Monday, June 02, 2008

In-Flight Entertainment

Flying to the US now and the flight is going well. It is 10 straight hours and Sir and I are two of only 4 people in the first class section of this plane. The other two are an elderly couple. He is tall and thin, white haired, in his 70's I should think, and dressed in a grey tweed jacket and khaki slacks. She is also thin, also white haired, still very good looking however and in a black suit with a skirt at mid-calf length and knee high black boots with good heels. she is even wearing the obligatory strand of pearls.

Sir is sitting beside me. This plane is a 1 - 2 - 1 configuration so we are in the center section. However, the seats are designed to be very private and to be sleeper seats, so I am separated from Sir by a panel between the chairs. It means that I must actually deal with the flight attendants myself rather than huddling next to the window with Sir as a buffer as I usually do.

The couple was sitting behind us also in the center section, but after takeoff, the woman moved across the aisle from me and is staring at me almost without shame. She does not even flinch when I turn to look at her through teh mesh of my burqa.

I am all in red today with a new hood sir gave me this morning just for this flight. for those of you who keep careful track of such things I am, from the ground up, wearing the following:
red knee high, lace up the back rubber boots with 5 inch stiletto heels
red rubber stockings that have a black seam up the back
a pair of red rubber double dildo panties
a red foley catheter and red collection bag attached to my left inner thigh

A red rubber corset which covers my hips and provides 8 suspenders for the stockings
The corset is an overbust, covering my breasts while forcing them together and up
There are soft rubber knobs on the inside of the breast cups to keep my nipples happy
I wear a matching neck corset that buckles to the top of the corset between my breasts and to the back of the corset down my back
Shoulder length red rubber gloves which are very slim and quite tight

Over all this is a red rubber dress with tight fitted bodice, short, stand up band collar, tight fitting waist, straight ankle length skirt, and long tight sleeves with tight cuffs covering the gloves

The new hood is also red with pepperpot eyes similar to those in my white burqa's hood
It is a zip down the back hood, medium weight, and very tight. fitting my face and shaven head perfectly
The hood has a semi-rigid sheath gag with a rubber ring fitteed behind my mouth.
It holds my mouth open continuously in a gentle 'O' shape
The sheath is double walled and filled with a jell...i suspect KY

All of this is worn beneath the red rubber burqa, freshly polished and gleaming

The new hood was not given to me until after we cleared security. Sir handed it to me and told me to replace the usual open faced hood I was wearing for the security check. I did so, as usual, in the ladies room, but I must confess that afterwards i stared at myself for some time in the mirror until another woman walked in.

My newly shaven head brought some questions from the security agent today. She required that I pull the hood back to see if my passport picture which ahs me with a bald head matched my current appearance. She asked me what the whole "getup" was about and I just told her "personal preference". She seemed mollified with that. To be honest, she is the first security agent in several months to ask me anything about my dress mode.

I discovered the interesting aspect of the new hood's sheath gag when I first put it on. with the ring behind my teeth I cannot close my mouth. However, the jell filled sheath gives me the sensation that there is always something filling my mouth and I can gently masticate it. The result for me is a very comfortable but completely filling gag. The result for Sir, when the opportunity arises, will be delightful i suspect. He has filled my other sheath gags with a variety of foams or jells before. Then, when he uses me orally the foam not only lubricates but squirts out all over him and all over my face in a pie in the face sort of way. This will most likely provide the sensation without the mess! We'll try it soon, I have no doubt.

I am sitting in my seat, belted in with the seatbelt across the burqa, and quite comfortable. I cannot eat or drink orally, of course, silenced and gagged as I am, but I have a red rubber feeding tube which I discretely inserted through my nose when I first put on the hood in the ladies room.

I have a large 60cc syringe under my burqa that Sir gave me. With that I can suck up water or tea and irrigate my stomach with it. I also used it to eat a tub of strawberry yogurt which, of course, tasted just like rubber. I even managed to communicate to the flight attendant that I wanted a second tub of yogurt which she brought me. She apologized that there was no more strawberry and asked if raspberry was OK. I nodded and then slipped it uner my burqa and proceeded to inject its contents as well. it also tasted just like rubber for some reason :) I do not know what she made of the perfectly clean, untouched spoon on my was still wrapped in the napkin I did not need.

