I am uncovered...I feel proper and correct and whole and 'me' when I stand in the crowd of hmans rushing past me, parting to give me space and I am there, beneath my burqa, bound, gagged, restrained, limited in stride, rubber sothingly caressing my face and that little pkace at the back of my neck. I feel empowered to be myself when I can yield to the incredibly tight resistance of a rubber skirt against my ankles, submit to the limitation of movement of my arms, succumb to the lack of feeling in my fingers.

all of that separateness, isolation, and transformation of me into the OTHER means that I stand, in the middle of a public square, or a shopping mall, or anyplace, outside of the rest of humanity, outside the mundanity of modrn life, even when i must interact with it. Because i cannot speak to a clerk, cannot reveal myface to one, I remain, even when transacting business, the other, the outsider, the thing they cannot know.

submiting to the discipline of total latex dressing, heavy restriction, rigid neck and sealed face and head provides me the greatest freedom to express myself i have ever felt.

I was taken out in rubber hood and dress with no burqa when we were in Tokyo. it was interesting to be able to be in public so dressed with vry little reaction fom people...but I was not comfortable until I put on that final layer of the is my public presence.


SanderO said...

I can understand how the "mind fuck" of being bound and gagged and restricted but all that completely invisible to others around you could feel "empowering" on some level.

It's the kind of deception that one can feel when embracing some thoughts and no one has a clue about what they are... like an adolescant having lascivious thoughts about his teacher as she questions him in class.

And since you have no taken on the rubber enclosure and bondage as your identity you do achieve a strange sort of "acceptance" bu wearing the burqa over it in public. For sure you would not pass without an uproar as you do now. So it's a mind fuck for the people who pass unknowing of your severe bondage. I got that.

I suppose for many the idea of feeling MORE comfortable encased and bound as opposed to anything else is both attractive and a remarkable accomplishment. For many this state would be accompanied by heightened arousal and either you are constantly aroused (which I believe you said you weren't), or you have completely adapted to bondage as normal. This is rather hard to wrap one's mind around, but if so remarkable, especially since the motivation is submission and not your desire for bondage.

For someone whose mind is into such a meditative state because of your isolation and bondage lifestyle, it is remarkable that you can still relate to your readers and so many of the mundane things that others do. books sweaters, xmas presents, movies and so forth.

It's all very remarkable! Are you seeing the doctor and the dentist etc. encased?

Season's greetings


Sir Phil said...

lady is right by what she is saying that "She is her normal self when and only when she is totally encased in latex" She feels nude w/o being totally encased in restrictive multiple layers of latex clothing. I don't see her changing back to vanilla clothing ever again. When I dress at night in my PVC suits I feel like i am the new me as well. Yes I also agree with her that no longer she considers herself part of the human race but as woman who has become a rubberized doll and a object for her Dom to use at his whim.

Anonymous said...

Lady, I really do understand your sense of being free when confined. As a switchy male who loves heavy enclosure in leather and latex and heavy bondage as well, I was nevertheless surprised when I got to the point where I really enjoyed going out in public dressed this way. That's because I'm very private and extremely shy about my fetishes, and not given to sharing that knowledge even (as you have been obliged to do) with my extended family or friends.

And I was scared and embarrassed when my Mistress first suggested we should go out in public with me in tow. What made it feasible at all was that She agreed I could be hooded and even my eyes concealed -- this accomplished in one of several ways. With those provisos, I was free to be in bondage and an anonymous observer upon the world forced to regard me. Mistress would, for instance, leash my collar and pull me along a busy street to a public dungeon. I was in a Darlex catsuit, rubber hooded with an inflatable gag. The hood had pepper-pot perforations. A black leather straitjacket went over the catsuit and I wore a chastity device and a plug. I was made to wear lady's leather boots with a four inch heel and my ankles were hobbled with a short chain (oh, would I like a hobble skirt!). Over all this I was made to wear our version of our burqua. This was a cape that came down almost to my ankles. It was only of a black satiny material but it had a built in hood, the face of which was a fine nylon mesh that let me see out but let no one see my hood underneath. The leather collar went over this cape and hood, and then a long leather lead was snapped to that.

And we were off to the party. I saw the sidelong glances as we minced along (my Mistress humoring me in my pathetic little short, fast steps, although tugging me along with frequent urges on the leash). I was amazed at how regal and in command She appeared, and later She told me how empowering the whole scene really was for Her.

Anyway, we got to the party and I was parked for most of the evening, a chain added to themiddle of my ankle hobble and clipped to a D-ring in the floor so I couldn't wander off. Neither could I talk. My gag was removed only briefly at mid-evening so I could be given a small drink, and then it went back in.

Latex Lady said...

What a wonderful story! I am so glad to hear of people who submit to their master or mistress and appear in bondage and enclosure in rubber and leather. Your experience sounds amazing. I love it when Sir positions me someplace in public and just leaves me and tells me to stay. it must have been wonderful for you to be chained to the floor sealed in rubber and unable to move.

It is becoming more and more acceptable for us to display our submissiveness (and for our doms to dislay their assertiveness) in public. I love the new video from Beyonce where she is dressed in latex and ballet boots and her backup singers are all in ballet shoes. Things like this make it more and more acceptable when we fetishists appear in public.

Your version of my burqa sounds quite nice and yes, i think you should be in a hobble skirt too. I personally think all subs should be in hobbling dresses or skirts...they look so luxuriously feminine...and men seem to find that so humiliating.

I hope you go out more and more in your lovely bondage and hoods, covered from head to toe but obviously a feminized male sub totally dependent on his fantstically dressed mistress (btw, you did not tell us how SHE was dressed).


Jay said...

I found your blogs last night and i came back today to have another look and i have to say its amazing what you do.

For a while now ive been interested in latex catsuits etc and more recently ive been looking at latex burqa's. some of the stuff in your blogs has really grabbed my attention and made me realise how much further i can go.

I love that feeling of being closed off from the rest of the world and being cacooned in your own little world where your basically able to re-invent yourself and restrict yourself and your world seems like heaven to me.

Theres a variety of ways ive found to get thatt feeling. Catsuits are the more common ones but ive also found that fursuits do it for me aswell. Ive been looking at burqa's for the next level up but from what you've described in your blogs im going to be aiming for that level.

Thankyou for some great blogs and i cant wait for more :)
i know ive warbled on abit here but as ive basically put im looking for what suits me best and was hoping for a little bit of advice where to proceed to now.

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