Friday, June 06, 2008

At Home in the Heat


We flew in last evening from SF to DFW to spend a few weeks here at our house. Stepping off the plane, fully covered, of course, I have a much greater appreciation for living in Ireland!

And a much greater appreciation for veiled women in hot countries. Committing and sticking to such a lifestyle of total cover is dedication indeed.

It was 95 when we stepped off the plane here. And about 80% humidity

The plane flight was uneventful, First class was not very full and Sir and I sat side by side with me by a window. I did some reading and window watching while we flew rather than my usual napping routine.

I was in white, anticipating the heat on landing somewhat. And we dispensed with my usual third layer of a transparent skinsuit as Sir was concerned the heat would be too great for me initially. It has been a while since we were here in Texas in the high summer. So I only had on two layers:

Boots - but thigh high rubber, laced up the back, with 5 inch heels
Stockings - almost completely covered by the boots but with enough of a top to attach to the corset
Corset - overbust corset laced to my usual 20 inches or so
Gloves - new pair from SF, white and opera length (to the elbow)
Dress - loose ankle length skirt, tight bodice, puffed sleeves, tight at the wrist over the gloves, high collar, with a wide rubber belt that can be used to restrain wrists to waist.
Hood - built into the white burqa, no mouthole and very very tight to prevent speech, with pepper pot eyes
All under the burqa. Seeing was a bit difficult as usual, but I am used to it.

I was not restrained until after security, but spent the whole flight with arms restrained to my waist. For reading, Sir was quite clever. I was reading a book on my computer, the text blown up to a minimum of 14 point for reading ease, with a little notebook mouse attached to my gloved finger. These mice are designed for single hand cramped space use and if that's not my situation, i do not know what is.

But when we stepped off the plane onto the jetway I was taken aback by the sudden wash of heat. Once inside the terminal it was OK and I have long since learned to walk slowly and not build up too much heat from exertion when fully encased and shrouded in heavy latex.

The driver collected our luggage and we proceeded to our waiting limo. He is Jordanian and Sir requests him when we come back to DFW because he understands the issues of a fully veiled woman traveling in this area and weather. The true blast of warm June air hit me when I stepped out of the terminal into the late afternoon sun.

But the limo was cool and we had time to relax on the drive to our house which takes about 45 minutes in the North Dallas traffic. The house AC can be controlled over the internet and Sir had already started cooling it down so it was quite comfortable when we arrived.

Today, as I write, the house is cool and I have even been out relaxing by the pool a bit (under the porch roof, in the shade). The weather is warm but there is a nice breeze and I am quite comfortable now, having begun to adapt to the warmth. The few days in the Bay area did not prepare me though. It is much much cooler in SF in June than here...indeed it was cooler than in Ireland.

Today I am in a loose blue dress and black boots, gloves, corset, and hood. When we go out I shall wear my blue burqa, I think. We do not have much planned for tonight, but may go out to a show in Dallas. later, next week, we have a dinner party planned for some friends, once the house is back in full function.

More later


Anonymous said...

Hi Lady,

Good to see that you are Sir are enjoying life as usual.

The idea of greater confinement sounds wonderful especially if you employ another maid although I doubt she will be as good as the previous one.

I have always wondered how do you manage to balance your lifestyle and work to ensure that neither suffer?

Regards to Sir

Sir Phil said...

Hello Lady

I am glad to see that Sir is requiring you to back to 2005 again.

I have missed that person you were in 2005 for the past two yrs I didn't like that you had grew your eyebrows back and kept short hair.
Provided i was your Dom you would never left the Total Encased requirement after 2005 when maid had departed.

latex_decoration said...

So glad to see you posting more regularly! I missed you! I was getting so disappointed, and every time a long time went by between postings, I worried that something may have happened to you, which I would hate. I love your lifestyle and envy it so much. Keep it up! Glad to see you getting back to 2005 mode. A glittering gold latex burga would be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Lady Latex, please get in touch with me. I have some news concerning latexwear, that might interest you, concerning a certian canadian company.

Anonymous said...

Great diary insert, looking forward to hearing more details about your future adventures out in full latex. Take care, and let's catch up next time on messenger.

Have a lovely day
Selatex (modelatex)

Mazuki said...

Hello Lady,

I'm the one that was asking about the skin care, i'll sign posts from now on... Anyway, two things... Since you're educated i'm sure these questions come up. What do you do all day when not taking walks? and when are we going to get some pictures? i'm sure nobody expects anything with a facial shot (i bet you don't wanna be seen) but some of this sounds too fantastic to believe!

vikki said...

What a great life. So envious

Have you disposed of all the clothes you had before the latex world enveloped you?

Or are they tucked away somewhere, just in case?


Latex Lady said...

Thank you all for the kind comments. There certainly do seem to be a lot of people who want me back in 24/7 enclosure! :-)

Mazuki. i spend my days reading, writing, watching TV, sewing and other crafts, and cleaning the house. Most of my leisure time is spent either doing research or reading papers about education and also just reading for pleasure. I also enjoy gardening when the weather permits or I work on my little indoor gardens in flower boxes.

I hope to provide new pictures from our visit to the US here.

My pre-latex wardrobe is mostly packed away. I have an extensive leather wardrobe i used to wear a lot before the full dive into latex. I also wore very nice business suits when teaching at university. Some things have been donated and I suppose we should donate more, but they are almost all packed away just now.

I shall blog some more soon

Dan said...

I've seen you reference a webcam more than once, but I've never seen a link to anything outside this blog. Where is this webcam or video, is it still online somewhere?