I was impressed with the flight attendant's aplomb when dealing with my cover. She was surprised when she first saw us (Sir is in rubber too...slacks and a very tight rubber shirt all in high gloss black...yum!!), but directed us up to our seats and did not seem too surprised at my silence. Sometimes on these flights, the attendants try to ask if I need this or that and take a while to get the message that I am not going to respond vocally. but they've all had sensitivity training and quickly adjust to the presence of a silent, veiled, glossy, rubbery passenger.

This is a long flight but at least I will not have to use the lavatory. i can already feel that my collection bag is slightly fuller than it was before lunch. It is a nice rubber balloon between my thighs. And I love the feeling of being catheterized. It is so intensely objectifying and pleasurable at the same time.

I can barely see through the double mesh of pepper pot mask eye holes and burqa but whenever I look at the woman now sitting directly across from me, she is staring at me, watching intently. I drifted off to sleep a while ago and when I awoke i found her standing above me, looking down at me. Of course, she may not have noticed me transitioning from sleep to wakefulness as the burqa shows virtually nothing.

Speaking of showing nothing, we were wandering the streets of downtown here in Ireland the other day. I was in my newly repaired blue burqa and the wind was very light so it was not billowing too greatly. we waled down a side street and turned a corner and nearly ran into a couple of fully veiled niqabi.

This is a fairly rare sight where we live, and we all stopped for a moment, stunned by the sight of each other. one woman was in traditional black abaya, hijab, and niqab and the other was tall, thin, and in a beautiful blue and metallic tunic over black satin trousers forming a very modern looking Salwar Kameez. Her hijab was also blue with dangling crystals embroidered at the hem and she had wrapped it so that it covered her entire head and forehead and then draped across her nose and mouth leaving only a very narrow slit for her eyes...which were also a deep bright blue.

But even her eyes were almost impossible to see because of the crystals dangling from the hijab's hem where it crossed her forehead. The lower part, covering her nose and mouth, also dripped crystals so they seemed to float in front of her face, obscuring her from sight and reminding her not to speak.

The overall effect was of incredible beauty and sophistication. She was just lovely.
Her companion, shorter, but young looking and slender, was very traditionally invisible by comparison, but the woman in the blue and silver and crystal outfit was going to be noticed.

We nodded at each other and Sir and as we passed they turned and watched me carefully. I know because I turned and watched them. The crystals showering and sheltering the woman's face were just Sooo alluring!

More later


alphaxanon said...

I'm honestly surprised that the staring woman on the plane didn't attempt to talk to you given that she seemingly devoted her attention to you for the entire length of the flight. Maybe she had something to say that she considered inappropriate for public conversation. Her loss, whatever her thoughts were.

SanderO said...

I find your ability to not only adapt to what would be physically uncomfortable as well as psychologically uncomfortable rather remarkable and you find it pleasurable for such extended periods of time.

This is truly and accomplishment of mind of matter. Many rubberist struggle at full enclosure and you seem to do multiple layers of tight restrictive enclosing garments as if it were a walk in the park.

This has to be the result of constant practice and adaptation as I can see no other explanation of this.

All I can say is: WOW.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious, wouldn't your skin get really wonky and flakey if never allowed some air? How do you over come that?

gummitaucher said...

Marverlous - the hood sounds fantastic. Where did you/Sir get it ?

It´s great to hear about your latest endeavours.

best wishes

RollyMo said...

Hello Lady

I would have thought that the food and drink would taste of absolutely nothing if administered via a feeding tube, as this would bypass the taste organs in your mouth and the olfactory organs in your nose entirely and disgorge into your stomach cavity? Perhaps therefore, the "taste" sensations you experienced were from the exterior of the tube?

If you are planning/hoping to descend again into a more deeply rubbered state (which will be delightful for us to read), will you be employing the services of a maid once more?

Best wishes, and thanks for another very interesting entry in this wonderful blog.

Latex Lady said...

my comments on taste were facetious, dear. because the tube does bypass all senses, no matter what i ingest the only flavor i ever taste in such situations is latex

if i re-enter total 23/7 enclosure again, a maid will be required, yes.

i do not know where it came from but it resembles a simon o hood. maybe they made it custom for sir.

my skin gets air regularly since i do not seal it in latex continually. during the year that i did, we followed a special protocol to keep it moisturized and nourished

dark, thank you for the compliments
i believe practice HAS mad it easier.

i suspect she was just intimidated too much to say anything...and i could not have answered anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

Where can I get hold of some of those latex double dildo pants. Oh I so need some of them. I take it they are both internal. I have a pair of single internal but nit double.