Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dinner in Dublin

Well that previous post certainly prompted some nice comments. That is what I particularly enjoy; when many of you comment and ask questions or engage me in conversation about the motivations and mechanisms of rubber life.

Recently, Sir took me out to dinner in Dublin with our Swiss friends Kermit and Anne-Marie. They had found a very nice little restaurant, not far off Henry Street that was fetish friendly. We all went out, dressed for the evening, in latex.

The men were both in black catsuits with gloves and feet and slacks and blazers over that all in lovely latex. They each wore a rubber trenchcoat as well which I just love. Trench coat styling in shiny, intimidating black rubber is gorgeous.

Anne-Marie was in a dark blue rubber evening gown over a slate grey catsuit complete with hood and gloves. The dress has the new elbow length sleeves, loose, so her gloved arms came out in the current style of long gloves into short sleeves. Her jacket over all that matched her catsuit and also had the short sleeves. Very stylish looking. I never got around to asking where it was from though.

I was in my white burqa with its hood over a white gown with a matching neck corset with hood integrated. So I actually had two hoods on under the burqa. I was in white rubber thigh boots as well and a white corset. But Sir had already told me I would be allowed to remove the burqa since I was hooded underneath and we were in a private room with close friends. This is how we usually are when K & A visit us or we them.

The maitre d' showed us to a private dining room in the back of the restaurant where we had a lovely surprise. A young girl waited, dressed totally in rubber and rubber hooded, to serve us dinner. I was amazed. She couldn't have been more than about 20, very petite, in a black and white rubber french maid's costume with full gloves, stockings, high heels, corset and hood. She stood by the wall as the maitre d' showed us the dining room and asked to take our coats and be seated. The maid came over and helped me remove my burqa, waiting as I unzipped the inner hood and extracted my slickly covered head. I had the chance to look her over carefully, particularly her hooded face, as she accepted my burqa.

Her hood was totally enclosing and smooth, with no mouth or nose openings. The eyes were mirror lenses, reflecting my own rubbered image back at me. The hood made her look totally alien, animatronic, unhuman as she held my burqa, then helped me sit. She went around the table seating the others and then hung our coats and cloaks on a rack in the corner.

She then went to Kermit and Sir and helped them put on full face hoods. Kermit's was a wonderfully fitted inflatable with ribs to force the pressure back onto his face and head but which still had an open mouth so he could eat. She zipped it down in back and then inflated it precisely. Sir and Anne-Marie and I were in more traditional hoods with open mouths and eyes. I was the only one with a restrictive neck corset built in, however.

Kermit explained. The maid is there new live in rubber maid. They arranged for her to be our waitress in the restaurant that evening and had her show up an hour early to be sure the room and our dinner was in order. We did not have to order as dinner was a fixed menu. It was also delightful. A roasted fish and light vegetables, very continental, served with a delicious slightly sweet white wine. Dessert was a chocolate gateau that was to die for.

We chatted while we ate, the maid moving around the table serving us and keeping our wineglasses filled. She was in ballet boots which made it wonderful to watch her walk and I must confess, I was aroused tremendously by her gracefulness and slick rubbered beauty.

Anne-Marie explained that her hood had no nose holes because tubes in it run from her nose to the back of her neck and she was breathing through small holes there. when I looked I could see them.

Apparently they met her in Austria at a party about a year ago and had several meetings with her and scenes and they were all so compatible that K & A decided to have her become a full time possession. She agreed and dropped out of university and moved to their house in Zurich.

They travel extensively and will be meeting us in Dallas at Christmas. She will accompany them. This all is wonderful but makes me a little sad. I miss maid. Perhaps we can arrange to meet her and her wife when we are in the US.

We had a lovely dinner and some D/s fun as well, K&A demonstrating the submissiveness of their maid (whom they called Laurel). She and I were brought together and had a lovely time submitting to our dominant friends for about an hour after dessert.

Ultimately it was time to head for our hotel. K & A had arranged a limo for the five of us, and we summoned the maitre d' and put on our coats. Laurel helped me with my burqa and reached inside it to pull my hood tightly over my head and then zip it closed, silencing me for the rest of the evening.

We passed out through the nearly empty restaurant, the men in heavy latex trench coats, Anne-Marie in her jacket, me in the burqa and the maid in a short transparent rubber coat that covered and showed her maid's uniform at the same time. All of us were still hooded.

Yes, that caused quite a lot of staring, but the late diners were merely surprised by our outlandish looks. We piled into the waiting car and headed back to the hotel. The men removed their hoods before we arrived (hooded men are much more threatening than hooded women) and we went upstairs to our respective suites. Anne-Marie kissed me lovingly through my burqa and hood before we parted and promised to see us again in Texas.

So that was our lovely dinner in Dublin. Now I am off packing to travel to the US. We will meet the three of them again soon and I am looking forward to a wonderful rubbery Christmas in our home in Dallas. Seven rubber fetishists (our son and his cute little g/f are coming too) living for a week in our home will be tremendous fun.



Anonymous said...

I guess that having seen your recent activity here Lady, I was not quite as surprised as you might have expected me to be when I saw you had blogged again so soon after the last one!

What a sexually arousing experience this has been for me, reading about four hooded and rubbered people enjoying dinner together - and with a rubber waitress to add a little spice (pun intended) to the proceedings.

The scene defies belief and I am sure that all of your pervy subscribers would be delighted to see pictures of your incredible evening.

Christmas is obviously going to be a very sexy and rubbery experience foryou all and I look forward to hearing about it. In the meantime, have a wonderful festive season and thanks again for sharing your amazing rubbery experiences with us out here!

More power to your hoods and burquas!

Rubber regards,

CariadsMaster said...

Lady (and Sir),

Good to hear you are very much back on form.

May we wish you and your family a "Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda" fom Wales

Latex Lady said...

Nadolig Llawen to you and your lovely little submissive too!


SanderO said...

Terrific story. This would have made for some great pix despite your description.

You really need to have sir get you a little digital camera so you can share some of these experiences in images as well as words. With identities concealed under hoods, I don't see that this should be a problem, but it would make for terrific documentation of some of your outings.

Season's Greetings!


Anonymous said...

Yes, some photos would be delightful:) But myabe sir doesn't want us to have his delight to...


Anonymous said...

Hi Lady, always a joy to read of your experiences. I hope you all have an enjoyable Christmas.



the_shadowy_ms_jones said...

It sounds like a wonderful experience indeed. Who wouldn't want a maid/waitress like that?

Anonymous said...

Must give us the name of that restaurant Lady. Would be well worth the trip from London for such an evening. Can you give more details on how to find the place?

Very Happy Christmas to Sir and yourself


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